Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu

Bimal Pandey has written many Books in which he has given out many of the Divine secrets about the avatars on this earth and his Divine experiences.

Below is the first booklet. The whole book has been written out for all to enjoy and embrace its Divine Truth.

Below are some of the experiences and life stories about Bimal Pandey. In these passages include Bimal's first experiences with Swami to the first Experiences with the Divine Mother, Aum Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari.

Day One
“ At the age of 25 I gave up drinking, smoking, all the things we get addicted to; I gave them all up at Christmas. I thought if I can give these up at Christmas, I won’t need them ever again. So I if that before I met swami in the physical form.

“Before that I’d always worshipped Mahavishnu. I’d had profound experiences from a young age. My parents worshipped Brahma and Shiva, but my connection was with Vishnu. I just felt it, so powerful. I knew I belonged to Him. I knew so much about Him, and He knew so much about me, and that we were One, so complete that I couldn’t understand it. I also loved lord Shiva. My parents could actually see their Divine Deities. My mother sees deities around the house physically.

“My grandparents were born in India. My parents were born in Fiji around 1935 and came to England in the sixties. They had a religious upbringing but they weren’t really religious. They celebrated Diwali, the festival of Light. My father was a classical singer in Indian ragas; his voice was incredible. Today people are still saying why doesn’t he go to Bombay and make some recordings. But he’s just so relaxed with it; if anyone wants to hear it, they can have it
“At age 25 started going to Hindu temples but was never really satisfied with what they had to give, because it was based too much on community, not enough environment. But I was learning. At age 26 I was into spirituality but not really in a sensible way -more religious, dogmatic, than spiritual. But I couldn’t relate to my family’s ways, some of the Indian ways.
“ Anyway I was in my room one day and I looked at Vishnu’s picture, which I’d cut out of the Bhagavad Gita and I said, ‘ You promised You would come in Kaliyuga. You gave your word that you would incarnate, and you never did!’ I’d left home at 17 years of age and I’d gone through hell. I was sleeping rough and going without food, but I always kept this picture with me, and when I got a flat, I still kept this picture and a shrine for him. My friends used to respect it; they just used to smile.
“ So now I was coming to my 27th birthday, and I was really upset that he had not incarnated, as He promised. I said ‘ I gave up everything for You, and You’re still not here! Where are you? What else can I do?’
“I was lying in bed, and I actually threw Vishnu’s picture. Then I had a dream. I used to dance soul and jazz, at a competitive level, doing the splits, going up the wall and everything. That night I fell asleep, and I was dancing on stage with a close friend, and from a distance we saw all these lighted beings. In the centre was a being with this huge halo of hair and slim shape. I had no idea who this was. He just pointed his finger and said, ‘ Come.’ So I said,’ Are you kidding? Who are you?’ My friend said, ‘They mean you.’ As I looked at them I felt this vibration and that I belonged with them. So I skipped offstage, and as I got to them I merged with them and went with them.
“Everything after that was blank, and I woke slowly and thought, that’s a new one. I was so real. I really merged, merged with these people so well. I told my mum about it and she said maybe it’s past karma, and so I sort of forgot about it. But then that being appeared to me again, when I was awake, for a few seconds, this time in a white robe, and I thought,’ Oh, he looks like the being in my dream.’

“ And then he came again, this high(a few inches), and he was spinning and spinning all around my room, and up through the ceiling. I said,’ If you’re real, you will come back again,’ and he did come back, just spinning in the light, all around my room.

“I’m thinking, ‘I don’t smoke anymore, I don’t drink; God, what is all this?!’ I still don’t know who he is. But at age 14 I had seen a picture of Sai Baba. My father said he was Christ, I said to my father, ‘Take me to see him,’ He said, ‘No, you’re not going anywhere at this age.’ I had a key ring of all the Avathars of Lord Vishnu, in small forms, and I He was in there; and at the time I was trying to get him out! ‘He doesn’t look like Vishnu, so he’s coming out.’ And there was Shirdi Baba, and I was trying to get him out too! I never succeeded to get them out. I could get the others out, but I could not get Sai Baba out of this key ring! ‘ This guy’s tough!’ I thought. In the end I gave up.
“I was walking ion the mall in Dudley, and I walked into a bookshop called Dylan’s. I saw a book called Invitation to Glory by Howard Murphet. I picked it out, and his face was there in black and white. And the caption said, ‘Turn around Jerusalem, for I have come.’ That really hit me. The thing that hit me even harder was the price of this book-£5.95! I put it back and went to buy chips. But I said to my friend, ‘This is the guy I’ve had all these experiences with.’ My friend said, ‘He looks like Michael Jackson.’ I said, ‘Yes, he does, but I’ll bet he can’t dance like me!’ Cause I knew I could dance better than Michael Jackson or anyone! So I put the book back and went to buy chips. We laughed and joked, but somehow I automatically went back to the shop and brought the book. I’m wondering, I brought this book for £6.00. So I took it home and threw it down, but one day I got the message to pick it up.

“So I had a full physical experience of him which was very beautiful. But I still questioned Swami. Now I asked Him, ‘Are you Jesus Christ or are you the Father? I know you were so powerful I couldn’t even look at you. But I’m still confused.’ This time He gave me a dream. I had a beautiful Darshan of Swami, with his hands on Jesus’ shoulders. Saying, ‘ I am the Father, He is the son.’ This confirmed to me that He was God Almighty.
“Swami gave me profound experiences ever since then. There’s a retreat in England, in Newbury, which Swami blessed a long time ago. He physically came there, with Shirdi Baba. He was talking to the caretaker, who knows nothing about Swami. But when he saw pictures of Swami and Shirdi Baba he said, ‘Oh, I’ve just been talking to those two.’ We said, ‘You can’t, because this ones deceased and this one’s in India.’ ‘I’ve been talking to them just now.’ He’d been talking to them for twenty minutes!
“I didn’t really want to go to this retreat, but my friend Margaret paid for me to go. (I was now attending the Sai centre in Wolverhampton.) So I went, and it was very beautiful, in Berkshire. There was a little crystal shop there, and there was this stone on a wicker stand. The lady came to me and said, ‘ This is for you.’ ‘What this pebble?’ ‘Yes, you should have this.’ So I asked here where it came from. ‘An Indian man came in here, just dropped it here and disappeared.’ I said, ‘No way, I’m not buying that. I don’t know who that was; or if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.’ So I just forgot about it.
“But that night I couldn’t help thinking about this tone and had such an urge to purchase it. I went down the next day and asked, ‘Is it still here, how much is it?’ ‘It was £3.00 but it’s disappeared.’ ‘What, I didn’t sleep all night thinking about this stone!’
“But she couldn’t find it. On the last day of the retreat I went again and the stone was back again on the table. She said, ‘This stone is for you.’ I held it, and it embraced me in such a beautiful way. It was like the Universal Mother force, holding me. I thought, this is good, and I brought it. I went for a cold drink and the lady came along to talk to me about stones. An old lady was sitting near us, about ninety. She said, ‘ Can I have a look at that stone?’ I said ‘Sure’ and gave it her.
“She died! She passed out! ‘ Oh my God, Swami, I’ve just killed somebody!’ I said to my friend, ‘ You did this! You made me buy that stone!’
“After about 30 seconds, the old lady got up, ‘ Oh, I think you’d better have it back! Oh, I went away. This is a strange store, isn’t it?’
“So the crystal lady said, ‘ Look, just hold the stone, it’s good. It probably removed something from her that was negative.’ It started getting warm in my hand.

Day two

Bimal sang a prayer praising Baba as Mahavishnu.

