Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu


Aum Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa
Visits Gibraltar
june - July 2018
Devotees come to collect and welcome Swami into Gibraltar.
Sri Ayyappas Divine Forms appearing on the floor in Spanish Rock where he is staying with Deveotees, (Helen and Peter).

Poojas Done by various Devotees in Gibraltar

Devotees from Gibraltar with Aum Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa.

Swami Celebrates his Birthday Celebrations with the Devotees from Malaga/ Gibraltar and Spanish Rock.


Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appears in Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Silver clear ring.

Myself going into the blue body then Pure Light body going home

27th March – 17th April
India Yatra

Leading up to this trip we had many Visions and Darshans of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba showing and telling us how big this Trip was.
Sri Ayyappa was placing his Mothers Ashes into the holy river “Kaveri” aswell as doing many other universal Missions for Bhagwan Baba which were not revealed to me till after.
Below are pictures of some of the Miracles which took place during this Divine Yatra.
From Mysore to Bangalore Miracles were being shown to Hotel Staff as well as Devotees.

Bhagwan Agastya can be seen on the Branch of a tree with his Pot infront of him and a Shiva lingam on the otherside.


Whilst in Mysore many of the devotees wanted to have Darshan of Lord Jesus. So oposite Sri Ayyappas Room was another building with windows which had been covered by sheets.
So Sri ayyappa Projected the Divine Forms of Jesus and the appostles and many of the Gods and Goddesses.

Divine Rays appear around Bhagwan Agastya

Divine Forms of Sri Ayyappa and other Gods and Goddesses appear on the wooden floor in Bangalore


18th February 2018

When i (Devesh) closed my eyes to ask the significance of the Divine Swan Appearing behind Aum Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa
All of a sudden i left my body at a very fast speed and travelling towards a bright star in the cosmos. I landed on this star which was so blissful to see let alone stand on. It feel soft yet cooling. ( no words could describe).
Sri Agastya stood next to me and held my hand and said look over there.
I saw Bhagwan sri sathya sai Baba lying down in the lord narayan pose dressed in Pure white.
You then appeared with long hair also dressed in white holding a pink cushion. You placed babas feet ontop of the cushion and started to massage his feet and legs. The shape of how you were sitting and how baba was lying down was of a white Swan. Two huge golden pots appeardd infront of baba. He sat up and tasted each pot and smiled and went into bliss.you then stood infront of the pots and infront of baba. As you were chanting Aum. The pots turned into a very golden like cosmic energy. Babas form turned into pure light and started to grow. The pots of golden energy merged inside of him. And you walked into Babas pure white light form.after there was a huge explosion and a beautiful golden wave surrounded the cosmos. And throughoit the air there was a sound of " Aum sri sathya sai Aum tatsat".

17th February 2018

Below can be seen on Swami Sri Ayyappas vegetarian Soya Steak Pie -
The forms of Devotees coming towards him aswell as writing which has been circled in white

When i Devesh went up i Bhagwan Baba and Sri Agastya Explained to me that there are 3 Ancient Letters not known to this world. When translated, these three letters read SHAKTI.
Below can be seen the words "MAHA SHAKTI".

16th February 2018

After Putting the Prasadam he made on his forehead, it displays whats the result of Sri Sivaratri, from within - Outwards.

Shivaratri 2018
On Sunday 10th February Bhagwan Ayyappa had made prasadam for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
As i went up i saw a huge darshan hall and all of the Gods, Goddesses and Sages and Divine Saints were sitting waiting for Bhagwan Baba. All of a sudden Bhagwan Baba dressed in beautiful orange started to walk from one side of the carpet to another. On the other side Sri Ayyappa dressed in White/ Green started to walked towards Baba. As they came closer they both transformed in the form of Lord Shiva and they both lifted their right foot and stepped into each other. As they Merged together there was a huge cosmic explosion and a Lovely Golden Linga appeared. From this Lingam appeared a small child, no more than 2 years, dressed in Pure White he looked around and slowly started walking . Everyone burst into tears of joy and were shocked by this childs beauty, Divinity and purity. I then appeared on another dimension where Bhagwan Baba and Sri Ayyappa were sitting eating. Sri Ayyappa was feeding Baba and after each bite there was a tear falling down Babas eyes. Sri Ayyappa looked at him, smiled and wiped away the tears. After which Baba replied, " The food was delicious but look how much you are suffering, let me feed you now. You stay here with me its time to let him take over. Baba pointing down towards this Divine Child of puity".

10th February 2018

6th February 2018
In the curry sauce can be seen a Divine Golden Horse

4th February 2018
Below on Swamis forehead can be seen the Divine Supreme Shakti holding a child, and in the top in white can be seen another of Sri Ayyappas form looking down on this.
This Divine Play shows that he has now gone beyond all of this.

Below many Gods, Goddesses and Divine Beings can be seen coming for Darshan in the SKY.

2nd February 2018

1st February 2018

Saturday 27th January

Friday 26th January

Thursday 25th January 2018
Sri Saieshwari appears on Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's picture behind Swami.

20th January 2018

14th January 2018
As I (Devesh) closed my eyes, Sri Agastya took me up to one of the heavens where all the Gods and Goddesses, Sages and Saints waited in Awe looking at the stage.
All of a sudden I could see Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa dressed in a Silver robe and he was standing next to all of his previous incarnations. They were all standing around a huge cosmic ball of light.
Bhagwan Baba then appeared wearing a beautiful Golden shimery robe with long curly hair and very fair in complexion. He walked across the stage and sat on the chair.
Sri Ayyappa then walked up the steps and towards Bhagwan Baba and embraced each other.
Baba then looked at this huge ball of cosmic energy and tears dropped down his eyes. He looked at Sri Ayyappa and said “ are you Sure”.
Sri Ayyappa replied, “ ofcourse, this is my life, I know why I incarnated”.
He led bhagwan Baba to the Huge ball of cosmic light and as baba went closer it changed shape and turned into a beautiful star. Bhagwan Baba then stepped on the star and he merged inside of it.

Sri Agastya explained that all of the incarnations which Sri Appa had taken he had offered them at the lotus feet of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. All of the devotion and Bhakti he had offered at the lotus feet of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This is not a star its only a representation so that we can understand 1% of whats going on. The intensity and nuclear energy which comes from this Divine Cosmic Light would burn anyone in 100 Mile radius due to its intensity. Only The almight Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba could accept this in his highest Formless Form.

Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Divine form appears in the sky

Christmas Message from
Aum Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa Aum
In the video Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appears on Sri Ayyappas palm just beneath his thumb.



This Morning Sri Ayyappa had cut his hand and fingers of a broken glass lotus flower. This was caused due to Swami taking on Negativity hence the Lotus flower broke.
In doing so the pictures below show how Divine Aums have appeared on Swamis hand and fingers in the blood

30th November 2017

As i closed my eyes to take the Divine Pickle up to Bhagwan Baba from Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa Aum. Sri agastya came and took a projection of my body into an ocean which he said was the " sri sathya sai sagaar". Only my projection could go there as the divine shakti from the ocean would have destroyed me as it was too powerful only god himself can go there. Anyway i saw bhagwan baba sitting in a blue robe on a throne. Sri Ayyappa was wearing silver with a beautiful shimmer looking Robe. As he walked towards bhagwan baba and gave him a bowl containing the pickle which later turned to a golden transparent liquid. As baba ate 1 spoon his vishwaroop appeared from him and all of his forms and incarnations started to eat and become nourished. All the forms blessed Sri Ayyappa with two hands and three garlands of flowers appeared around his neck. ( white, pink and peach/orange).
Sri agastya said whom so ever eats this pickle will have their 10 bodies nourished.

23rd November – 26th November
Aum Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Jayanthi
Sri Ayyappa had conducted huge prayers and universal bhajans at his Niece’s house in Dudley. As Sri Ayyappa was chanting you could feel the energy and Divine Shakti coming from him.

At the end of the prayers I went up to see Bhagwan Baba and he showed and told me what was happening, “Sri Appa had transformed himself into a small dark form which was attracting all of the negative from Dudley, through to Birmingham, tipton and beyond. Baba then showed Sri Appa swimming in a huge ocean of black negativity and then all of a sudden he grew in size until the ocean could fit on his finger. He then engulfed the ocean and churned it inside his mouth to form a Huge Golden Aum which went into the air. Baba then showed me a huge trishul which Sri Appa had planted into the ground. However baba showed me that no matter how far we went or how high we went we could not find the beginning or the end of this Divine Trishul.
At the end of the Birthday Sri Ayyappa had organised for everyone to put a prayer into a balloon and send it into the sky to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. At this point you can see one of Sri Appas Divine Forms appear on his robe.
As the weekend followed Sri Appa had informed me that Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday was still be celebrated in the heavens and Divine Lokhs.
So Sri Appa had made a special Dinner for Bhagwan Baba. As I went up, I could see All of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Divine Forms- Vishnu, Brahma & Mahesh all eating the Divine Food. As they were eating it they were all turning Golden.

I then Saw Bhagwan Baba and the food which was made by Sri Appa turned into pure Bhakthi which wrapped around Bhagwan Baba. As this pure golden liquid wrapped around Baba it turned into a beautiful robe which had a love orange/golden shimmer to it.
On Sunday Sri Ayyappa had allowed me to do Padham Abishekham using Holy Water which he had made from his house using Ancient Divine Linghams.
As you can see from the picture below a Divine Aumkar has appeared on the bowl inbetween his Divine Charan.

19th October
As I closed my eyes, Sri Agastya had appeared next to me and told me that Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is giving Darshan in his Lord Rama Form.
As I went up all the Gods and Goddess and saint and sages were standing in line whilst Sri Baba in all his glory was giving Darshan. All of a sudden Sri Baba saw Sri Ayyappa walk towards him and he smiled. He started to grow in size until he was almost 100ft tall. Then Bhagwan Rama walked out of him and stood infront of Sri Ayyappa (Who had also grown in size).

Sri Appa took a deep breath and from his mouth appeared three huge golden Balls of light which went inside of Lord Rama.
Goddess Lakshmi/Sita then appeared next to him and Sri Appa also sent three huge balls of light inside her. Goddess Lakshmi then blessed Sri Appa with a set of beautiful pearls. Lord Rama Gave his Arrow to Sri Appa. Then Sri Appa sent a huge ball of light inside of Lord Hanuman and Sri Lakshman. Sri Hanuman gave Sri Appa a yellow flower and Sri Lakshman gave Sri Appa a blue flower.
We then appeared in another dimension and Sri Appa was standing infont of Bhagwan Baba. Sri Appa then offered a huge tray of Golden Bhakti which was the size of a whole house. Bhagwan Baba then absorbed all of this gold and closed his eyes in Bliss. He then took his Bow and gave it to Sri Appa and said its time to shoot the arrow which Sri Appa did.
Bhagwan Baba then took a special box and opened it, and inside were these beautiful wooden Padukas which where so bright I couldn’t even look directly at it. He looked at Sri Appa and said I want to give you these once again.
Bhagwan Baba then explained that Sri Appa practices Diwali every second of his life. He is a beacon of light upon himself and his light fills up the whole cosmos, dispelling any darkness in sight.

Gurpreets experience when Sri Appa changed the weather and removed the storms
I was at Sri Appa’s house and we were just sitting down in the front room and all of a sudden the sky started to go dark outside and I just saw Swami close his eyes and then all of sudden Swami started chanting AUM and I kept looking outside and the dark sky was slowly fading away and ever so slowly the sky started to open up and I could see the sun beaming through and it was getting brighter and brighter until there was no darkness in the sky left.

As Swami kept chanting AUM a rainbow started to form in front of Swami’s house and it got brighter and brighter. It wasn’t raining earlier as it was only dark skies so for this to appear I knew it was because of Swami.

16th October
Storm Ophelia comes to UK.
6th -7th October

21/09/2017 - 30th/09/2017
Navaratri  -  VijayaDashami

Many Divine Forms Appear in Sri Ayyappas Coffee Cup.

My Shakti Swaroops, and what myself and Sri Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba, have been doing in the 10 day Festival. From the War, Creation, with Aums and Unity, as you can see me with Sri Ganesha as im in my Shakti Form. In my Coffee Cup, as we give to the Universe.

Even on the walls of this Cup you can see our Divine Work, Sathya Vijaya, with
Aum Sri Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
My Shakti Swaroops, and what myself and Sri Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba, have been doing in the 10 day Festival. From the War, Creation, with Aums and Unity, as you can see me with Sri Ganesha as im in my Shakti Form. In my Coffee Cup, as we give to the Universe.

25th September 2017

21st September

5th September 2017
4th September

3rd September
Sri Sri PadmaSambhavas Divine Form Appears in Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Prasadam

2nd September
On the Prasadam Made by Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa a Divine Aumkar has Appeared in the vegetarian Soya Drum Stick.