“Scientifically, Mahavishnu is the atom, fullness.’ The proton is Shakti, the electrons are Shiva, and the full atom is Mahavishnu, the fullness of power. Imagine how many atoms you get in a thumbnail! Look at how huge Swami is! He is God of all Gods; primeval cause of all causes, there is nothing beyond Him. He is Alpha/Omega, but not really, as there’s not beginning or end to Him. This is my experience of Swami- He is totally infinite. He is Premaswaroopa. He is the Divine energy of Formlessness, without any boundaries, that goes on and on and on. So there is no past, present or future with Swami, everything revolves around Him, and He controls everything, with His thought, His Sankalpa, His Divine will. His powers are His inherited nature. He has come to teach old ways of Sanathana Dharma, the old ways of worshipping, and to liberate us from our troubles, so we can move away from the physical desires and taste the Ananda, the Bliss that we really are. We can call on Him- we can phone (H)OM(E) and He has a very nice receptionist, Sri Ganapathi. But realistically speaking, God is everywhere around you we are inside Him. He is inside us. So wherever we go, we are still inside Him and He is inside us also. He is inescapable! “ In 1995 I stayed in the sheds and it was a fun time. There was a guy from Switzerland sleeping beside me and he asked where was my scarf (signifying belonging to a group). I said I don’t have one. He said, ‘ But you’ll get an interview with a scarf.’ I said, ‘ I don’t want an interview because I’m wearing a scarf, but because I need it for my evolution somehow.’ He smiled and said, ‘That is very hard.’ I said, ‘ yes it is, but that’s how it should be.’ “ He said they were having problems in their group, people wanting to dropout because they thought they’d done enough seva now. The head of the group wanted to drop out. I said, ‘That’s very interesting, seva doesn’t come from the “head,” it comes from the heart.’ “He asked if I would talk to them. I said, ‘ wait two weeks and see what’s what.’ “This is what happens when people come here. Swami opens u the chapters of the heart to see what people are suppressing, what they are hiding. Baba puts us in a controlled environment at the ashram, where these things can come up and be controlled. If you’re in the outside world it can cause a bigger problem, because people are not so understanding and you’re not in the company of good. But when you’re in the company of good, it can be neutralised. Sparks fly, but in the company of good they’re neutralised by the water of prema: and doubts turn to understanding, and God comes out to give Darshan, and you realise, ‘it was nothing!’ problems dissolve! “ So after a few weeks the man asked if I would come and talk to the group. I said, ‘ Okay, I don’t have any specific experiences, interviews or such, but I know he’s going to be guiding me in a specific way, how to behave. And I can sing a bhajan.’ “When we met, everyone was very nice.
I said, ‘I hear some of you want to give up doing seva.
I’ll tell you what Swami said to me about seva inwardly.
“Swami showed me two glasses: one was clean, one dirty. I said to Swami, ‘ which one is me?” He said, “ you’re clean. You used to have some dirty laundry, but you’re clean now.” “ And the dirty glass….?” “People need help.”
“Swami, why is it you don’t give me interview, why don’t you pay much attention to me, why don’t you give me your love?’ He said, “Why me? Why me? Why me?”
“ I said, “ swami, don’t you know we love you?” He said, “ You don’t love me. By loving others, who are part of me, you are loving me. Besides, I’ve come for the dirty glasses: I haven’t come for the clean ones.” I said, “ Oh okay”. “ And Baba produced nine dirty glasses. He sai, “ Each one represents ten years of seva. And the ninth glass is clean.” I said, “ This is like a graph. You’ve got really filthy, not-so filthy, all the way up to pure clean glass.” The last one was a beautiful crysital goblet. He said, “Yes, Swami never fails in his mission.” “I said, “ swami show me the significance of this.” So he got a jug of dirty water. He said, “ You drink this!” I said, “ swami, I can’t drink his, it would make me ill.” You couldn’t see through it. He poured it into the first glass and said; “ This person here is asking me, after only ten years, to merge with me. I am not going to put this into me to merge!” “ Oh no, don’t do that, Swami!” “ Then he got some more water and tipped it into the second one. “ This person thinks he deserves everything now. He’s done twenty years. But it’s still muddy at the bottom. Why don you drink this for me?”. “ Swami, I don’t think so. My body is a temple.” “ Now you’re understanding! Every year, up to ninety years, you do seva, until you become a crystal clear glass and the water is so pure, you can merge inside me. The glass shatters, there’s no need for it to there anymore. The glass is you. The atma inside is pure now and that merges with in me. “ I explained this to the people from Switzerland. I brought glasses and water and we did the whole play together. I would say to the head seva dal, ‘ you’ve got to drink this!’ and she would throw the water on the floor I said, ‘ But you want Swami to drink this!’ She said, ‘No, I don’t!’ I said, But you do, because you’re retiring from seva. If you retire, you are thinking you are there, and thinking is no good, it’s coming only from the head. Spiritual work is done from the body, heart and soul. Not the body, mind and soul.’ “ At the end I said to her, ‘ Do you want to quit now?” She said, ‘I’ve got too much work to do. I can’t quit!’ I said, ‘ we all have. Nobody is the clean glass at the moment.’ “ The guy I was friendly with said, “ we haven’t been totally honest with you. We had a group meeting last night and we wrote a letter to swami. He took the letter from me this morning. We asked Swami in the letter. “What is Prema?” And we have experienced Prema here today. We understand now.’ “ I said, ‘Before I do or say anything, I just call on swami, and he takes over. Anything else that I think is not true. It is always Swami that is doing everything. If we just empty ourselves, God can fill us with His love, and then we can spread it.’ There is a bhajan (‘ prabhuji on Ravi Shankar’s chants of India): ‘ God, fill this empty vessel with the nectar of your love.’ “ Once at Prashanti, in 1997, I was saying to Swami, ‘Swami, you’re not looking at me. Why don’t you notice me?’ then he turned right around and gave me , right inside of me, these thunderous words, “ Have you come for Darshan of me, or have I come for Darshan of you?!!’ My mind just sank! And He just looked at me from the side. ‘Okay! You know I’ve come for Darshan of you.’ I said. ‘Don’t forget you’re not the only one here!’ said swami. What a selfish thought! He tells me off nicely, in a positive way.” I said, “ someone in the Canadian group, “interview, swami?” He said, ‘ what can I do? You all want me!” “ Yeah, someday we’ll all understand that we don’t need to want anything, because he is here. Sometimes he’ll give me a little extra, like I’ll see him transparent or something.” “ Do you see him more as Shiva at Prashanti and more as Krishna here?” “ The mind likes labels, but there’s no division. I remember being on this mountaintop with swami, in sapne, and we were looking down at the heavens and the earth. We saw all kinds of people, enjoying themselves, with their minds and illusion. And we saw where the sages lived in beautiful cottages, they were high up on the mountain.
And he said, ‘ you know Bimal, it’s all one level; just different states of consciousness. I love all these people so much. But the further down I go, I love more.” “ And another time I was sitting with swami, last year, looking at the year ahead of me, and He was showing me the things. I was walking with a beautiful child and we cam to a huge path of broken glass. It was leading to the sea. The child looked and said, ‘ look at that path,’ I said, ‘yes, I have to go there. The child said, ‘ No, you can’t walk on that glass!’ I said, ‘yes, I will.’ And I walked across this broken glass feeling the pain, me feet being cut to shreds. When I got the end, I held a large chunk of glass, which was the last piece and Mahavishnu rose out of the sea, with his four arms and I just vanished inside of him. “ That year a lot of things happened. I got robbed at the leisure centre, everything; my wallet, including swami’s pictures. I couldn’t believe the way it happened. This hotel was so secure, but they broke even past the guard. I went home and looked at swami’s picture and said, ‘thank you, I know what ever you are doing for me is only the highest for of pure love,’ it is impossible for Sathya sai baba not to love! So I prayed in gratitude, and a few days later the people were caught, and the hotel reimbursed me for what I had lost, about £100, and paid for the wallet too. “ And people kept telling me, ‘ you can add the price up higher, you know because nobody knows what’s gone. Charge for this, charge for that.’ I asked myself, ‘ why would I need to do that?’ Even the police were saying, ‘ charge for this and that,’ I said, ‘ No, because I follow a teacher, and I do not want to embarrass him.’ “ Then I had many problems that year with the family turning against me and ridiculing me, being aggressive with me. Problems at work, which I don’t have that much. Problems right and left. It was terrible. Also, I was just walking along one night and I guy whacked me in the back for no reason at all, made me sick. I knew the person; he was just showing off in front of his girlfriend. I asked swami to forgive him. He came running after me to apologizing for the pain. I went through a lot of that through the year, being hit. I knew I had to go through it for some reason. I thought if I could get through this, I would know that joy and pain are the same. Once I had a tray bounced of my head because I placed flowers at Swami’s feet at a Sai centre. I was too popular at the centre and someone couldn’t handle it. But I was grateful for all of it, I knew I had to go through it. All of it Is swami’s play and if these people are helping to purify me, I’m grateful to them. “ Swami has said I’ve played a lot of interesting personalities in the past, but I was only training for today. And I have seen the ten Avatars (of Vishnu).” I broke in, “ Ah, you must tell me about them. I don’t understand why he came as a fish and a dwarf and a tortoise! What does all that mean?” “ The sages had to put something on paper for the people to understand symbolically. God is formless, but he has come in human form to teach us, according to where we are, and comes to you individually according to where you are. For one person he might come as a burning bush. For one he might come and say, ‘ come…’ and that person is fully enlightened. And to another, he might show every miracles in the world, and they still say, ‘it’s just an illusion! Pardon me, I have to my coffee and go to the club!’ “ Swami says, ‘ I come when righteousness is failing, when people don’t have the right intentions in life.’ He comes in a form to fulfil whatever is lacking at that time. When He came as the ‘fish’ it was interpreted that way because he came to help the fisherman. When he came as the tortoise,’ it represented him as the foundation of everything, holding the world on his back. A tortoise is very powerful and can withstand a lot of pressure on his back. He can walk with anything on his back with total stability and detachment. The tortoise shell is detached from him, but he’ll carry on it anything you like, because of his love. “ Narasimha, the man lion, came for a particular purpose to overpower an evil king, who was stopping everyone from worshipping God. The dwarf represents the mightiness of God; regardless of the size the power is there. The sages had to interpret him in certain ways. Why does he come as Vishnu with four arms? What do they represent? Why does he come as Shiva with a snake around his neck? It’s all symbols for us. Vishnu, Shiva, they are energies of God, to be described in certain human ways, in picture form, for our understanding. Swami could sweep across the world formlessly and get the work done, but it’s not going to help mankind to evolve. We need to have some visual understanding of Him. He is formless, but he embodies himself in symbolic forms to help us.” “ What about the ninth Avathar?” I Asked “ Some books say this was Buddha, others say it was Bal Ram (Krishna’s Brother). It could not have been Buddha, since swami says he was not an Avathar. “ Going back to some experiences at home… One night I locked the house up as usual before bed, and in the morning the front door was wide open, the living room door was open, kitchen door was open, but every hinge was intact. I shouted to mum, ‘Mum, mum the front door’s wide open, but nothing’s gone!’ She shouted back, ‘ I know, I know. Shirdi Baba came and I fed Him last night.’ “ I didn’t know if I heard right. ‘ What did you say?’ ‘ Shirdi Baba cam last night and I fed Him. Go to work.’ My mum’s like this now! Matter of fact! She says, ‘ I don’t feel any different.

Day Three
“ I’ve never had any experience of Mother Mary. I know Connie Shaw has, she is a beautiful being. But I read another book, supposedly messages from Mary to the author. I prayed to Swami one night. Swami has always shown me protection and light: I don’t have the words for enough gratitude to him. I was in my room and held up the book and sai, ‘ Swami, is this a book of truth?’ I was awake. I saw a picture of a beautiful being on top of a mountain sending a message to this author. But Swami said, ‘ Look again’ and the being became demonic. It was no Mother Mary who was giving the messages.
You see how careful we have to be? I ask Swami to confirm everything for me, those whom I read, people I see, or if I have Darshan of a holy being. To confirm it, He is there. Last year I saw Saint Francis. I was in sapne, climbing a mountain with a friend. I saw some Christians looking about. I said, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘Oh, we’re looking for things to protect us.’ I said, ‘ They’re in the rocks, break the rocks.’ Jesus said to me internally, Show them.’
“ I broke open the rocks and there were amethysts inside, which would help them. I asked them, ‘where is Jesus?’ and they told me, ‘Down there.’ I went down to some sand dunes and a beautiful river, and Jesus was there nailed to the cross. He looked at me, I said, ‘You’re still carrying the cross for these people. What can I do for you?’ He said, ‘ Go up there.’ “ I climbed back up the hill, and there in the air was hovering a huge church window. It opened inwardly, and inside was a monk who came towards me with a book. I said, ‘stay where you are, I don’t know who you are.’ And I was calling on Swami. Then Jesus was at my side and he said, ‘it’s okay and raised both his hands and said, ‘This is saint Francis.’
“Saint Francis started reading from the book and all his vibrations were going into my body like laser beams of golden light, and Jesus stood there in all his beauty, and his energy was also entering me. Saint Francis said, ‘My disciple is coming, look after him.’ Then they left.
 “ I woke up. This was at the ashram. That morning, a lovely man, from Ireland, came to our guesthouse and I recognised him right away. He was only staying a few days. His name was Francis. I said, ‘I need to talk to you. I told him about the experience in the night. “ He said, ‘ Back in Ireland I saw a clairvoyant, and she actually told me I was Saint Francis’s disciple, and I would be going to Indian, to see the Master.’
“ We had a lot of fun together. He smoked, but after two days, with all the love pouring through, he stopped. He had a wonderful time with Swami. One time in Darshan he sobbed his heart out, so loud I had to put my hand over his mouth! He’s a straightforward simple man, very childlike, but very deep in his understanding. He took some of Swami’s Amrit home from Mysore and gave some to his brother, and the bottle just filled up again and again. He’s experiencing a lot of things now. He came to see me in England and held the lingam. I said, ‘What did you feel?’ He said, ‘What this tone did for me, nothing in the universe could have done except for God. It straightened my whole body. I felt it all aligning, through its sections. I don’t know what this is, but it’s beyond our thoughts.’
“ Sometimes Swami has asked me to do things. Once night Swami came while I was lying awake, and I hadn’t seen him for a while. I said, ‘Is there anything I can do? Then I fell asleep, and I was in this sort of planet and this sage came to me and said, ‘ Oh, you’ve come to help us.’ There were five of us. I said, ‘ We have?’ He said, ‘yes we need you.’
“ What can we do for you?’ He said, ‘Do you see that huge army?’ which was stretching for miles and miles and miles and miles. I said, ‘yes?’ He said, ‘you’re going to destroy them!’ I said, ‘Excuse me, there only five of us here.’ He said, ‘ don’t worry, our blessings are with you!’ I said, ‘ We’ll need them! Look at this, there’s no way we can win!’ He said ‘what do you mean? God is with you!’
“ I said, Okay.’ The weapons came in our arms; we had a sword and a shield and everything. And the five of us ploughed through this army, cutting them to pieces, destroying every single one. Our arms were automatically moving, and no matter hw they cam at us, they were cut down. We flattened them like dominoes! Whoever they were, they were opposite to God. Their faces were demonic or egomaniacal; they were negative! We ploughed them like wheat. I could physically feel it all, the motion of the swords, the destruction. Then we came running back. ‘ That was fun! We won!’ The sages came with smiling faces, glistening eyes, spirit shining through these beautiful eyes. They said, ‘Come, we have a feast for you!’ They had roast potatoes, my favourite food! I can remember the taste! I was so happy; then I woke up, and my stomach felt full!

“ I had an even more profound experience once. This was a dream. Swami was making a pot on a wheel, and I asked,’ Swami, who I this pot for?’ ‘ It’s for you.’ ‘I don’t need a pot, Swami.’ ‘Yes you do, this is yours.’
“ He was spinning the clay on the wheel for a long time, and it was a beautiful pot. He finished and then said, ‘ Go and get me edges?’ So I went downstairs, to this store, and I said, ‘Swami’s shouting about his edges, What are edges?’ the guy said, “ Everyone knows what edges are.’ He opened his cupboard and brought out two diamond shapes. I said, ‘Oh, these are fluorite,’ and I held them. I went upstairs very happy and went into the room. There were these beautiful beings there, in long robes.
“ I said, ‘where’s Swami? Where’s Paramatma?’ They said, ‘We’re Paramatma.’ I said ‘you’re not Paramatma. Where is Paramatma, God Himself?’ Swami came out laughing. I said, ‘look, swami, I got the edges!’ He said, ‘Good,’ and walked off with these beings. I’m left with the pot and the fluorites, and I wake up. I’m thinking, ‘Here we go again! What’s this about?’
“Next day, I left my body (not a dream, I was awake), and I remember travelling through space so fast. It was easy. I landed in this land, and there were huge doors, which opened. I walked in and there were huge Deities on each side, on plinths. They were huge, maybe a hundred feet tall. I couldn’t see the ceiling. They were like marble, and each one was holding a pot, each one different. They looked beautiful, divine, strong and powerful. So I’m walking through them and I see one plinth with nobody there.
“ A beautiful golden sage came over, I can’t describe. He walked such a way, so beautiful. His energy was pure beauty. He has blue eyes, full of divinity. I shouted at him, ‘What did you call me here for? What am I doing here? He said, ‘ Bhagavan has called you here.’ I said, ‘Whatever Bhagawan wants, Bhagawan gets.’ He said, ‘yes. There’ll be a time in every day when we will take water from you,’ I said, ‘Okay, whatever is God’s will.’
“Then I looked at the plinth and I grew hu-u-u-uge, and stepped up on the plinth. The sage just smiled. As I stood these, I was holding the pot, and the pot filled with water. I could see Swami. The sage said, ‘we will come and take water from you.’ Then I came back to my body.
“Sometimes, when I’m calling swami, or just any time, I see His robe, or I see his hair or eyebrows.
“ Let me tell you how detailed he has been with me. One time we had a very cold winter. We have central heating plus hot water bottles. My hot water bottle broke and it was cold that night.’ That night, in the name of truth, a hot water bottle was there in my bed. And it was there every night after. But in the morning it just disappeared. That’s His love! It’s impossible for Swami not to love!
“ Who can do this? He fills the whole universe, but He’s coming down to England, to Dudley, and into my bedroom. His love is so intense and perfect and at the right time. I’ve been in car crashes several times, and Swami has saved me and the other people. And I’ve seen him sometimes physically. He came on my thirty-third birthday, because I asked Him. I was in Equinox shop, which sells crystals and spiritual things, with my friends and Swami physically came into the shop. He came as a female, in a yellow and orange sari, and bought some turquoise. I was Him, looked just like Him, but His hair was wrapped up. He stood right in front of me and was looking at me, with His love. My friend said he felt something being taken out of his stomach, where he had been queasy.
“ I used to be a manager at a sports shop, and I was just finding swami at that time and going to a sai centre. There was a man at the sai centre getting very ill at that time. I asked the owner of the shop if I could take two weeks off. I needed some time for spirituality, to readjust myself in life. I came out of the shop one day, into the mall, to relax, and I saw Swami coming towards me. I thought I was creating it from my mind. But he walked over to me, in his orange robe, and he spoke. You can think you’re creating it from your mind, but when he starts talking to you….!
He said, ‘go and look after him, go back to the sai centre’ In other words if you get your two weeks vacation get back there. (Bimal – question- do you mean the man lived at the centre) ‘Yes the person lived there, it was his house.’
“ So after work I went straight back there and worked on thus man, rubbing medicine into him with my hands. He had shingles. For one and a half weeks I worked on him, before he told me this was contagious. He said, “You know you should be using gloves.’ I said, ‘What? He said, ‘ Yes, shingles are very contagious.’ I said, ‘My God, am I going to get the same thing?’ He said,’ yes, if you don’t wear gloves.’ Anyway, in God’s love, I didn’t get it. Everyone was saying, ‘you should have it.’ \but I didn’t want it!
At my friend’s shop in Birmingham called ‘Go Bannana’s’, we’ve seen many things. I always talk about God or Swami, wherever I am. This girl Leanne, she’s so nice and sweet- she sold ice cream with her mother in the mall at that time. She came in one day with her arm wrapped up. I said, ‘have you got a fracture?’ She said, ‘ No, the doctor say’s I’ve got so much rheumatism. I’ll never be able to bend it again. He said, it’s only going to get worse.’ I said,’ what do doctors know?’ She said, ‘ But he’s a specialist.’ I said, ‘ I’ve heard that so many times. But I’ll show you something.
I rolled up her sleeve, in front of all the staff. They’re saying, ‘Don’t mess this one.’ But I got some vibuthi and sprinkled it on saying ‘Aum Sri Sai Ram, Aum Sri Sai Ram.’ I bent her arm and sai, ‘ How does that feel?’
“ She said, ‘you bent my arm! The doctor said I can’t bend my arm. I can bend my arm!’ I said, ‘you see, my doctor is the doctors, doctor. Don’t worry anymore! Does it feel good?’ She said it felt great and was so happy. My staff said, ‘you’re doing your madness again. We can’t take this!’
“ Later I see this huge ice cream cone coming over with her mother. It was BIG! I’ve never seen anything like it. I could have sat inside it! She said, ‘I don’t what you’ve done. But I love my daughter. This is all I can do to express my thanks.’ I said, ‘ I’m only instrument. You take this ice cream and give it to the first child you see. It’s enough that you brought it over And you can see how heavy I am, I don’t need it!’ Maybe it was a test!
“ Sometimes I just sit In the middle of the shop when it’s busy, cross legged, just thinking of swami, and the shop is just happening around me. Birmingham is the second biggest city in England, and the Bull Ring shopping centre is very busy, but I’m just sitting there in my kind of Samadhi. Most people don’t even notice me. That staff is just carrying on.

“ There was a lady cutting my hair one time and she’d brought a new dress for the night. I said, ‘ Don’t wear that dress tonight, wear an old one.’ So she wore an old dress that night and got mixed up in a fight at a night club and was covered in blood. She said if she’d been in her new dress, she would have been panicking. This often happens, things just come out spontaneously. One time I was crossing a road and my body just swung around and grabbed a child who was going to be hit. I’m not doing anything, it just happens.
“ One night when I was having a lot of problems. I fell asleep. I was going to another dimension but in the place, Dudley. It was raining, and swami showed me all my friends, they were all falling in the mud. I prayed to God to come and help me. Surya, the sun God rose from the sun, wearing his helmet-crown, and looked at me and blessed me. His brilliance was pouring out. The rain was still there, but wherever I walked I could walk on top, and the mud never touched me.”
I asked Bimal, ‘ What do you think about this? Swami once said that in a discourse that we must direct our prayers to the right gods, not just to God. If we want health, we should pray to Surya. If we want crops to grow, we pray to someone else, etc. But only a few Hindus would know of these gods, it means nothing to other people.”

“ Well Swami is totality, he includes all the Gods. But it is good to call on the right energies. We think we can go directly to God, it is so easy: but there are no channels to make the connection. But even if you call the sun by different names in different cultures, it’s the same energy.. What is important is not the name we use, but the intensity with which we call. You can dial heaven, but if you don’t dial long enough or hard enough you won’t get though, it’s the intensity that gets you there. Dial the right number and hang on. People give up so quickly. Why does Swami give rings? To help people connect. They’ve forgotten God’s phone number. I asked Swami once, ‘ I would like a ring’ He said, ‘ why do you want a ring? You’ve got my phone number.’

“ When you’ve had a best friend for ten years, you don’t knock on the door anymore, you just walk in. We can call on Swami whenever we feel like it. And whatever you do, he will always love you, love you, and love you. Because he is unattached and unaffected.”

After lunch we resumed. Bimal had mentioned seeing swami walk across the sky so I asked him to elaborate.

“ Swami said once (to Samuel Sandweiss) that He’s going to walk across the sky. And the way I am, I want physical evidence. Anything I hear, I want to know if it’s just symbolic or rumour. So I prayed to Swami for two or three days about this, and swami gave me darshan (In a dream)

“ I was with Swami in Hillview stadium, and it was so packed you could not walked Imagine a sticky sweet covered with ant, that’s what it was like. So I said, ‘How are you going to get through and give darshan like this?’ He just leapt and the next thing I saw, He was up in the sky, high up. People were going, ‘Ahhh,’ they were in awe. I said, ‘My goodness, Baba how am I going to get you now?’ He smiled at me and He did a neat trick. He rolled his hand and pointed His finger and I just lifted up and was at the side of Him. We were looking down on all the people, stretching so far you could not see. I was just walking with Him. And He said, ‘ Look, Bimal, Look!’ We could see all these people watching Him on satellite TV. I said, ‘Swami, they’re all watching you. ‘And all over the Universe,’ He said. That day will come.

“ I said, ‘Swami, you are something that words cannot express.’ He said, ‘Bimal, not many people know.’

“ We have to make an effort to know swami, we have to prepare ourselves to know that intensity. That’s why some souls remain far from him, although they know him well. They know him, but perhaps can’t be here because they would explode. Perhaps they haven’t laid the foundations through incarnations, to open their hearts. His timing is so perfect. Even if you just watch His walk and His ways and mannerisms, the way He turns, the way He moves His head or His hand, it’s like watching poetry in motion.”
I said, “ A friend was saying when He points His finger and circles his hand like he does she sees great magenta light beams coming from his hand. Do you see anything like that?’

“ I see energies coming from him. His eyes are moving so fast and sending out beams in every direction. He gives us so much, and people can’t sit and wait ten minutes for Him, without talking. He tells us, if we don’t sit quietly after darshan, his energy goes back to Him. And those people wonder why they haven’t changed or evolved. It’s so ungrateful, when the God of Gods has decided o come down and give us something more precious than anything in the Universe. It’s crazy.

“ Once I was asking Swami about my Karma. I was asking Him, ‘Well, do I have to marry now?’ I knew I wasn’t going to marry the one I was with, but I was wondering, do I have to get married at all. I prayed about it one night from my heart. I don’t know if I fell asleep or what, but all of a sudden I was taken from where I was and slapped down outside the wall of Prashanti. Swami was on the veranda, doing his thing; then he looked at me and everything just stopped, froze as if somebody stopped a film. But swami came over to me sat on a wall with me, and gave me a big hug. He put my head on his chest and kissed me on the cheek, and chatted to me saying lots of lovely things. I said, ‘ Swami, do I have to get married? Is there any karma to finish off? He got out a piece of paper and was writing. He said, ‘Look’. But it was pure white, whiter than white. He said, ‘Nothing there.’ Really?’ Nothing there. Very happy
“ I took Padanamaskar and I wouldn’t let go. He said, ‘ Enough, enough.’ I said, ‘ Oh Swami, I really love you.’ He said, ‘ I know you do.’ He was leaving and I said, ‘Swami don’t go.’ He looked back at me and said, ‘ Don’t over eat!’ He went over the wall and walked back; when he got to the veranda everything became normal. And I whizzed back to my room. It was incredible.
“ All these experiences, it’s just God’s play; it’s His enjoyment- to evolve us to more understanding. And we should have the ability to enjoy too; then we can evolve. Sometimes these experiences destroy people, because they build the three-headed serpent, ego. We should have the understanding that it’s only part of God, his plan and his play. And he has incarnated to teach us to come back home, to drop this mind, fulfilled.

“ I’ve experienced God in so many forms- Allah, Shiva, Mother Kali but it’s only One being doing all this, Sathya Sai Baba, which is just a Name He’s adopted for this time”

Bimal invited me to go and visit his home in England. He described how during prayers one day, Swami appeared.
“ He turned into Lord Krishna right in front of me and blessed everything in my bedroom, the ornaments, the pillows, the bed, the carpets, the crystals, the corners… everything. There is nothing in that room that he has not made or blessed Himself. Many masters come there. Hanuman came once. He frightened me, he was so powerful. But he is magnificent. And I’ve seen Ganesha, he was bright pink and gold, so beautiful. And they all worship Baba. They come for their own reasons.

“ Well, it sounds like you have an outpost there in England that Baba has created”
“ It is a very special house. Somehow Swami is doing divine work there”.

“ The lingam must be drawing all these beings, “ I suggested.

“ I also have a blessed and a coach blessed by swami, His Padukas, and a statue which Swami held and blessed, ( a statue of Swami). No one at Puttaparthi has ever seen anything like this. It’s made out of sandalwood. I got it from Sai Towers; they’ve never had another one. I took it into Darshan, and Swami came and took it out of my hands, looked at it and blessed it. It’s so perfect, I have some incredible crystals, and you’ll see them.
“ People back home always ask, “ well, did he speak to you?’ I say, ‘ well not as you understand it, but always.’ He’s only ever said three things to me actually; ‘where did you come from?’ I said, ‘Swami, physically I’m from the United Kingdom, Spiritually I’m from You, and I’ coming back home to you now.’ The he asked me again on the same visit, ‘Where are you from?’ I said, Swami I told you I’m from you,’ I think he was asking for the people around me. Another time He came and said, ‘ You Go’. But actually He was pointing upwards. He meant go Higher.
“ But When He says Go,’ He means Go for interview.

“ No , he was pointing upwards on His face. So he was saying, ‘You’re not getting an interview.’ He talks to each individual; I understood it straight away. And then he took my friends in for interview, but I didn’t go with them, I knew it wasn’t my time.