30th August

30th August
Lord Shivas Head appears in the Somosa cooked by Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa

28th & 29th August
Sri Ganesha Chaturthi
On this Auspicious Day Bhagwan Sri Ayyappa offered to Lord Ganapathi some of his Divine God Lengths.
In the heavens there was a huge procession taking place and Lord Ganapathi was being carried towards a beautiful Golden Stage where thousands of Gods and Goddesses watched in Splendour. All of a sudden Lord Ganapathi Saw Sri Ayyappa and ushered him to the stage. He Manifested a Huge throne and asked Sri Ayyappa to sit down whereby he fed him milk and a beautiful prasadam from his own hands. All of a sudden Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared and said no one will understand the beautiful relationship they have and no one will understand the amount of Love they have for each other. Sri Ganapathi the looked at Sri Appa and said, " I will always be with you forever".

29th August 2017
Bhagwan Aum Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa appears in the sky riding his Horse.
23rd August 2018
Divine Discourse Given by
Aum Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa Aum
"If We all chant, Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.
We could Heal the whole world and thats in it.
If we carry this in our Hearts and Minds, our Souls would Vibrate
Then We will be a BEACON OF LIGHT"
Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa Aum

22nd August 2018
Every Tear Soothes the Mind
Every Silence is coming back to your True Self
Every Smile is Meditations Evidence
Every Morning is Grace
Walk with GOD
(Aum Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa Aum)

Aum Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Is everything with the 5+4 = 9 Atma
ATOM = Sri Narayan
Electron = Sri Siva
Sound/Nada = Sri Brahma
Proton = Sri Shakti
Aum Sri Atma Linga Param Shanti Nitya Nirakara,
Given by Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa Aum

Divine Forms of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Appear in the Divine Prasadam Cooked by Sri Ayyappa
20th August

8th August

Divine Forms on Potatoes Grown By Sri Ayyappa in his Divine Garden

2nd August 2018
Divine Water Lilly appears through the Storm and rough weather.

31st July 2018

Divine Potatoes
28th July 2018

27th July 2017

Saturday 1st July
On this day as we were Driving to our Destination, In the Sky Sri Appa had shown me his full Swaroop. I could clearly see many of his Divine Forms and Beings in the Sky all Staring Down at us.
Sunday 2nd July
As we Drove to the Swimming Baths, the Sun Shone Brightly and said watch all of the Gods will appear in the sky and come for his Darshan. All of a sudden an ocean like cloud appeared across the whole of the sky and there appeared ontop of the Ocean many Divine Forms. Some were huge fully body and Many were Just beautiful Smiling Faces.

Sri Adi YogiSiviya, on the right side of Sri Sathya Sai Baba's pic in light.

7th June 2017

6th June 2017

4th June

Saturday 3rd June
Bhagwan Sri Agastya Appears in the sky to Sri Ayyappa.

Saturday 3rd June
Bhagwan Sri Ayyappa shows his Divine Form ( Sri Sai Dharma Shaastha).

15th May 2017

A Sai Devotee came from London to Visit Swami Sri Shaasta (Ayyappa).
Mr Sukhjiwan came to visit Swami and have his darshan.
Afterwards we went for dinner in the evening. Written in the middle of Swamis Dessert was "SAI".

Divine Forms appear on Sri Shaastas robe.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appears on Swami's robe. Swami (Sri Shaastha's) swaroops can also be seen on the robe.


Divine Aumkar and other forms Appears on Silver Spoon as Swami Makes Divine Prasadam for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Aumkar appears on Swami's Crisps

Sri Shaastha
Green Onyx Linga

As the light merged into the Kund there was and still is a Sanskrit Mantra being sung..
"Sathya Vijay".

Two Holy Lingams
and Sri Ganga Jhal.

12th April 2017

Divine Trip to Drayton Mannor
Sri Aumkar appears on Bhagwan Shaastha's Hashbrown.


3rd April
Divine Aumkar appears on Sri Appas Hair.

2nd April 2017

Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa had cooked prasadam for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and all of the Gods, Goddesses, Divine Sages and Saints and universal beings on his BBQ outside. In the below pictures many Divine Forms have appeared in the flames of BBQ/ Divine Fire Pit.

4.30AM - 24/03/2017
Divine Truth

Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa wrote,
All of a sudden my room changed and I was in Kailas with Sri Agastya Muni and Sri Vashistha Muni.

They were standing either side of me on a square stage and around us was lush greenery which was beautiful. I was dressed in a white wrap by Sri Agastya and Sri vashistha and the two great sages were dressed in beautiful white with a golden lining and gold flecks.

Sri Vashistha being my Gotra also, with the Divine. Below the wooden square stage were many Divine Rishi Munis and behind me was Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The place was full of Great Divine Souls and my hair was matted and next to me was a huge Trishul.

As I waiting in silence there was a Huge Great Soul with Matted Hair who came towards me, his sound was like huge Thunder claps and his vibration was of that which no man would have been able to survive. He came to me and as I washed him and his face in detail he got very bright. I then fed him with a pure liquid and food that was sweet. With Love in his eyes he blessed me and left.

Then the second came with All Power known in front of me. It was Liquid Light I fed him with, only bright yellow, Golden it was. His hair was long and of a lion his face, so powerful with radiance in huge status and size. He captured me in his Grace when I washed him and fed him with this Liquid light.

Then the third came like lightening blue electricity. His hair came down to his elbows glowing in hues of sun rays with a smile that holds you in his heart. He came forward and I washed him and his face and gave him water to drink that came from the palm of my hand. I fed him a sweet fragrant Halwa which glistened as I saw it go into his mouth. It appeared in my right palm. Of course it was Sri Baba Maha-avatar ji as you all know from the Himalayasa. It was a look that shone as his gaze blessed me then left.

Then the 4th came. The whole place shook but was steady, but from underneath there was this beautiful Gigantic form which appeared in front of me. With Liquid grain which was round dripping off his face and his form apart from his face seemed dark. I washed the fourth one like I washed the others and the drink I gave him was heavy in a huge amount and was transparent. It quenched this Great Mahathma and in front of me then the food was wholesome and I fed him with large amounts of Golden Pulses. His face beaming with Divinity which turned Golden, I then held his face and then he Glowed more. I could feel the soft Golden Grain in the beautiful liquid loose on his face. His face was enormous, I seemed to cover it with my hands. His hair was strands of Golden light and soft but looked heavy. In his Huge face he smiled and blessed me in a True Realised way like the others and left. When they left they never turned around but instead always facing me.