September 2004 Universal Mother is here Aum Sri Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari
This journey I came to Parthy to put my fathers ashes in Chitravathi River which took place. In the time we met a devotee of swami, who was talking about a Divine Mother, I was laughing inside thinking the Mother of Mothers is here, there are many claims so in know not to visit. I bow my head only to our Lord Sathya Sai Baba. Many other Shakti’s have appeared to me in many forms but I refused to go, there is no need when Sai is here. Rosemary who kept talking to us on occasions meeting her in the good food restaurant in Parthy, gave us a book, which I could not stop reading. Swami told us in our meditation that she is true get ready to go and see the Divine Mother. Which was on Monday 27th, swami said go 9am after Darshan and a bit of breakfast. Before that we met an American called Krishna who lived at doctor Roas yoga centre, I knew him from past visits. We met in Darshan I mentioned the Divine Mother he sad she is the Divine first created Mother, Shri Sai has told her to declare herself when she is at the age of 50 years of age 7years ago. Krishna had been to Maa for a few years now. He filled me in more, my heart was pounding and yearning to meet the Maa, we went to Krishna’s for meditation, there were swami and Amma’s pictures are full of vibuthi and miracles photos. Swami told she has a Divine past, and is very pure. Krishna said you couldn’t see Maa it is very difficult especially the time of Dassera. I told Krishna to arrange everything, this is an instruction from swami to us to him. He said, okay I will try and phone Maa. We went back there and did Bhajans. The next day 2 phone calls were made to Maa but she had not yet come to the phone but left a message to us, to phone at 10 am next morning. Next morning we went and waited then Krishna dialled the number. Within minutes I was talking to the Divine Mother one to one. As soon as I heard her voice my soul connected I knew then that she is a Divine Mother, which one I don’t know. She spoke to me in an angelic voice as if I’ve been waiting to hear this voice for many births. After talking for a minute or two the Divine mother said the golden word come, come and see me after you have had Darshan of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Next day we had Swami’s Darshan and packed, Krishna arranged the taxi for us as swami gave him that responsibility. Maa did say we have to bathe in the Karvari River before we see her
   So off we went on the journey to Shri Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari Ashram. But first we must find a hotel to stay at. We booked in at the hotel ‘Sidharta’ in Mysore then went to bathe at Maa’s river (Karvari River) at the ashram. Then Shri Ganesh and Subramanyam murti’s were there, also a temple dedicated to Swami and Shirdi Baba. After we bathed in the river we were summoned to go to Maa’s house. They were doing Bhajans next door there which they have a place dedicated to Baba. Which had a chair for Maa there where she gives Darshan. They Finished with Shri Sathya Sai Aarti. Then they told me that Maa doesn’t come here or sits on the chair any more. They said that Maa is next door and will see you though first she will see a few devotes first. My wife’s and myselfs hearts were pounding; we brought some photos to sign.
Also during the journey from Parthy to Mysore I kept seeing Maa and Swami changing in to each other in my third eye and in the astral plane this confirmed that she must be a very High goddess that they are one, the same, Shakti herself. Also my wife had been having dreams of Maa and Swami in the night. Finally we were called in, there was an empty chair there outlined with a box line which devotees are not allowed to enter inside this box. Me and my wife looked at each other, like children we sat and waited. Then Maa walked in majestically and Said directly “ Speak”. We paid our Pranams, and then I told Maa of our experiences with Swami and herself as Shakti. I told her that swami has sent us and that all is his leela Maa smiled and spoke like a divine mother and explained everything and why she had to live this way to set example to the world. I cried to her mother why didn’t you tell me that you incarnated. Maa said kali Yuga is so bad that it had to be kept quiet, even I have so many people saying things about me that are not true. Maa said I am the first created Maa Shakti herself, this is my last incarnation. The energy in the room was so powerful, we spent 2 hours with Maa and she treated us so lovingly, she gave us so many gifts of love from clocks, DVDs, signed photos and signed books. We saw vibuthi and red powder coming out of Maas books which swami had blessed. Maa after a few minutes in this time had called me closer inside the box. For about 1 ¾ quarter of the time maa told us about the sadness of how some of the Sai devotees had been towards her, as our moto is love all serve all, hurt never. Maa’s love engulfed us so much she held our hands and spoke of the glory of Baba and how our heritage is divine. Maa gave us vibuthi and red powder and blessed Parm (Wife) with rice and then put vibuthi on our foreheads with the right hand. She then made us some milk and said we should rest know. She also gave us the Divine chance to touch her Divine Lotus Feet in which our foreheads touched her feet. Maa made us some milk which was so loving of her in which we drank then we left for the Hotel full of Ananda. Just as I was leaving I asked Maa if I could see her tomorrow she laughed and said okay at the ashram then in the evening. At the hotel we looked at our blessed and signed items and Prasadam my wife said we are so lucky, I said I didn’t expect all this, also we are seeing Maa tomorrow at the ashram in the Shirdi Mandir, where the huge leelas of Swami are in the pictures.
28th September 04

Aum Shri Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari asked us to come at 4.30 pm at her ashram when she would see us. Maa came and then we walked with the Divine Mother around the ashram as she delegated work to the staff in the ashram as they were building a Shri Saraswathi murti facing the Shirdi Mandir. Then Maa took us into the Mandir where she sat majestically on her chair gleaming with energy of love. Then Maa said speak, Maa answered all our questions on all levels, also personal levels and also let us come right up to the chair as she spoke to us. Then a Brahmin priest along with some devotees came in, chanting, then bowed to her chanting in total reverence to the Divine Mother. Maa spoke to them in there own mother tongue and there eyes where tearful. Maa gave them vibuthi and Prasadam then started passing around the leela photographs. Then smiled at me so I started helping with the photographs showing them. Then Ma said time for Aarti, let me tell you what happened when Aarti commenced. Aarti is about 15 minutes. The truth is about to be seen with these eyes. The Aarti is lit and Maa starts glowing then becomes bright all around herself. Then her face changes into 3 goddess’s which are serene, beautiful and bright then again each one gleaming and staying for about 30 seconds, I can see each one very detailed then into another Goddess, may be 5 in all, then Rish’s then sages, the Swaroop that was happening in front of me was sending me into bliss, it was so bright and continuous, then Maa turned into Shirdi Baba then a young Shirdi Baba. Then back to Maa and then into a fierce Maa, (Another divine form), then into a shaven head Brahmin, then a sage then back into the different Goddesses again. My goodness I can’t believe what is happening in front of me Maa is showing me her Swaroopini, how lucky I am to have such grace. The truth has been revealed in front of myself. The different forms keep changing so many times. Then the Aarti finished and as the tears are rolling down my face I shout “ Maa I saw you swaroop” “ You are Swaroopini” Maa, Maa, Maa I seen everything how lucky I am, I say Maa. Maa turns to me and said not everyone can see this, this only few can see. Maa sat on her chair glowing full of light energy her face was bright. I settled down my heart and self and came to normal after Maa came from Aarti. I got very excited telling my wife and 2 devotees including the priest what I saw. The priest said that Maa’s face was too bright for me too look, the devotees said I saw maa’s face changing but I didn’t have the Divine vision. Maa got up from the chair and said again only very few can see then smiled at me, then Maa blessed us all touched my wife’s head and materialised some vibuthi for a devotee then gave him then left the Mandir. She smiled at me then got into her car and wound down the window, then I saw my opportunity to ask, “ Maa can we see you tomorrow, Maa laughed and said, may be I phone you at your hotel before 11 am if not 12.30 am or I will be there in the evening 4.30 pm onwards. Maa phoned us on this day but we weren’t at the hotel, we came earlier at the Mandir. Maa came the next day at 4.30 pm to 7pm, as Maa was tied up with other duties so after having a bathe in the kavari river and collecting some in my flask to take home, we wait for Maa in the Mandir. Circling the Mandir and Praying to Maa, Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai Baba, as I finished Maa comes in the car and takes me over to the Sri Goddess of learning, Saraswathi. There are people working there, Maa is telling them what to do, then comes to the Mandir, the priest washes her feet then Maa enters the Mandir then sits on her chair. Then says speak; we talk on personal issues and spiritual issues but mostly on the glory of Sathya Sai Baba. Then an old couple come into the Mandir, so Maa talks to them, they seem very humble. Then Maa presents the old devotee with a pair of diamond earrings. The lady puts them in, humbly smiles with happiness then after having Prasadam leaves with her husband. Then Maa starts talking to my wife about her life and resumes her with good advice that she will take care of everything, Maa said she will promise. Then Maa got us to do the Aarthi, as Maa stood by Shri Shirdi baba while the priest performed the rituals, about 15 minutes in all. Maa’s face was just so bright as I looked into her face it shone like a beam of light. My wife’s eyes where full of tears she said she couldn’t help it, she felt the souls had touched. Then Maa said you have 10 more minutes before I have to go to an important meeting at home, of some land issues. I said Maa my experiences with you, she said yes write, then I said Maa can we touch your Divine Lotus Feet, she said yes so me and my wife did so. Then to great joy Maa presented my wife with a beautiful sari and myself a lovely suit, we were so happy and also Maa gave us some more miracle photos. Then Maa allowed us to have photos with her which when we got developed had cosmic rays on them, this was on the second Darshan with Maa.

(A few moments before these were taken Amma had just shown Bimal Pandey her full swaroop.) Cosmic Rays can be seen around Amma, Parmjeet and Bimal Pandey. Golden Auras can also be seen around Bimal Pandey.

Maa allowed us to have the flowers out of her Divine chair, she gave us full blessing and said she is always with us then left In her car. Many things and experiences we have not talked about with Maa on the astral plane and dreams we had with ma in the three days. Maa spoke to us about things that only Swami and ourselves new about, Maa seems and did know everything and satisfied all our doubts. At home Maa appears to us in dreams and on the astral planes with Swami which they both guide me and my wife. Yes swami is Shiva and Shakti and all the other Divine forms, which he has created. Also swami created Maa, a Shakti. The first creation of his, is in front of us in human form as other saints and sages and Gods and goddesses are here to i.e shakti’s which I’ve been fortunate to meet as they will slowly reveal themselves but this Swaroopini is the first created Divine Mother after Mother Sai, swami then created all. Its all his leela so we can love all, serve all, hurt never, so we can expand into prema swaroop. We must remove our narrow mindness. Our heritage in Ramayana and Mahabaratha reveals all what is happening now with the Gods and Goddesses, sages in the play also. When the lord incarnates, so do the Divine beings to take part in the Divine play in which swami is the director so mankind can elevate to higher levels of love. The love can flow from us to all like a river of love to all. This is the real Ganga i.e River Ganges, that purifies and takes us back to God. Shri Shrimad Sai Rajarajeshwari is the Shakti of swami the first created mother. Swami is Shiva and Shakti himself as well as all of creation. Swami has shown me himself as lord Vishnu who incarnate from age to age, every time he has come he had a kingdom like Parthy, Krishna had, also Rama had. Also recognised as Shiva and Shakti, Shakti had incarnated with him in those times also. Maa sent 4 litres of water to Puthaparthi, which was put in the water tank of Swami, which it had been lacking for a long time. As I got home I talked to a few devotees about Maa, they are having experiences of Maa and Swami omnipresently. Here is one of his stories. This is the 3 days of the time we spent with the divine Ma Shri Shrimad Sai Rajarajeshwari the Divine Mother herself. Two years ago myself unknowingly put another chair by Swami in his prayer room for the Shakti aspect of himself. Mostly because my wife belongs to this aspect of Swami as Shri Gayatri appears to her sometimes. Not knowing that Maa is here herself. How can we understand Swami or comprehend his play. All we have to do is love all serve all hurt never. Our prayer is Loka Sumustha Sukhnio Bhuvunthu, when are we going to practice this in our daily lives. From my experience Maa speaks and lives the truth, her prayers are Divine. Her life is her message on how to live in the world and be detached as an ideal child, wife and mother so we can learn from Maa how to be. Now she has been declaring who she is, Avathar herself of the Divine Shakti aspect of Shri Sathya Sai Baba. Open the eyes of your heart then all will be revealed . God Bless you all Bimal with Sai.

Dassera 2005

1st October

At Shri Shrimad Rajarajeshwari Mr Bimal Pandey

Abode in Mysore.
Koti Koti Pranams

At the Divine lotus feet of the Divine Mother Rajarajeshwari.

Dassera 2005 October 4th I went to India in the south place called Mysore, where the abode of Shrimad Sai Rajarajeshwari the divine mother’s abode, where Maa, has a spiritual centre also a house where Amma resides most of the time. Next door to that house is a temple which belongs to a trust, which the people wanted to start, They asked Maa for guidance but the reality is that Maa is detached and doesn’t even go there. We travelled by air Lanka which was a longer journey but a good airline. We got to Mysore by the 2nd of October Sunday at night. In the morning we contacted Amma, Maa said come for Bhajans and then she will se us after that which will be about 8pm. After Bhajans, my wife and myself got ready to see the divine Mother our hearts where pounding. We knew that a few days before Dassera Amma doesn’t come out until the festival day. Amma called us in poured her love to us talking on personal subjects and spiritual subjects concerning all. We went upstairs to Amma divine temple where Amma saw us; Amma was delegating and doing the decorations for the festival. There where devotees and her personal attendants. I had letters, photos, things to bless for Amma, which Amma did so and later read every letter, which was given, there were a lot. I took my photo Album with the miracles from my house of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba with me. These photos have been kept silent for many years like myself. I’ve been seeing the gods and goddesses from a very very young age at talking as in instrument of swami for many years which people have experienced divine inspirations from swami God of Gods. Whenever God incarnates a divine Shakti also incarnates also, in this case it is Shri Shri Shri Shrimad Sai Rajarajeshwari the Divine Mother. Even though Swami is Shiva and Shakti, this Shakti is also here like in every Yuga, the time of Rama, Shri Sita came and so on Depending on the need for that time of that Yuga and what needs to be established. Amma blessed every thing then I showed Amma each photo then Amma told me to talk to the devotees about the photos in the album. I told the devotees about the photos, explained all the leelas, to give them an insight to myself, that I have the knowledge to say that Amma is the Divine Mother as I have experiences in this field. As in 2004 Amma showed me her Swaroopini in the spiritual centre. I’m always in contact with Sri Sathya Sai for he is all. His beauty and love is beyond comprehension. He has come to teach the 3rd stage in spiritual levels Amma has come to teach from that, the destruction of the EGO. When I have darshan of swami I see many things, swami transparent etc…. Also we can see Swami on may planes and heavens. Depending what is needed. I do not seek fame or praise, for we incarnate only for truth to be established. Swami has restricted me from telling a lot of the experiences as it gives out too much information. There are so many divine experiences, which myself Amma and Swami know about, after all it’s his divine play. What is important here is to bring Sathya, Truth. So the play goes on, the ten day festival was full of knowledge, divinity, and truth if you paid attention and focused you could get the divine grace of Amma, that is why Maa has incarnated for liberation itself. Mainly for the destruction of the EGO and the mergence into Swami as Amma is the Bindu of Swami which you have to Pass for liberation. You only get what you deserve from Amma and Swami. If you don’t know of Amma’s divinity what can I say? It’s up to Swami who he allows to Amma, the reason being that Amma is very pure; he only allows certain souls to go for darshan. Amma come out only on a Monday. Amma’s Prasadam is the red powder known as kum kum, which she tells us to use the same way vibuthi. We are aloud to take mobile phones with us as long as they are off. As I was sitting in Bhajans Amma has not entered yet, I took my phone and for some reason I clicked it, I took a photo of myself with my mobile phone. Amma came, so Dassera started, the cosmic rays and energies was everywhere. There are many levels of darshan for those who can see. All through the Dassera Amma is giving interviews and experiences. Also devotees are sharing very powerful experiences, at the same time doing seva for Amma with love. The souls that serve there, are so loving and kind like little Amma’. Swami says, tell me the company you keep, I tell you who you are. After 2 days Swami told me to blow up the photo on my forehead in Kum kum red powder and vibuthi swami and Amma had appeared very clear on me forehead. Swami is in white Amma is in red.