 Then with Sri Agastya and Sri Vashistha with me, everyone started chanting like lions Roaring. They all left and my self was back in my home. My home seems to be able to change or be in any place. This happened 4.30AM on the 24th March Friday 2017.
This I give in the name of SATHYA it HAPPENED.”.

Devesh’s experience
With the grace of Bhagwan Sri Appa and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba I was allowed to go up and ask more about this Pure Divinity which Sri Appa is sharing with us.
As I closed my eyes Bhagwan Sri Agastya stood in front of me and we appeared in the solar system. He then started to explain the following, “ These Four Great Divine Mahathma’s are AMSA’s of Sri Brahma, Sri Vishnu, Sri Shiva and Sri Adi Shakti. They are beyond name and form and they are directly from Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

To be more accurate they are from his aspects; Sri Mahadeva, Sri Brahma, Sri Narayana and Sri Adi Shakti.

Because the almight lord Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai and Adi Shakti themselves live with Sri Appa in his house, his house has the ability to change into, Kailash, Vaikuntha and Brahma Lokha.

Bhagwan Agastya then went on to explain about the four Great Mahathams;

1. The first powerful Divine Being was an AMSA of Lord Brahma. His energy and vibration is extremely powerful and loud as if in the beginning of creation.

2. The second powerful Divine Being is an AMSA of the Goddess herself, Sri Adi Shakthi. His hair was golden and beautiful yet his face was like a Lion.

3. The third Powerful Divine Being was a Divine AMSA of Lord Mahadev himself. This was not Sri Baba Mahavatar-Ji but the part of Lord shiva which he originates from is the same as this Divine Mahathma.

4. The fourth powerful Divine Being was an AMSA of Lord Maha-Vishnu. During the festival Ekadashi everyone prays to Lord Vishnu and fast for two days not eating any grain. During these two days it is believed that Grain and Beans are contaminated by Sin. Hence all of the grains which was on this Mahathmas Face was the sin of the mankind which he was taking on for everyone.

They came to Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa as only he could clean and bless them. They also blessed Sri Appa because since the beginning of time he has always protected the innocent, Truth and dharma.

I then saw the Sri trinity and Sri Adi Shakti standing in front of me and out of them emerged these Golden balls of light which turned into these four Divine Sri Souls.


Saturday 25th March 2017
Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa's Jayanthi
On this Auspicious day of Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Jayanthi, we were allowed to do a Pooja to Sri Ayyappa and bhajans were sang. Many miracles took place throughout this day and the pictures can be seen below.
Sri Appa had offered Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 108 Athma-Paramatham strokes. As I closed my eyes I saw a huge Pillar of Opal Light stretching through the sky and through the heavens and beyond and It started from where Sri Appa was sitting.

I appeared in one of the heavens standing next to all of the Gods and Goddess, Sages and Divine Saints. We were watching a spiritual projector and we saw Sri Appa as a beautiful Swan swimming next to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba also as a beautiful Swan.
 All of a sudden there noses touched and so did their body’s creating a beautiful LOVE heart.
To witness this Divinity would have been impossible as the energy was too powerful we would have disintegrated. So All of creation watched this splendour on a Divine Projection created by Bhagwan.

Then all of a sudden a 6 sides star appeared around them and each point represented the following: Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa, Athma-Paramatham. Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba then explained that the Vast Infinite Ocean which they were swimming in was Sri Appas Bhakthi. It was so pure that God in His Highest Purest representation of a Swan could swim in Bliss. The Values appeared around them because this is what Sri Appa represents. He establishes these 6 Values everywhere he goes and vibrates these 6 values everywhere he goes and he is always with GOD. They are One.

Devotees doing Abishekham Pooja to Bhagwan Appa on his Divine Charan.
Then Sri Appa placed Divine Powder on the foreheads of the Devotees and blessed them.

Sri Appa had placed Divine Powder on everyones forehead. Many Divine Forms were starting to appear.

Below A Swan Made of Light appeared in Devesh's Coconut. Ontop of the Light Swan can be seen a huge Triangle. The swan Represents "Devi Amma" and teh Triange represents Bhagwan Sri Agastya.

4th March 2017
“Pavithra Sampoornam”

Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa had created a new God Swimming stroke called Atma Param-Athma and he wanted to offer 5 lengths to Bhagwan Baba.. As I closed me eyes Sri Appa was sitting infront of me dressed in Gold and threw a Trishul into the centre of my chest.
All of a sudden the heavens opened and a huge procession took place in the heavens. Many of Sri Appas Divine Forms were marching forward carrying a beautiful carriage made out of Diamonds and gold. All of a sudden Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared and he started running down the stairs towards the Carriage way. He looked at Sri Appa and said “ why have you done this, this is too much”. Sri Appa then replied, “it doesn’t matter, I wanted to do it for you”.
They both entered the carriage and the huge Army carried them at fast pace until we arrived at a lake. This lake however was beautiful, it was filled with colours like Gold, Cerise Pink and Electric Blue. All of a sudden Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Swami Sai Appa held hands and started walking into the lake, until they disappeared inside the lake completely.
Bhagwan Sri Agastya appeared and then explained to everyone the following, “ Bhagwan Sri Ayyappa has created a new God stroke, this new God stroke is soo powerful that he has created his own lake of Pure Bhakthi. But the capacity of this lake is such that only GOD himself can merge inside and contain it as it will cause such an imbalance in creation otherwise.
The name of this lake is “Pavitra Sampoornam”

8th March 2016

4th March 2016

On this Day Bhagwan Sri Ayyappa went to Kully’s house and Chanted Many Divine Prayers and Slokas for almost 2 hours.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had already explained that one 1 minuted of Sri Appa Chanting is enough for one soul to be liberated if he/She receives the Energy and bliss in the right way.
From he past we also knew that when Sri Appa is chanting and singing all of the Gods and Goddesses will start to appear in the sky etc and many miracles start to take place.

Devesh's experience

On this Day while Bhagwan Sri Appa was chanting i saw many Divine Yantra spinning around on the floor and i saw Huge Golden Rays being emitted into the atmosphere.
I then saw a huge Golden Ball of light which expanded around the whole of telford and beyond and beneathe the ground.

Below are some of the Miracle pictures which have been taking place with Bhagwan Sri Appa and kully and her family.

24th February Shivaratri 2017

Devesh’s experience
Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa had made food for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and he allowed us to go up and see what is happening.
As I closed my eyes Sri Appa had thrown a golden trishul into the centre of my body. All of a sudden he explained to me that this Trishul will take me higher so that I can reach higher heights.
So I started to go up and at a fast speed until I reach one of the Divine Heavens where Lord Shiva was sitting down. He looked at me and said “I am him, I am just one of the aspects of GOD, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, so that mankind can try to understand who and what GOD is”.
All of a sudden Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba stood behind Lord Shiva and they merged together. This form then grew and grew and grew till it was at least 60 foot Tall.

At this point all of the gods and goddesses, Saints and Sages and worlds and heavenly beings were watching from a distance as no one could get close as this Almighty Shiva Form was too powerful.
All of a sudden Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa appeared in the form of a Huge 30ft White tiger with Electric Blue eyes. He walked up to Bhagwan Babas Divine Form and let Baba sit on top of him. Baba then explained, “It is Sri Appa who is the only one who can carry me, he is the one who eases my pain and suffering.”

Everybody started chanting and celebrating and all of the Tandava and Shiva processions had started throughout the heavens. However standing to one side was Adi Shakti, Mother of Mothers, and Rajarajeshwari Maa. Sri Appa then manifested one of his other Forms which was a 30ft Golden Lion and walked up to Adi Shakti and allowed her to sit on top of him. At this point she was so happy and filled with endless joy and love that she just looked at Both of Sri Appas forms in Awe.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Shiva and Adi Shakti Rajarajeshwari Maa Parvathi then blessed the whole of creation and showered everyone with their grace. Whilst Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa carried both of them on his back in the Divine Forms of his Tiger and Lion.

12:00AM 24th-25th Shivaratri 2017
Devesh’s experience

Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa then offered 1 Divine God length (Swimming) to each Sri Vishnu, Sri Shiva, Sri Brahma and their three consorts. Then 1 to Sri Ganapathi and 1 to Sri Ganga Maa and 1 to each of the three Sai Trinity. He then offered 1 to Bhagwan Sri Sage Agastya and 1 to Sri Kaveri and 1 to Devesh.
Sri Vishnu and Laxmi Maa then merged together, Sri Shiva and Parvathi Maa then merged together and Sri Brahma and Saraswati Maa merged together. They said Lord Sri Appa always brings us together and what he is giving us is too powerful that we need to merge together to accept this Divine Gift.

They all then blessed him. From each of their hands appeared a huge ball of Cosmic Energy which manifested into a beautiful Star containing the colours, Blue,White and Pink. This star was floating in front of Sri Appa. The Sai Trinity then appeared in the sky and accepted Sri Appas gift with utmost joy, love and happiness. They then blessed this star and it split into three huge Divine Sudarshan Chakras. Sri Ganapati then stepped forward and he was so happy that he looked at Sri Appa and said thankyou. He then along with his two Consorts blessed the three Sudarshan Chakras and beneath each Chakra appeared a Pink Lotus Flower.
Sri Ganga Maa and Sri Kaveri Maa then Merged together and transformed themselves into their Beautiful water forms. They started to submerge Sri Appas Feet and wash it.
Sri Sage Agastya then stepped forward and said, “you have given so much to this universe and beyone and you are the one sustaining everything and feeding everything. As a thankyou everyone here blesses you with their Divine Shakti and this Huge ball of cosmic light is their endless Bliss which we submerge inside and around you forever.”

Sri Adi Shakti then appeared and took of her garland of flowers which also contained all of her Divine Weapons and threw it into this huge ball of light and smiled at Sri Appa.
Bhagwan Sri Sage Agastya then transformed the three Sudarshan Chakras into a hug Ball of Cosmic Energy and Light so powerful that it was impossible to see. He then wrapped it around Sri Appa and covered him completely in this beautiful bright Light/energy.
Bhagwan Sri Appa then disappeared and transformed into this Beautiful Divine Shakti with a Peacock coloured light. There was no form, only Energy and Bright Electric Cosmic Light with a golden outline. This form was soo powerful and huge that it immediately expanded into the endless form.

All of a sudden I appeared into another heaven where Sri Appa was standing in this new Divine Form of energy and infront of him stood Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. They looked at each other and Merged into one another.
Sri Appa then offered 1008 lengths to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and said, “I know you have been suffering but no more. Use these 1008 lengths to free those souls who are trapped in hell”.

Bhagwan Sri Agastya then appeared and explained, “ Many of thousands of years ago there were these beautiful souls who were created by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. However they were tricked and made a mistake and ended up in hell. Over the years the longer they stayed in hell the more mistakes they made and the blacker their souls became. However God does not see this, he only sees the good in people and remembers these souls for what they really are. They are bound by endless rules and limitations which had prevented them from ever being freed. Only someone who had sacrificed their whole life, and suffered every second of that life can salvate these souls.
Because from suffering comes salvation. So for thousands of years we have all watched Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba cry watching his children trapped in hell suffering.”
Bhagwan Sri Agastya then took of a mala of powerful rudrakshas and placed it around Sri Appa. Sri App then gave him 1 God stroke (swimming) and they both embraced each other.
All of a sudden millions of souls started to chant the name of Bhagwan Sri Sai Appa and Bhagwan Sri Satya Baba. Sri baba then looked at Sri Appa and as tears dropped down his eyes he embraced Sri Appa and said thankyou soo much. They both then disappeared to give darshan to these 1 million souls who had been freed.

25th February Shivaratri 2017
Sri Appa offered another 1008 God Swimming lengths to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Immediatley Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared in all his glory and said, “What can I say to you, you always know what I want. How can I thank you enough”.
Bhagwan Sri Appa then said, “With these 1008 Lengths you can now create a beautiful Divine World with all the heavenly glory so that these 1 millions souls can live happily ever after”.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba then held Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa and said, “He is Me. We are One. There is no difference. He is just a slightly smaller version but yes he really is Me.
They both then turned into the same Golden Child Form and put their faces together. As the tears rolled down their faces and merged they slowly merged into one massive golden light and disappeared.


Sathya Vijaya

15th February 2017

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba and Bhagwan Sri Agastya came and stayed with Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa yesterday, Sakshat at 4:00AM.
All of a sudden Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa’s house had changed and he was inside this huge beautiful cave. Sri Ayyappa was in his beautiful child form and next to him stood Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

In front of them was Standing in all his Glory Bhagwan Sri Agastya in his full GOD Form. His beautiful beard was silver and he was wearing a beautiful white robe.