The photo is very clear I’ve shown a few after showing Amma. The fifth day Amma sat again the many experiences with swami and Amma, time of Rama, then at other levels. The destruction of the Ego is why we are here lets not loose focus, or all victory of Dassera will be lost. After Spending all day with Amma at Dassera festival.
 (Ego 1)
 I was walking with my wife, at the corner of the street is a sowing place where she was having some suites and saris made. I was getting very tired and irritating with my wife wanting to sort out her shopping at the time. Then my wife starts talking about more Indian suits. I start getting angry as the fatigue of the day starts setting in. Finally my wife says I have to go to the other shops to get water and other things. I finally blow my top and scold my wife and shout at her in public repeatedly then storm off. The aloud voice said to me as I was walking down to my room which Amma gave to us free of charge with hot water and flushing toilet ensuite. Thank you Amma. The loud voice said, (of course it was swami), who got your clothes ready and things organised and is always there for you. My wife swami it’s just that swami “ Never mind just that”, you are shouting because you are tired don’t you think your wife is tired also” I said you spoil my wife swami. Just then my trousers fell down. To my knees, I hear a thunder laugh. I said” Swami I” what are you doing” there are ladies coming up the street, my hands are full in trying to pull my trousers up. I feel so embarrassed as an old Indian lady gives me such a look. I said “ Please Swami the trousers stop at my knees. I said I won’t do it again with my wife, anger is bad. I some how got hold of my pants and pulled them up. Swami said cut your ego boy. I said swami, that’s why I am here, help me. Maa and my self will help you to cultivate your heart. There is no greater love that Amma, for she is Adi Shakti. I told one person, then in interview with Amma apologised to Amma for shouting at my wife as I narrated the story. Amma laughed, but of course knew everything. Be calm and patient at all times, love all, serve all, hurt never. My life is my message, Swami says. Amma has come to install it in us.
(Ego 2)
 So there you go ego number one came to the surface hurting others because we are hurting ourselves. Being ungrateful for what others do for us, Be patient or be a patient. Again I put vibuthi and red powder on my forehead Amma appeared on my forehead sitting on a lion blessing. After interview with the divine mother giving is a discourse on our egos how to come to the mother. We where having Prasadam and food at the house next door where the other Mandir and trust is. My wife finished her food and hinted to me to go back to our room, I said calmly, ‘do you mind if you wait until I’ve eaten my food.’ I said, ‘there swami improvement.’ Then I told the people there about the ego with trousers. Then my wife started looking at me like death warmed up. I started laughing and telling everyone look at my wife’s face I said “ see swami she at it again. So I told everyone that I better get up and go before she explodes. So as I entered out side the gate. Mr Murthy (student) came out to give us some fruit. Then it happened, this time my trousers this time hit the ground, I can hear that thunder laugh of Swami’s again. I’m standing there pants to the ground with people laughing around me. I was furious with swami as I pulled them up. I said I will never go to Prashanti again. My wife trying to console me, with the Australian Steve from Perth. I was really upset, thinking what could be the reason for this I was determined not to go to Parthi. Still Huffing and Puffing, my wife stays calm and upset, as I am not to Prashanti. Me and my wife communicate with Swami on all levels, my wife turns to and said Swami told me to ignore you. She also said Amma told Swami to leave me alone, as he is with me. Swami still finding it all very funny. I had the courage to go to swami and ask why. He said “ I promised to get you through this to crush your ego” I said, “ yes swami show me. Swami said you where in Amma’s interview room as she spoke about how to come to herself and me.” I said,” yes swami”. When you came out. Amma and myself watch and see everything. You ridiculed your wife 3 times so down came the pants like a naughty child thinking of yourself. Take away the y in naughty you get naught zero. Be a zero not a hero God is Hero. Your ego had to be destroyed that is my love for you I will or Amma will never give you up. You’re our child.
Swami said when your pants fell down what was left up. I said swami “ shorts”. He or swami said yes shorts like a child. I said yes swami; you come to Amma and Swami like a child with a pure heart of love so we can fill you with our love. How can we do this, if it is full of scrap metal, i.e. ego. I fell on my knees and said I’m so sorry swami and grateful. I then again went to Amma and said and explained I am sorry. Amma said whoever you are, you are all my children come to Maa as a child open hearted. A pot cannot be filled unless it is empty. My pot is empty; fill me with your love.
I gave a talk to the devotees about these too egos in front of Amma with Amma’s permission. The 3rd ego not many people know about just swami Amma and my wife I might have told Steve the Australian. Amma gave talks on how swami played games and taught valuable lesson to her with humour and love. Everything swami and Amma do is for the benefit of the mankind. I asked swami how do you explain Amma and Swami in simple terms. He said I am the creator or Amma is creation. After Bhajans they do kum kum pooja to Amma. Then if your lucky you get called into the God Room Amma talks to you and gives many blessings with rice etc..
Then if you’re lucky touching Amma’s Divine Lotus feet.
We get called in a small room so we are actually opposite to Amma while Amma sits in her chair while other rituals are going on to Amma. Then Amma came out then looks out of a window. One flower fell out of Amma’s hair, it wasn’t collected. My wife gave it to me, I fixed it in between my ear. Then forgot about it. In Bhajans Swami giving me many experiences then the jasmine flower fell from my ear onto my lap. I heard swami saying go inside the flower, so id did, swami was there in the flower there where very fine hairs, swami brushed it, it sang out the word Amma, then swami said lets go inside that strand, inside there swami brushed its very fine strands that’s sounded out like a song “ Amma”.
Then swami went inside that strand with me it was just shimmers of hairs that sang out very softly Amma. I said swami, Amma is all creations I’ve never experienced so much love, Amma’s love is in all, Swami said you never will.
Going back to the 3rd ego to destroy, this was a very valuable lesson from swami and Amma for me. Amma gave many discourses on how Amma and Swami talked about in some disagreement. Amma called it the red box. You must never go in there only Amma and Swami are allowed to cross that line, Amma warns us all. In the evening we had an interview again with Amma. Amma said she would come to the U.K and stay at my house like she did in Perth. I asked Amma is she still coming, Amma said ask Swami. Upto then Amma always said she is coming. The played on my mind until morning after bath, I thought I would go or see swami about Amma coming to the UK. So I did, this is what happened when I went to swami asking about Amma’s coming to the UK with hope in my heart.
“ So Swami, is Amma coming to UK” Swami gave me a hard look. I suppose that means no, then swami looked at me harder. So I asked loudly I will bring UK to Amma then there. Swami was not happy with me. So I stepped into that red box for the first time in my life knowing very well it could be fatal. Also that Amma warned me not to. I stamped my feet and said “ I would bring the whole of UK to Amma’s feet you know I can swami don’t you”. Now I am toe to toe with Swami, Swami very annoyed with me said, “ you do what you want to do, I will do what I will do.” There was a huge bang in my room and a crash I trembled knowing very well what line I’ve crossed. So I sat on the bed waiting for the final blow from swami or severe punishment. When the loud bang happened my wife came running asking what happened, I said I went into the danger box. She said Amma told you not to. I told my wife the story and she said I’m mad. Then she went out to Amma’s place. I was still sitting on the bed, it was dead silent. Then I just got up and went for Bhajans feeling bad about what happened. I sat in the front thinking about what next, said Swami forgive me. Then 2 pink petals fell from the Murtis just before Amma’s chair. I knew then I can breathe easily that swami gave me another chance. I felt such a relief I sang a Bhajan swami sings to me. Chita Chora, a Krishna Bhajan. I couldn’t believe how silly, of me after Amma told us all never to go in the danger box. Anyway Amma saw us in the evening I told Amma everything. Amma said I told you not to. I said I am sorry Maa. Never again I just wanted you to come so much.
We have been apart for so long and now you are here the separation of the physical is going to be hard.
So there you have it the 3rd ego. When Swami and Amma say or tell you something you better listen and obey, only a fool like my self would disobey. So the play goes on for we have come to Amma to crush our egos. Anger. Come to Amma like a child always listen and obey for they always know what’s best. When I went home Swami, told me to take a photo of my forehead, on there was a photo or picture of swami on my forehead holding me up to him. Amma’s the one who can open the doors to swami for she is the Bindu, destruction of the ego is what the task is for Amma has come for this very task as we listen, learn and do what Amma and swami say. Empty yourself like a bamboo flute so swami and Amma can use you for the establishment of Dharma.