As soon as he saw Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa he ran towards him with such happiness and showered all of his love on him. He started to put his hands on his head and then he gave him Padnamaskar.

Again he told Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa to take Padnamaskar however this time both of his feet merged together and then he said to take.

After consulting with Sri Devi Amma, she started to celebrate with such great happiness and said, “ This is the most happiest Moment for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Bhagwan Sri Agastya. They have given all of their Power and Shakti to Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa as he has been sustaining and looking after the whole universe. So they have given this full responsibility to him. In this one physical body is now Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Bhagwan Sri Agastya and Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa (Ayyappa). This is unbelievable and is an event which has never happened before as no one has ever reach this height or even heard of such heights. This is truly a moment to be celebrated.

16th February 2017
The following day Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Bhagwan Sri Agastya came again and they were giving Darshan to everyone in the second Prashanti in the heavens. However this time Sri Agastya had a black beard. It was soo beautiful to See both of them together giving darshan to all the Gods, Goddesses, Saints etc.
Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa then later confirmed to me that after these two beautiful uncomprehendable experiences Bhagwan Sri Agastya is now Physically living with Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa.

16th February 2017
More Vibuthi appears on the photos at Sri Ayyappas Mothers house

10th February 2017
Gurpreets experience
I went up to see baba regarding swamis swimming lengths and how it should be offered to baba

I saw Sri Sathya Sai Baba standing in front of me and he just started laughing and said anything Sri Ayyappa offers I will always accept as everything he does is pure.

Sri Baba then said look and I saw Sri Baba sitting on an throne on both sides of a swimming pool wearing a white robe. Baba was sitting on both sides of the pool with his feet in the water and I saw Sri Ayyappa swimming, doing Pranam strokes and when Sri Ayyappa got to each side he would touch Sri babas feet and Sri baba would smile and then put something away every time Sri Ayyappa touches babas feet.

5th February 2017

4th February 2017

Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa manifest his Divine Buddhas head in Pure Flawless Copal,
Through his Pure Divinity.

4th February 2017

Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa was asking Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba the Divine Impact he has by just sitting still
Sri Ayyappa then got up and moved his car, when he did so there was a map of India indicating that he is looking after and protecting the whole of India from where he is living in the UK.

3rd February 2017

29th January 2017

28th January 2017

22nd January 2017
Lord Shirdi appears from the sun from Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Window

With Sri Bhagwan Baba, Swami Sai Ayyappa Sending the divine power into the Ether for the Universe towards Negativity as the Divine Lingam lights up.

Below is a picture of the lingam in its natural state and colour.

16th January 2017

Sri Makara sankranthi
13th -15th

On this auspicious Day Bhagwan Sri Sai Ayyappa allowed pictures to be taken and many miracles appeared.

Sri Makara Sankranthi with Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa Aum
13th-15th January 2017

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba and
Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa brought the Sun out to melt the snow/Ice.

Pranam Sri Suria Aum

Below can be seen the Divine form of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the clouds.


Below the christmas card given to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba by Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa.
The card shows the universal work done by Sri Ayyappa and how he saved all of the universal planets from the exploding meteorite.


Divine Forms can be seen on Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Chair

More Vibuthi Appears at Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas house 24th December 2016

More Vibuthi Materialises at Sri Appa's Mothers house

Vibuthi Appears on Sri Appa's Mothers chair

Below Swami Ayyappas Name appeared in the wall behind him as he was Giving a Divine Blessing

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Divine Form appears on Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Robe

Divine Miracles take place as Sri Appa Visits Puttaparthi, India, 2016.

8th December 2016

7th December 2016

5th December 2016
Aum Jai Sri Sage Agastya Appears on the Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Ammolite giving darshan

I (Devesh) Closed my eyes to find out why Sri Sage Agastya had appeared on Sri Ayyappas' Ammolite.
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba and Bhagwan Sri Sage Agastya stood infront of me and Sri Agastya Said, " because i love him. i gave darshan because of many reasons. What Sri Appa will do with that Ammolite and how it can benefit Mankind is what my life represents and means. And also he helped you (devesh) alot using that ammolite, so i went to thank him."
I then saw Sri Agastya and Bhagwan Baba plant the ammolite in the ground and as they did that it exploded and all these beautiful golden yantras went above, beneathe and all over the atmosphere and universes.

A Beautiful cat came for Darshan from Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa.


Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Jayanti
On this auspicious day We celebrated the advent of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babas 90th Birthday at the home of Sri Appa’s Mothers house.
Sri Appa conducted Beautiful Slokas and Bhajans at the Lotus Feet of our Lord Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Whilst doing this Vibuthi Was pouring out of the picture as one can see below.
Whilst he was singing and chanting I (Devesh) saw this beautiful Electric Blue peacock sitting in front of me with golden feathers. Each golden feather made an imprint in the atmosphere. Then Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared infront of me and said that every second of Sri Swami Appas life is a Birthday to me. He devotes every Breathe and every Moment of his life to me. He doesn’t need to do anything extra.
 By doing these prayers and Bhajans he has fed the whole of creation and given everything and everyone a second chance. Baba then shook his head, smiled and said no one can stop him.
We ended the evening with fireworks, and in the fireworks can be seen many divine Forms

(Above a White light appears next to Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa)


More Vibuthi Appears on Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babas Divine Photo as Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Mothers house.

Miracles during the Supermoon
Below can be seen many of the Divine Forms Sri Appa Manifested in the Moon during the 15/11/2016 - supermoon

On the 16th I (Devesh) spoke with Sri Appa and he explained to me the meaning of the supermoon. He had told me that this indicates that the negative energy wave which is coming towards the earth is coming closer and closer. He explained that from 2017 this is when the energy wave will reach the earth.
He said this wave will cause depression and will affect every living being on this earth.
He then advised me the cure:

1) Drinking one cup of Graviola tea per day
2) Putting a small amount of Haldi on the forehead every night for protection.

(Illustration to show what Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa was doing)

Sri Appa then informed me that he had been experiencing some serious pain in his shoulders and that at some points he could not even feel his arms.
I went to see Bhagwan Baba and he explained that, "this energy will hit hard and will affect everything and everyone however for the last so many years Sri Appa has been holding this energy and preventing it from landing on this earth. Even till today he is protecting and sustaining this earth. However from 2017 everyone will have to face their Actions and Karma that they have created.