I will tell you some of the leelas swami and Amma showed me and done in the next few pages. I was telling all the devotees that I was having a bath with celine dion the singer in the morning. They just looked directly at my wife, my wife just smiled. So I went on for 2-3 days joking with all the devotees my wife let the cat out of the bag telling some of them it’s a shower gel he uses to wash with in the morning the brand name is celine dion the singer. I just went on laughing. We went to the supermarket my wife wanted to buy a teddy bear for a child. My wife purchased the teddy when we got it home I picked it up. It was quite a good one battery operated the love lit up on the teddy. On the hand it said press. I pressed it, it sang a song, and the song is from the titanic love song sung by celine dion. You see Amma knows everything. I asked Amma if she sent the teddy Amma laughed approvingly. The detail Amma knows about us of course there is a divine message in the words of the song. We must come to Amma like a child for she is everyone’s mother, whoever goes to Amma’s abode are very lucky and is the will of Bhagawan Baba and the Divine Mother, they are ready for the next stage or personal reason which ever it is total grace to be there, whether they recognise it or not. How many devotees been to see swami even living there, yet still cannot grasp an iota of what swami is. Swami told me there are 3 types of people with him. People who need him. People who are near him and people who are dear to him. Near doesn’t mean dear. It is the same with Amma; As Amma is Adi Shakti herself. Divine Rain given by Amma. Amma brought a classical singer to sing for us in many ragas she sang beautifully with love and devotion. Amma loves music of all sorts. Amma also sings very beautifully which we experienced in the Krishna temple. After the singer finished Amma spoke a few words, which she declared she has sent the divine rain, then Amma left. We all went for food at the trust building. I started telling them as the rain came down really fast, have Abhishekham repeatingly and every one ignored me. My wife had already gone home with out me. I had little food then looked up and swami came. He said you must walk in the rain its divine Amma is giving abishekham. I said swami my legs you know its difficult for me. Swami held my right arm and taught me to walk for ten yards, then left. Swami said 2 obstacles will come on the way take care to go all the way, home. Two people cam to give me a lift home I refused. Walking slowly the divine rain cleansed me thoroughly. How beautiful our divine mother is to give such grace. But everyone where in taxis or rickshaws not listening to what Adi Shakti ha said. “ I have sent the rain”. Maybe this is what has been happening in Prashanti people don’t know how to listen when they speak. Don’t they realise that even a ting of movement peaks volumes, so a statement can only be as it is for they are Sathya, Truth. They have incarnated for this very purpose we must awake. Anyway I walked all the way home in the divine rain. There was my wife drying herself off in the room. She said Swami told her to walk in it. The water is Amma, very very pure. It’s Amma’s grace. I heard from Amma’s attendant Manja that Amma kept sending them outside in the rain for they did not know why.
On that night my wife had a dream, Darshan of Amma in the sky sitting on lion, her and an attendant of Amma’s was telling the devotees look Amma. The devotees ignored at did not see Amma in the sky; maybe this is only possible for those who deserve. For Amma and Swami truly know who deserve or not, we sit in front of swami and Amma calling them all the divine names but do we really mean what we say. So how much do they accept from us as devotion maybe we haven’t even started yet. The fact is only Amma and Swami knows the connection between them and the devotee whether we accept swami and Amma or not. One day we will or everyone will come to know the Truth very soon. Open the eyes of your heart Body Heart and Spirit. Then the mind will be filled with love for which it is the reflection of the heart. The cleaner the mind the stronger the will power. So now I will tell you what happened that very night for it is as it is Sai Aum Tat Sat. That very night I awoke from my bed I saw a white Mercedes up the road outside Amma’s house, I saw our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba coming out of the car he signalled me to come, so I went running towards Amma’s house as I entered there were a few attendants and 2 devotees there. Amma and Swami where together, there was a table in front of them. Then Amma entered into Swami the table vanished Swami told me to go back as far as I can. The room got bigger I was about 30 yards from Swami. Amma turned into a very powerful light that of a continuous camera flash. The powers was immense it was knocking me back Swami’s although in front of me was also holding me as my body started to bend. The power and sound came from Amma’s and Swami, I said Swami. He said let the rays enter. The sound and rays and light entered. Swami’s hair and feet was only visible up to know this went on for a good 2-3 minutes so, so, so very powerful this is the formless of Amma with power, remember the radiation is coming from Swami and Amma with light, sound and vibrations energies are beyond human comprehension. The truth is swami and Amma are beyond Human comprehension. Maybe when we have been active with them in many births they allow us to have glimpses of them to inspire us to go forwards, to evolve, to be come realised then liberation itself. The 3rd photo that appeared on my forehead is swami holding me up to him after I put vibuthi on my forehead, which I showed Amma. This was the ninth day of its festival. When they did the pushpa or pouring of the flowers on Amma, I saw the 10 forms of Amma 5th one being a lion’s head, which pushed me, back into the wall. The American Krishna said he saw 3 faces of Amma that day. So there you have it there where many more experiences of truth but Bhagawan Baba is keeping them under wraps for now which are very beautiful and true. When I am alone, I flip back to them and they give me bliss and joy in these great Divine times of our Divine Mother Sri Shrimad Sai Rajarajeshwari- Adi Shakti Herself. We also had Padukas and numerous things of divine significance one given to us by Amma for divine use. So the story unfolds the truth opens for us all; to know that’s Shri Shakti is with us in human form. Amma came as a child, student, worker, wife, mother, Then as always from birth showed her true self. The divine goddess Adi Shakti herself. The many names are just uniforms for the different roles Amma plays.
After 2 days we left for Prashanti with tears in my eyes and heart hurting I physically left my Divine Mother in Mysore the pain was so immense, still I have my duty to do so off to Prashanti I went with Manju’s invitation to give to swami also. Which I took for Darshan. Swami came out in his car looked over at me and they drove swami off very quickly. During Darshan there was no chance of giving the invitation to swami. Coming outside the Ganesha Gate I saw Anil Kumar, swami’s attendant who translates in English when swami speaks I’ve never spoken to him before, but decided to shout him over. I said we have just come from Shrimad Sai Rajarajeshwari, Amma sends her love and blessings to you and swami. Anil smiled lovingly. I told him about the wedding invite, he said send it by courier. That I did. When I came home to UK there was a all vibuthi in the invite which Manju gave me swami had blessed the invite and wedding. Not only on the outside of the invite but also on the card inside the invitation was vibuthi had materialised. Also in the high street of Prashanti myself and wife with an Australian from Perth named Steve were buying cds in a shop. A lady in a sari with feet full of red powder came into the shop pretending not to be able to speak came to us blessing us, she was immaculately dressed she asked me to buy her a CD, it was a Rajarajeshwari CD. I was telling Steve and my wife this is Amma this is Amma. They just stared and looked at me. Amma pointed to Krishna CD. I told Steve to bag it for Amma. Which after a few seconds of hesitation he did. So Amma had 2 Cds with her now. Amma in this form continued blessing us. I spoke to Amma saying how beautiful she looked the form and face had such a glow. Then all 3of us gave Amma Dhakshina for food, and then Amma walked up the road then vanished in the crowd. I started telling my wife and Steve that Amma has come to us in this form. When we get a chance I will phone her as Amma asked me to phone her after first Darshan. So I phoned Amma and told her about the first Darshan and the meeting of Anil Kumar then asked her the golden question. “Maa did you come to Prashanti to us today in the shop blessing us”. Amma’s answer was “ YES IT WAS ME” Amma said. We where so happy tears in our eyes. I repeated it to my wife and Steve who where with me when I phoned. The Joy in their faces was a picture. This is just a glimpse of Amma’s love and power for her devotees. Thank you Amma very Much, from the very love of me I love you very much. Please be with me always let me become dear to you.
I would always like to thank everyone for looking after me at Amma’s abode. Especially Amma’s physical family, they show great example with their love and humility. I’ve never experienced this kind of love from anyone before. The love that pours of and from them this beautiful family is in itself Amma. For the first time I’ve experienced Bhagawan Baba’s words put into practice, by Amma’s family, Attendants and loyal devotees. There you have it.
Amma has her own power Amma is herself Adi Shakti these leelas of love prove it for the establishment of TRUTH.
I met Bimal in Whitefield, April 2000. I was sitting alone in a restaurant when he and a friend Chris, sat down at my table, full of laughter and jokes. After a while they asked me how I came to Swami. I told then and asked the question back. Chris told me his story and then I asked Bimal, “What about you?” He said many different experiences had shown him who Swami was. Once he had asked Swami to prove that He was God- and Baba had nearly shaken him out of his wits. He said he didn’t know why he had so many profound experiences because he has always been “ Very naughty” – playing pranks at school and at work. But his lively personality and quick fire jokes had me in stitches. So I asked him to get together with me and a tape and recorder next day to tell me his stories.
“ When you come to swami, there’s always some great transformation in your life, because His Heart connects with yours. He enters every heart that’s ready for Him. And it gets deeper and deeper and deeper until you can’t hold it anymore, and the tears have to spill. There’s only one thing that is impossible in this Universe- For Sathya Sai Baba not to love! For He is pure, pure love.
“ Once I ran out of the shop and stood outside, feeling really powerful and strong, just breathing. I didn’t know what was happening to me. When I came back into the shop, the curtains went, ‘swhoooosh,’ and Carlene said, ‘ Come over here. I want to tell you something.’ She’s totally black and white, very straightforward, this girl. She said, ‘ You know me. As I see, I believe. I don’t believe anything else. When you came in the shop there was a big light above your head, and clouds moving. Please explain this to me. I can’t take this king of stuff! I said, ‘ I can’t explain’ She said, ‘ Go away, just go away! I don’t know who you are, but there is something strange going on here!’ This happens a lot at work.


“On the train going home I started to get ill, got a little cold or a flu. I wondered if the stone was doing this to me. I started looking at it, and I could see a physical picture in the stone of Shirdi Baba, very clear. And I turned it one was, and there was Krishna in it. I turned it another way, and I could see a snake around the top, and three rings (Cosmic rays, Shakti). I said, ‘ This is a lingam!’ I showed it to Margaret. She could see them too. “Now, if anyone knows what’s good or bad for a son, it’s a mother. I showed it to my mother, and she said, ‘It’s a lingam.’ She held it and said, ‘ this is beautiful. It’s so loving. You must look after this and not let other people touch it.’ So I put it in my Shrine. “I remember praying to Swami for a week, ‘ Please Baba, did you send this to me? If not please get rid of it now. I don’t want anything from any other source. Because you I trust, you have shown me who you really are. You are Mahavishnu,’ So I said, ‘ Swami, please show me the significance of this lingam. If not, I will toss it away.’“I nodded off, but I wasn’t asleep, and I found myself sitting in a room with Dr. Gadia. He and I were watching television, watching Swami talking to John F Kennedy in fact, just before he was leaving for Texas. The TV switched itself off. Then this lovely, beautiful being came in with his hands stretched out, holding a beautiful, golden child, really bright. ‘The being gave the child to me. I said, ‘ what am I going to do with this, Dr Gadia? I don’t want any children!’ Dr Gadia said, ‘don’t worry. I know where this child goes.’
“ So we walked out of the room, into a beautiful green valley. As the grass swayed on the breeze it kind of sang, and I could feel the dew going in between my toes. We were walking up this hill, and at the top there was a drop, with a pastel blue river below, and it was so clear, but you couldn’t see the bottom. Then I saw Swami lying beneath the surface of the water; and He rose up and stood up on top of the water, and took the child off me, pulled it to His chest, lay back, and went back into the water again. He went deep into the water, divine pastel blue. I looked at Dr.Gadia and we walked back, and I awoke. It was more real than anything in this reality.
“That is the significance of this lingam, it brings people to God. It was so beautiful; I can still see Swami merging back into the water. When I’ve given the water from this lingam, people seem to get more attached to God; they start following Him in some sort of way, doing prayers, buying pictures. So I think I removes psychic fears, separation or something.
“Baba has given me a prayer to do with the lingam. I’ve done prayers with it, and Baba has come and physically sat in the room. And Aums have appeared on the food, and vibuthi has come. Even people who don’t believe in Swami have seen him there. Divine leelas have happened. Two girls, after having the lingam water, said they woke up in the middle of the night; they saw stars in the room and swami was there, and he told them to fill up the water again; and they could taste Amrit in the water. So Swami is taking the child back into the ocean of God, it helps people in that way. People have had divine dreams after the water.
“The lingam is quite heavy for the size of it. It’s like granite. I’ve asked psychics to hold it and they say, ‘This is beyond comprehension. You’re just a caretaker of this. Wherever this stone is put, there will be peace.’ It radiates peace, everywhere. And when you have peace, God is there; you can feel him more clearly.
See Me more clearly
Love Me more dearly
Follow Me more Near thee
Day by day, day by day by day by day…”

“That reminds me of this lingam at work”
I asked if he had taken it to the Sai Centre.
“I haven’t as yet, but sometimes Swami tells me to take it to a certain house to do a Puja. I only use it when he tells me to. It’s only on e of the instruments He’s given me to help people. He never gives me anything directly, but things come to me.

“Before I cam here on this trip, I had a dream that I was walking along the banks of Jerusalem. I was asking people, ‘Why are you rushing around?’ ‘Oh, we’ve come to find Jerusalem’s River.’ But their egos were running them around. I said, ‘I’ll show you where Jerusalem’s River is.’ I walked to a sandy bank and as soon as I put my foot down, the river appeared. There were huge wooden doors in this lovely blue-white river. “Then this man with a huge ego said, ‘I’ll bless them.’ I said, ‘Who gave you the authority to bless?’ I got them to line up and blessed them with the river water. The people started to look very new. As I looked into the water, the huge wooden doors opened, and even fresher water came. So I blessed these people with the water and they left. There were just my mother and elder brother and me and three other men remaining. Then swami appeared in the water. He waved his hand and the water disappeared. Then He did a circular movement with His finger, and the heavens opened and filled the whole riverbed with pure gold coins and trinkets and goblets. “He said, ‘It’s yours.’ I said, ‘I don’t want this, Swami, you take it.’ “Then Swami asked a man, ‘I want a lapis lazuli.’ The man said, ‘I’m not going to give you that.’ I said, ‘ what do you want Swami?’ ‘I need a lapis lazuli.’ I said, I’ll give you mine.’ He said, ‘No, I need this one’ and showed me a lapis lazuli with an Aum in it, in pyrite. He said, ‘you will find it in Puttaparthi.’ He also said to surround it in pure gold. I said I would get it for Him.
“So on this trip I was looking around Puttaparthi. I did find the lapis lazuli with an Aum in it. I purchased it, and then got the verdor to put it in gold.” (Bimal showed me the lapis, deepest blue with silvery-gold Aum imprinted in it.) “I started wearing it, then the thread was going to break one day, so I put it in my pocket. After Darshan the day I fell asleep. I dreamt that in Darshan there were three of us sitting with corpses on our laps. When we threw our corpses down, the Muslim children were able to walk across them to Swami. Perhaps the lapis helped with this. “When I was here in’ 95 I was with a group of Iranians. They were telling me how they could be imprisoned just for singing Bhajans. And in’ 97 I was with Iranians. They asked me if I’d had any experience with the Koran. I hadn’t, so I went into meditation and asked Swami. I fell asleep and dreamt I was hovering on green grass; a bookstand came and the Koran came, and God was speaking to me as Allah. The book opened and He said, ‘The true Name of God is in this book.’ He’s given me experiences of all the religions. “In ’95 I was near the front Darshan, and he looked at me and signalled me to look in the sky, and there I saw the physical for of Mahalakshmi, taking Darshan of Swami. She was so beautiful, wrapped in a sari of cerise pink. I rubbed my eyes three times, even banged my head, but she was still there, so incredible. I can still see her, floating in the sky. Before it happened I saw a lot of things pass my eyes, as if I were travelling, then I saw her Divine Being, looking down at Swami and smiling. I don’t know why He gives me these experiences, he doesn’t give me interviews.” “You know about Vasantha sai,” I asked, “ the reincarnation of Radha? Swami doesn’t give her interviews either, but He takes her to all these heavenly planets created just for her.”
“Yes, I’ve experienced some heavenly planets, but I don’t know too much about Earth, although I was in Greece with Alexander, and alive at the time of Christ, and I’ve spent a lot of time in India and Tibet. After about two years of following Swami, in 1993, I was in a dream, with some devotees, and Swami appeared. It was very misty. He said, ‘I want you to find the treasure.’ ‘Treasure, Swami?’ ‘Yes, see who can find it.’ “The devotees were looking everywhere- a treasure hunt in the mist. And I found a gold chain with a beautiful ruby in the shape of a heart. I put it on but hid it in my shirt. Swami came and said, ‘ have you found the treasure yet?’ I said, ‘No, Swami.’ He said, ‘Oh, okay, keep looking.’ So I pretended to look with the rest of them. Then Swami said I think you found the treasure; you could hear it chinking as I walked, and he came and pulled it out and looked at it. Then he put it back on me, hugged me and I turned to female. The He hugged me again and I turned to male, but not in this form. He hugged me again, I turned to female, then male, then female, then male again, back in this form. I felt the ruby pressing right into my skin and into my soul, and it disappeared in me. “Swami said, ‘Look…’ and He showed me all my lives, in Greece and Rome and India; then I saw huge Olympian coins on the ground. I walked over them; then I saw something hanging like a cloth. I said, ‘That’s not mine, Swami!’ he said, ‘Oh yes it is,’ and He cut the cloth, and all my dirty laundry came poring out!. ‘Oh, Swami, whose is that?…Oh, I guess it’s mine!’ He said, ‘ Yes, it’s yours.’ Then He said, ‘ But find the golden coin.’ “I thought, ‘Here we go again…’ Everyone’s looking with me, but we can’t find it and we get fed up. Then swami takes a huge gold coin out of a wall. I said, ‘ Swami, I can’t look after this.’ He said, ‘I will keep it for you.’ Then the devotees disappeared, and He indicated to me, ‘Behind this wall is all your treasure.’ Then he showed me two beds, a double and a single. ‘Which one do you want?’ I said, ‘Oh the double bed,’ because it looked really comfortable, but I didn’t lie in it, I jumped up and down on it. He said, ‘Not like that! Come here? What do you want, double bed (for marriage), or Me?’ I said, ‘ Oh Swami, I want you.’ ‘Are you attached?’ ‘No, swami, I want you.’ He said, ‘ Take the single bed…’ I lay on the single bed and then a bathroom sink appeared. He said, ‘I have to clean you, before you can share a bed with Me!’ So I lay on the sink, and we looked at each other, He was going to clean me and the dirty laundry too! Then I woke.’ “You said you’ve experienced some heavenly planets?” “Oh, I’ve had some experiences. One time in the middle of the night, I was wide-awake but felt myself leaving my body. There was a big flash and I found myself in this land; with a beautiful cerise pink river, and this Divine Being with a gold sash; and there were the most beautiful crystal you’ve ever seen in your life, so huge, like diamond crystals, huge ones and I could feel the trickle of water across my feet.

“ I spoke to this being and asked, ‘Where is this?’ He said, ‘ Oh, this is the land of Crystals; a very special place.’ I said, ‘This water is pink!’ It was bright cerise pink, very healing and beautiful. I went in and was picking up crystals and playing with them, like diamonds in the water. There was a pink lotus there also. I said, ‘ This is so beautiful, I’d like to stay.’ He said, ‘No, you can’t stay, but I’ll give you a crystal to take home.’
“ I started picking up large crystals, ‘This one? This one?’ he said no. He took me further up the river and he picked up a fairly small one. I said disappointedly, ‘ This one?’ He said, ‘Yes, this is a good one for you.’ As I held it I fell back into my room. It was morning.
“There was a knock on the door and postman came. My mother called, ‘It’s for you. You have to sign for it.’ I called that my mother could sign for it, and I fell back to sleep. But soon I woke up. My mother brought me this small box. I could feel the vibration coming from it. I opened it. The bubble wrap was exactly the same colour as the cerise pink river. I still have it. I opened the box and there was a letter from the woman who sold the crystals.“She said, ‘This has been sent by the Angels for you, Look after it.’ And the Crystal was exactly the same as my experience. “ I said, ‘Mum, I just had this dream…’ “ I keep the crystal in my room. I don’t use it, I just leave it there. “For the first two or three years that I was following Swami, my parents were very against this. They gave me hell’ I sued to go to bed crying every night. I couldn’t put his picture up, couldn’t follow him and couldn’t do the Arathi. Then one birthday they asked what I wanted. I said, ‘Just to put Swami’s picture up.’ So they let me. The next birthday I asked to do the Arathi. My mum used to laugh at me.“ But in 1995, what happened was this, I was at a turning point of my life. I was with this girl and wondering about marriage. But she was doing things to swami. I went upstairs, about eight o’clock, to ask him what to do. ‘Swami, it’s not working. I want you and nothing else can satisfy.’ I didn’t get an answer: I came down stairs and my mum was laughing at me, but I knew Swami would answer. “We have a bay window in the house. It was pitch black, no stars. About ten o’ clock there was a crack in the sky and it opened, and two blue thunderbolt lights came. My mum is watching this with me, with her eyes open and her mouth open wide. These two lights came from the sky, right through our bay window, landed on the carpet, and BOOM! The light bulb smashed and went out. I looked at my mum and she looked at me. ‘Did you see that? You see. Swami answered.’ And that was how he took birth- He came to Easwaramma as a blue light. “ Last year my mum came here. She worships Rama. I said, ‘ Mum, you will see Rama.’ Swami came and gave her a two-hand blessing. After Darshan in our room, she was crying, ‘ I met my Rama.’“ Soon after the blue light experience, my father started having experiences too. I said to swami in1998, ‘ I want my father to come for m your Darshan.’ I worked hard and gave my father a ticket. He came for one month and was so happy. He brought some Padukas blessed by Swami. “Mother came again last year with me. We were there for Shivarathri. I sat up all night, I prayed so hard; and my mother slept all night, got up and had breakfast, then came down to sit in the hall, at the front! “She came down at twenty to five, and Swami came out at ten to five. Swami was walking around, blessing everybody; then He slumped in his chair, and my mum saw the whole picture, saw the lingam come out of his mouth and saw Him drop it in His hand.
“My mum sleeps all night, has her little cup of tea and biscuits for breakfast, then she says, “ I thought of Swami and I thought I should o out.’ So she comes down and she’s the last person to be let in, for some reason. And she ends a very good seat, directly in front of Swami somehow, and when He sits down she thinks, ‘ Oh, Swami doesn’t look very well.’ She’s staring at Him, sees Him have a glass of water. ‘ Oh, is He choking on the water?’ She wonders. And sees the completeness of the lingam coming from His mouth!
“She said she stood up and just couldn’t believe it. I saw the birth too, but not as completely as my mum. I was also up on my feet, and everyone was singing ‘ Aum Namah Shivaya.’ It was like Baba taking us to some Loka (Heavenly place). I saw the lingam as a pure white light that was all I could see when He held it up. When he moved it behind Him, I still saw it as a pure white light with a comet’s tail, and then as He held it still I saw the golden lingam. My mother said she saw many things- rainbows and sparks, it was an incredible experience. “ Bear in mind I didn’t know my mum was seeing this. I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, Swami! My mother missed this! She’s snoring away in her bed, and I worked so hard for her to see this!’ We sat down after Bhajans, and swami fed us all from banana leaves, and I thought I’d better keep some of this for my mum. “I went back to our room and saw the padlock was not on the door, so naturally I thought she was still asleep. I stamped up the steps thinking, ‘ you lazy person! I brought you all this way, I told you about Shivarathri! He told me inside He was going to do something magnificent this year. He told me to come and bring you too!’ I stamped up the steps and went in.“ You didn’t see it!’ I said. She said, ‘ I did! I saw Baba. I had breakfast and came at twenty to.’ ‘Twenty to what?’ ‘ Twenty to five.’ “I’m there all night, chanting God’s name, and you come at twenty to five! And you had breakfast before you came?! Tea and biscuits!! I don’t believe this! What did you see?’“Oh, Swami came about ten to, and I saw Him looking very uncomfortable, and I saw this golden thing come out of His mouth.’ “ I said to myself, ‘Swami, You’ve done it to me again. You’re always playing games with me! If I had sat underneath your mouth, I wouldn’t have seen it so well!’ My mum’s sitting there so casual. ‘I really enjoyed it. It was very nice.’ “And Swami said, no more rebirth for anyone who saw this! “I said to Him, I am so happy today, that you gave my mother the.’ I was so happy. Do you know what she said? ‘I knew you’d bring prasad, so I came straight back.’
“On her last day, at Brindavan here, she couldn’t get up. I went off and got in the leaving line and swami sent me some energy as He passed, he gave me some thumps in the chest, practically knocked me over. I was looking for mum on the ladies’ side, but she wasn’t there. I went back to the room, and then I was waiting outside when she turned up. I asked her, ‘What time did you get there?’ ‘I got there last and everyone was lined up. So this lady grabbed me and put me with the VIPs, and I had Padanamaskar from Swami. And he gave me vibuthi.’