Honey Copal manifested by Sri Swami Sai Appa and offered to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba
On the 5th November Sri Appa allowed me (Devesh) to take the copal ball to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and offer it on his behalf. As I closed my eyes I gave it to Sri Agastya and he sat down with Bhagwan Baba and started to talk to him. Sri Baba then took the copal ball and started to drink the Honey from inside. Instantly the chair he was sitting on disappeared and as he fell back Sri Swami Sai Appa appeared and caught him. Baba look up and smiled with all his glory. His smile was so bright that it lit up all the universes, dimensions and heavens. Baba and Sri Appa then disappeared.

Divine Darshan at gym

On the 9th November a gentleman by the name of Madhava approached me (devesh) in the Gym in London as he could see my Aura. We then talked about Meditation and the most powerful mantra of all, “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu”. We then started to talk about the Bhagavad Ghita and also the Mahabharatha.
There was a beautiful smell of frankincense from this gentleman and he was wearing Tulsi beads around his neck and his wrist. He was wearing a white vest with an orange yantra in the shape of the Sun (Surya Devta).

11th November 2016

The following couple of days I spoke to Sri Appa on the phone and he told me this was GOD himself came to see me. So under his instruction I went to see Bhagwan Baba and Sri Agastya regarding my experience.
As I closed my eyes I saw Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba standing in a Volcanoe and his feet were submerged in a river of Honey. Sri Agastya picked me up and sat me down crossed legged in the river. As the honey started to pour all over me Bhagwan Baba then blew and the honey started to harden like a protective casing around me. Bhagwan Baba then looked at me and said I came to see you as Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. You are not ready to know who you are so we have to keep reminding you of what you are, until the time.
Sri Appa then explained to me how and why this happened. Sri Appa had placed Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Murthi (statue) in a beautiful Amythest cave (shaped like a volcanoe). At the same time he manifested these Copal Items which contain Pre-historic Bees which I (Devesh) have personally seen flying around and moving around the house. This house is beyond comprehension and if one comes with the right attitude and heart one can achieve anything. This is the grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba and Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa.

Divine Discourse

Today I (Devesh) spoke with Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa (Sri Appa) and he informed me that Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had taken a Waist Coat from him and also a watch, and that he wanted to me to learn and understand what the meaning of this was.

So I (Devesh) closed my eyes and went to see Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba regarding the meaning of the waist coat and the watch. Bhagwan Baba Was sitting in the solar system and surrounding us were the different universes and he lifted up the watch and said, “No one on this earth has been able to surrender one pure thought at the lotus feet of God, However Sri Appa since he was born has surrendered every (W)word, (A)Action, (T)thought, (C)Character and (H)whole heart (WATCH) at my lotus feet.” Since he was born he has done everything at the will and Grace of God hence why he has accumulated no Karma, he is completely Pure. The waistcoat represents Integrity, no matter what he has been through, or how low or high we have sent him he has maintained the Integrity of GOD himself.

At the beginning there was a Divine Samage (Meeting) at the top of the Mountain where God Resides. All the Gods and Goddesses were gathered and there Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba asked who will undertake this task to born as Man on earth and undergo the most severe of tests and walk the harshest of paths for the upliftment of mankind.
As there was Silence throughout the Mountain whilst no one stepped forward, Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa stood, raised his hand and stepped forward. There Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba showed him the huge slide down to earth which looked completely Black. As Sri Appa came down the Slide Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba assured him that he would be with him every step of the way.

Thus Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa came down to this earth with no Karma. Every second Sri Ayyappa spends on this earth is pure Bhakti.
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba then explained, “Sri Appa is the embodiment of LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU he is sustaining this whole universe and beyond, his Bhakthi is overflowing into the Infinite Almighty, and still he continues to do more and more every second and every breathe.”

More Vibuthi Appears on the photo of BHagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba at Sri Appa's Mothers House.
The vibuthi is now growing on the cards aswell

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa appear on the side of Gurpreets face.


As Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa blesses the water one of his forms appears in the water.

Below Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa changes his Divine Kaala Shaastha Form into Sri Amma Devi Ayyappa.

More vibuthi appears on Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babas Photo





Attained this Navratri by Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa, the Honey Bee captured in late Amber Goddess.

Over the Last few years Many Bees would come to the doorstep of Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa's house and even lie at his Lotus Feet and then pass away.

On the 8th October Gurpreet and myself (devesh) were fortunate enough to accompany Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa on a Divine Mission to Chesterfield and Pilsley.
Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa had brought three beautiful Items made out of pure Copal. Copal is a solidified, volatile, rich plant resin, that can be colourless, yellow, brown or rarely reddish which is formed over millions of years.

In each of the Item is a honey bee.
So i (devesh) went to See Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and ask about the significance

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explained
" The animal which resonates the highest frequency of Aum is a bee. Like Sri Swami Ayyappa, his Aums are so powerful that only i can accept them.The copal represents the Pure Blissful Amrith which he is producing every second. His Bhakti is like Amrith which again is too powerful and hence only myself can enjoy. However as i accept it, the whole of creation is nourished and fed.  Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba then put his hand into Sri Ayyappa who was standing infront of him. Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa was glowing and was filled with a light which was too bright to look at. Bhagwan Baba then pulled his hand out and in his hand was the pure, golden , blissful amrith which when baba ate sent him into Bliss.
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was soo happy the amrith appeared to have sent him into a Blissful trance.

Below More Vibuthi Appears on Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Photo

"Yes she is Maa Ganga, we kept quiet till now. We were both with Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba last night, the swami changed into Sri Krishna and stayed with me for a while as my mum left"
Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa

Below can be seen the Divine Form of Goddess Ganga sitting on her crocodile in Sri Ayyappas physical mothers hair.

Below Can be seen a Divine Aumkar in Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas cooking pan.

Below More Vibuthi appears on Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba's Photo.

Please click here to see a video of the vibuthi

Vibuthi Appears on the Serving table in Sri Appa's Mothers house. The Vibuthi had been appearing around Sri Appa and on his coat lately.

Vibuthi appears on Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babas photo at Sri Appas Mothers house.

1st/October/ 2016
Below Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba appears on a Crisp that Sri Appa was eating.

Sri Shirdi Sai Jayanti

Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa Jayanti

On this Auspicious Day Sri Swami Sai Appa Allowed Me to conduct a Divine Homa at his Divine House.
At the Same time Sri Appa also Conducted a Divine Homa and cooked for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the universe. It was later that day that Bhagwan Baba confirmed that every item Sri Appa cooks, it is equivalent to 1 Divine Homa. On that Day Sri Appa had cooked curry, Vegetarian Sausages, Vegetarian Burgers, vegetarian Bacon, Potatoes and also Sweet corn.
So in One day Sri Appa had conducted more than 6 Divine Homas for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Above Sri Appas Fire Face form can also be seen a divine Aumkar.