“Yes, I’ve experienced some heavenly planets, but I don’t know too much about Earth, although I was in Greece with Alexander, and alive at the time of Christ, and I’ve spent a lot of time in India and Tibet. After about two years of following Swami, in 1993, I was in a dream, with some devotees, and Swami appeared. It was very misty. He said, ‘I want you to find the treasure.’ ‘Treasure, Swami?’ ‘Yes, see who can find it.’ “The devotees were looking everywhere- a treasure hunt in the mist. And I found a gold chain with a beautiful ruby in the shape of a heart. I put it on but hid it in my shirt. Swami came and said, ‘ have you found the treasure yet?’ I said, ‘No, Swami.’ He said, ‘Oh, okay, keep looking.’ So I pretended to look with the rest of them. Then Swami said I think you found the treasure; you could hear it chinking as I walked, and he came and pulled it out and looked at it. Then he put it back on me, hugged me and I turned to female. The He hugged me again and I turned to male, but not in this form. He hugged me again, I turned to female, then male, then female, then male again, back in this form. I felt the ruby pressing right into my skin and into my soul, and it disappeared in me. “Swami said, ‘Look…’ and He showed me all my lives, in Greece and Rome and India; then I saw huge Olympian coins on the ground. I walked over them; then I saw something hanging like a cloth. I said, ‘That’s not mine, Swami!’ he said, ‘Oh yes it is,’ and He cut the cloth, and all my dirty laundry came poring out!. ‘Oh, Swami, whose is that?…Oh, I guess it’s mine!’ He said, ‘ Yes, it’s yours.’ Then He said, ‘ But find the golden coin.’ “I thought, ‘Here we go again…’ Everyone’s looking with me, but we can’t find it and we get fed up. Then swami takes a huge gold coin out of a wall. I said, ‘ Swami, I can’t look after this.’ He said, ‘I will keep it for you.’ Then the devotees disappeared, and He indicated to me, ‘Behind this wall is all your treasure.’ Then he showed me two beds, a double and a single. ‘Which one do you want?’ I said, ‘Oh the double bed,’ because it looked really comfortable, but I didn’t lie in it, I jumped up and down on it. He said, ‘Not like that! Come here? What do you want, double bed (for marriage), or Me?’ I said, ‘ Oh Swami, I want you.’ ‘Are you attached?’ ‘No, swami, I want you.’ He said, ‘ Take the single bed…’ I lay on the single bed and then a bathroom sink appeared. He said, ‘I have to clean you, before you can share a bed with Me!’ So I lay on the sink, and we looked at each other, He was going to clean me and the dirty laundry too! Then I woke.’ “You said you’ve experienced some heavenly planets?” “Oh, I’ve had some experiences. One time in the middle of the night, I was wide-awake but felt myself leaving my body. There was a big flash and I found myself in this land; with a beautiful cerise pink river, and this Divine Being with a gold sash; and there were the most beautiful crystal you’ve ever seen in your life, so huge, like diamond crystals, huge ones and I could feel the trickle of water across my feet.“She gets up late, she probably had tea and biscuits! She calmly wanders down, knowing Swami’s going to wait for her! And she gets put in with a bunch of VIPs, outside near His gate, right in the front. He spent about ten minutes with them. Then He came to the men, and then went back to these women. He was talking to them all. Another time He took a letter from her and held her hand. Do I get any of this? No, just thumps in the chest! “ He tells me, ‘Look after your mother.’ Before coming here, she had not been out of England since the sixties, because she’s so happy at home, looking after the house and her children. And I realise, she’s doing the work of a realised soul. She suffered in her life immensely, but still she carries on. Mothers are really an example. Baba says the first guru is the mother, and she really is. When I left home, on account of the woman I was with, I had a rough life, lived in terrible places, but I was able to go back home and I was so grateful. Swami says, if we fill our hearts with gratitude, that vibration feeds and heals the universe. From gratitude we can know Sathya and from Sathya we go to Prema, and from Prema, we just expand and expand and expand, until we have no thought; we just are what we are. “ Another time in dream state, I was with Swami at the side of the Prashanti Mandir and he was showing me something that was going on at a personal level and he said, “ Bimal, I’m going to give you something.’ He sat down with me and picked me up in his arms and lifted me above his head. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe what happened to me, but everything was in me; but I can’t describe the energy. I was God. I was He… Brahmananda, expanding, expanding and expanding. Then He brought me back, and I slowly succumbed to myself and I saw him holding me. “ I said, ‘Oh swami, what was that’? He said, ‘Bimal, that was my Samadhi.’ I said, ‘Oh, I can’t describe it.’ He said, ‘Nobody can’. “Then he put me on his lap, and I knew I was physically there, but I knew physical experience is only a dream. He said, ‘This human experience. You are just existing. My experience is Nithyam (eternity), Ananda (bliss).’ Brahmananda, I was everything; in the human experience, I could see it was only illusion. “ Swami took me down slowly and said, ‘Bimal, that’s what it is.’ He got up blessed me and I took Padanamaskar. That experience is living with me, it doesn’t fade. “That time when He was merging in the water, I asked him, ‘Swami, am I going to be with you till the finish?’ He gave me another experiences in sapne. After a beautiful Darshan at Prashanti, swami came and said, ‘Bimal, I’m going…’ he walked to the banks of the Chitravathi, and there were six of us with him. Swami went ahead with one gentleman, the present incarnation of Bal Ram, and they went in the water together. The rest of us said, ‘Swami’s gone! We’ve got things to do,’ and we walked backup to the ashram, and I woke up”.
“It looked like a nice book. Sai Baba was speaking a lot about Unity. I always wanted all the faiths to be together from a very young age, I couldn’t understand why they were separate. I would imagine a Tree of Life with everyone sitting around. It said in this book that he was God. I’m saying, ‘No way this being is God. No way is God coming with an Afro! He’s coming with straight hair; He’ll be very Vishnu-looking. He’s going to have four arms, and He’s going to come straight to me, and I am going to sit by Him!’
“So I’m reading this book and I wasn’t very happy that he was saying he was God. Vishnu is God; He even created Brahma from His navel! So I was a bit annoyed about that, and I put the book down.
“Then a week passed, and I picked up the book again. I started reading about the different religions merging together, and it really brought the tears in my heart, that somebody was actually doing this Godly work. And I thought to myself; You’re not God; but what you are doing is very, very beautiful.’ And I said, ‘You could appear to me again, you know, if you like.’
“So in the night he appeared to me. He came as a little ball of light, spinning around again. Then I started reading this book a bit more intensely, about some of his miracles, and the way he spoke abut the unity of faith- be a better Muslim, a better Hindu, a better Christian- really expressed what I was feeling inside. So I felt, ‘maybe there is something with this being. But I know that saints and sages can project themselves to people, ‘So I said, ‘All right; you’re saying you are God. Come as GOD….I can take it!’
“What a mistake! I’ve been through some scrapes in my childhood, and I have seen a lot of things in my life, a lot of death and violence, so I thought I could take anything. Nothing happened for a week, so I started saying, ‘You see, I told you you’re no God! There are two things you can’t do. You can’t dance as well as me, and you are not God!’ There was no way he could beat me at dancing, me head was too big! So I continued saying this. I did respect the book though.
I asked Bimal, “ Did you read in the book that He was in fact Mahavishnu?”
“Oh, that was even worse, you know. Yes, it said that he was Kalki Avathar of Mahavishnu. That really angered me. Then he was also saying Shiva. I thought, this guy can’t make his mind up! Of course I knew Vishnu and Shiva and Brahma were one, but Vishnu created the other two, in my belief….
“One night I was lying there, with a smile on my face. I’d switched the light off and was relaxing. All of a sudden I heard this BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. I listened and looked, and it was coming from my chest. My body was going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. I thought, ‘ My God, what is this?’ Then I could see that the walls were going, BANG, BANG, and the bed was shaking, and the ceiling was glowing- there was all this light in my room, it felt like the whole Universe was coming into my room. And it was so frightening. I was calling to God for help. Little did I know He was standing at the side of me. I looked, and Sai Baba was there. He was so brilliant, I couldn’t look. But somehow I felt myself touch His hair, and it was like sponge. ‘Oh my God, this power is too much, I’m going to die.’ I was so frightened I clung to the wall- I saw my fingers go into the wall. What’s this? My fingers are going into the wall? And I said, ‘ Swami, please change you face, it’s too powerful.’ I called him swami! What is this?!”
“Could you look at his face at all?”
“No, it was too bright and powerful. But I did see him, I just glanced and saw, ‘Oh, it’s Him.’ But I was so afraid, really afraid. I’ve had all these near-death experiences, but this was worse. Then I saw my fingers going into the wall and I realised, I’m dropping my body. So I said, ‘ Swami, change your face.’ All of a sudden I’m standing at the said of Him- and He’s wearing top hat and tails, pure white! And although I sleep just in my pants, I was also dressed in these! And the bedroom had completely disappeared- no bed, nothing, we’re just in a pure white room.
“ So I thought, ‘Hey, I feel quite happy!’ And He looked at me, with a grin. And I said, ‘Oh you want to dance, do you? You want to dance with the master? Okay, let’s dance.’ So from somewhere, He did this step. ‘ Hey, who taught you that? I’ve never seen that before!’ I was stunned. And He danced with me all night, up and down the room. And He led. He was better than me! So I knew then, He had to be something special! He was either Gene Kelly or God!
“So we danced, up and down the room. It was so beautiful. I can remember the steps. I can remember the gracefulness, the way his body moved; it was all tap moves, and he taught me so much, and I was so grateful. The he just stopped in the midst of it, and the room came back. And the He was sitting on my bed, in his reddish-orange robe, and I saw my physical body on the bed, chanting ‘Narayana, Narayana, Narayana’ the highest name for Vishnu, ‘Indweller In the heart.’
“Swami disappeared then, and I saw my body on the bed, and I thought, ‘I’m not this body.’
Then somehow my mind and spirit went back into the physical body, but it took a long time to adjust to it. I felt I’d died and come back. Something of myself had merged into His body. I remember clutching my fingers, feeling the tips; and I sad on the bed and I was parched. I switched the light on, pinched myself, felt my body. I had to move very slowly and softly, like swami walks. I went downstairs for a cold glass of water. It took me about three days to get over this. No one ever danced like that. And I knew that He was God.
“But I still needed more evidence, before I would bow my head! I knew He was God somehow, but I wasn’t quite satisfied.
I told my mum this story. She looked under the bed. She said I know a very good doctor. She said you shouldn’t read this book anymore. I said, ‘ Mum, this being, whoever He is, is real.’ He changed my way of life. My dogmatism left me. I didn’t see the differences in people anymore, didn’t see the need of difference. The dance was beautiful, like a marriage. I was married to this being.
“But, being who I am, I wasn’t satisfied. Even though half frightened to death buy this experience, I picked up the book and started reading more. And in my vanity and ignorance I said to him, ‘If you are God, you can show me Jesus Christ! You can show him to me in the physicals.’ I wanted this confirmation, ‘ cause only the Father can show the Son.
“God, through His infinite Prema, after two weeks, gave me this experience. I was lying on my bed, relaxed, and there was a huge thud across the bed. Was that being coming again? It felt like his energy. It was as if someone had dropped a metaphysical curtain, and the room vibration when to Sat-Chit-Ananada, so blissful, so nice. I turned to the right, and Jesus Christ, in physical form, was right in front of me, and there was a golden light from his head to his toes, all the way down. He was dressed in a white wrap; his eyes were very large, light brown, and his hair was black, down to his shoulders, and his cheekbones were rounded and quite high. He was very beautiful. Swami’s Vibration is like the whole universe coming at me at once and Jesus’ vibration was like a breeze across a plain of grass. And I heard these words as he came towards me. ‘ I love you till the end of time.’ He physically touched me. Since then I’ve seen him many times, when I’ve asked him to come or help some devotees

Book 2

Declaration of truth with Prema

Om Sri Sai Ram

Dear universal mother, Om Shrimad Sai RajaRajeshwari,

With your divine grace we will be a party of 4, for the festival of Dussera at your divine lotus feet.
As you are already aware, we have been working together all over including myself fighting for you at the spiritual centre and other places in love and service for the divine mother. The day we enter this earth, our work begins whether we are at home, holiday or anywhere else on this planet. This is the divine truth.
Oh my Dear Mother, what a beautiful time you gave us at Kodaikanal. I am so, so, so grateful to you Maa. It was beyond boons to be so close to you. As I myself know, all the gods and goddesses crave to be close to you. The experiences I had were beyond comprehension from physical changes in you to seeing divine cosmic rays coming out of your hands and body which devotees were not aware of. For example I saw you change into the trimurti picture behind your chair in your home.

Then at the time of singing Shiva Shankara, at the Spiritual Centre I saw the divine Krishna coming to live with you. Then you turned to Tirwana, your attendant and I saw a torchlight coming out of your hands going into Tirwana. I also saw cosmic rays like laser beams coming from your hands. Also Krishna spoke to me saying what its like to live with the universal mother. I was gob smacked. It was so clear, this is not a statue but Krishna living with Amma! I have many experiences with Amma at my house and while at her divine abode. They are quite frequent. I could spend all night writing but they would run into hundreds.

My advice is don’t waste this time with Amma and listen carefully to what Amma says. Amma is the truth and she doesn’t make mistakes. As some people miss or are complacent in Amma’s presence. What can I say to you Amma, for you know everything. Let me share something or even declare this truth. When I came back from Swami in 2000, after spending 5 months with Swami from Prashanthi to Whitefield. Coming back home I fell into trance at night. Lord Shree Krishna came to me and I saw Swami taking shiva linghams out of his mouth in a primary school with devotees. Lord Shree Krishna told me ‘you should move on from here now and go higher’. I was shocked as Swami is Lord of Lords. Lord Shree Krishna took me by the hand and lifted me up and we both changed into golden eagles. He said ‘fly home now’ and we flew to the divine mothers home.

So I didn’t go back to India until my father passed away in 2004 even though Swami had asked me to come on a number of times. Still I worked night and day for Swami in wars and on other levels. This is also the year that Amma physically came into my life even though we had a chair for her to sit on next to Swami in my house. I did know Amma had incarnated. From my last visit to Amma, I took a photo of the sunset at Amma’s spiritual centre. When I developed the photos, 2 eagles had come in the aura of the sun, its very clear. This is also the time Lord Shree Krishna came to Amma’s spiritual centre and spoke to me as I said earlier on. So Krishna brought me to Amma. It was this true mother he was bringing me to. So there you are, I have the photos and will try to remember to bring it with me.

Peacocks on Ammas Divine hands. (henna)

Swami often tells me, that I give too much information and spend too much time with devotees but I like to share and inspire. To be honest with you swami uses me on all levels but mostly to tell people off which I feel uncomfortable with. Swami says 5 minutes of embarrassment to a lifetime’s mistake.After working for Amma and Swami, the negative forces gashed my right arm. I work nights in a 24 hours Wallmart store under the name of Asda. Swami sent me there. He said it is very bad, you must go there for me. Peoples lives are in danger as well and there are demonic forces at work there, will you go for me? Swami and Amma are always there with me. Things are getting better there. I was pulled out of the job of my dreams, to stacking shelves in a superstore. What a comedown I thought, in finance and position. But what can you do when lives would be lost? Actually in the beginning some people did die without reason. They were also experiencing dark forces, of which they had no understanding

Going back to the gash on my arm, the first aid man put a blue plaster on my arm. When I peeled it off there was an image of Amma in the blood on my plaster. .

Image of Rajarajeshwari Maa in the blood on the plaster

I put it back on and after 2 or 3 days it started coming off. Then I looked at it and there was an image of Krishna on it, which I have photos of.

Krishna with peacock feather in the plaster.

Bala Krishna with Peacock feather.

My hours at work are 10pm to 6am or 7am. At these times the negative forces are powerful. Even recently, times got very dangerous there but things are getting better. Why should I fear when God of Gods and Mother of Mothers are with me, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Om Shri Adi-Shakthi Shrimad Sai RajaRajeshwari.

These are only a few truths I am giving you in evidence of who Amma really is. As Amma has been installed in my photo album before, as Amma appears in the Homa’s at my house for this divine being is an instrument of god. It is Swami’s divine play with the divine goddess Shrimad Sai RajaRajeshwai, the creator and creation! But let me give you a warning. Swami told me not to come to see Amma, this trip or the last one, April 2006 and September 2006, be very careful. Swami came to me in early June 2006 telling me that I ‘should not see Amma’. I asked ‘why?’ And Swami said ‘because East and West will fight’. So I went closer to Swami and something didn’t seem right. The vibration wasn’t right but the form was of Swami, so I went and grabbed Swami by the waist. The form changed to the real form. It was a Sadhu with short white hair wearing a sacred thread. I knew something was wrong. He looked at me and I went closer and he disappeared from right in front of me. So it is true that there is another form pretending to be Swami.

As I moved from the scene I was dressed in silk robes and jewels, also there were a few others in different garments. We were like god kings. Then some of them said Swami is coming and the real Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba came out, blessed us and went back in again. So we need to be very careful and use all our skills to know and be truth.

This I give to all who are seeking truth and live for loves sake. God bless you all.
Yours with prema, Bimal.

Aum Sri Sai Ram

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