Above another one of Sri Appas Fire forms can be seen emerging out of the Divine Flames.

Below Sri Appa had taken two pictures. On the first picture Sri Appas face was covered in Vibuthi and on the second picture which was taken seconds after the vibuthi had disappeared.

Sri Agastya Appears in the Sky to See Sri Swami Sai Appa

Below can be seen the Divine Form of Sri Kaveri Devi Amma appear in Devesh's Homa.


(9:00 AM - 9:30 AM)
Below Sri Ayyappa Projected his Divine Form in the sky and Sent his Divine Aumkars into the sky to remove and destroy the negativity. Since he did this Divine Leela this morning it has been a beautiful Sunny Day.

Below Sri Ayyappa Manifested Many Divine Forms in the crips which he was eating.


Below Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa’s Mother made him Some crispy Pakoras, and Divine Forms of Sri Ganapthi and Sri Ayyappas Mother can be seen in the Pakoras.

Sri Ganapathi can be seen below

Also A Divine Aumkar can be clearly seen aswell

Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas form appears in the rose.
His Other Swaroops can also be seen.
This beautiful flower was picked from Sri Ayyappas back garden and was offered to Sri Sathya Sai Baba



Below Lord Shirdi Sai baba appears in the light behind Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa. Shirdi Babas face can be seen in Sri Bhagawan Sathya Sai Babas Divine Face behind Sri Ayyappa.


Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa offers 7 Divine Apples to Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba from the Apple tree which he grew in his back garden.

Gurpreet's experience
I went up to take the 7 apples to Sri Sathya Sai Baba and I appeared in your back garden and I saw Sri Baba walking around the garden as if he was in bliss.. The 7 apples then appeared on a table and Sri Baba touched each apple and they started changing into different colours as they turned from green to orange to red and then back to green. I could see AUMS on the apples as if they were imprinted on them and then Sri Ganesha appeared next to Baba and Sri Baba then gave an apple to Ganesh... Baba then turned to me and said good boy and cut a small slice of the apple and gave it to me to eat.

Devesh's experience
I closed my eyes and I Saw a tree standing in the middle of the ocean. The ocean was electric blue with crystal white highlights. Around the roots of the tree was one of your golden forms swimming around it protecting the tree and nourishing it. As you plucked the apples they turned into beautiful Aumkars and echoed throughout the universe.
Baba then quoted the tree as “the tree of life”. He said no one in history as ever been able to offer a Divine Apple to God. This Spirtual History around the apple tree has been mentioned in the Bible and other divine references. Baba said no one has ever done this because temptation comes and they fail. However not only has Sri Appa offered these Divine Apples, but he has grown the tree, nurtured it and nourished it.
He looked at you and said “thankyou soo much” you are the Hope for all of creation and mankind.
He then said the Aumkar can nourish everything even God and he ate it with a blissful smile.

Below the 5 pointed star can be seen on the Apple

Below an Aumkar appears on one of the apples.

Below Sri Appas Gold Swaroop can be seen holding two Golden Prongs send his love into the Apple tree.

Sri Ganesha Chaturti
5th September 2016

Below Sri Ganapati Appears in Sri Appas Right hand

Below Sri Ganapati's Form can be seen on the Prasadam made by Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa. Sri Ayyapa's form is also next to Sri Ganapti.

Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa
Saves a Divine Goddess
1st/September 2016

I closed my eyes and in front of me standing was a Divine Goddess. She was dressed in gold and looked beautiful however above her was a dark evil vortex in the sky. Around her were 5 golden beings also dressup. I was one of those beings and all of a sudden we all started to rise towards this dark evil hole in the sky. Suddenly a golden hand grabbed my back and dragged me back down, however the Divine Goddess and the other beings were being dragged up towards the sky. Just before they were about to be completely engulfed by thus Dark being, A beautiful large Golden light shot into the dark hole and everything exploded into pure light.

Sri Agastya then informed me that Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa’s had saved this Divine Goddess and the other beings by destroying this evil Form and then he swallowed it in order to prevent Astral/ Cosmic Dumpage.
Only Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa could have saved her from this huge Demonic Force as he is the only one beyond Law. Both myself (sri Agasta) and Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba are bound by law as we made them.
Through Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa’s grace everyone was saved.

(The picture below was taken in the Uk, as the photo was developed Sri Appa turned into a Huge Golden Ball of Light, as referenced above in the Divine experience)

(Below Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa brought the negativity closer towards him so that he could destroy it)

27th/28th August Weekend
Mother and Father cooking whilst Sri Kaala Shaasta is Fighting

On this auspicious weekend Sri Appa cooked twice both on Saturday and sunday. When Sri Appa cooks he is also conducting Divine Yajnas hence why there are always Divine Forms appearing in the flames of the fire and in the food.
In the Food cooked below Many Divine Forms can be seen including Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and also Sri Kaalashaasta.

Gurpreets experience on Saturday
How the Heavey downpour of rainfall did not affect Sri Appas Havan/ Cooking?
Throughout the whole of Saturday it poured with heavy rain. As Sri Appa started to light the Barberque both myself and another devotee present at the time did not believe that the flames would stay alight. However as time went on we realised that the rain did not affect the Divine Flames of the Barbeque/Havan and that Sri Appa was able to cook for Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
Once the food was made i closed my eyes and

I went up to take the food up and as I was taking the food up I immediately appeared in Sri Appas back garden and I could see Sri Appa cooking on the barbecue and I looked up and saw the rain but it never hit Sri Appas back garden as it was just raining around the garden. Sri Sathya Sai Baba immediately appeared in front of me and looked at me and laughed and said the rain doesn't bother us.. When something is needed it is done. Baba then carried on cooking the food. Baba was wearing a bright yellow robe. Baba said this food is so divine and powerful and is being made in preparation for the next coming months.. Baba said the Swami has incorporated the elements including the rain into the food.. I saw a few rain drops go on to the food and I could see some forms appear on the food and I saw an AUM on the food

Please click on the below link to see a how the rain had poured all over the whole garden however Still Sri Appa and the Divine Fire was untouched.


Later on that Day at 6:00PM in the afternoon Sri Appa called Sri Surya (the sun) out and he shone his Divine Rays all over Sri Swami Sai Ayyappas Garden.

Devesh's experience

As i closed my eyes i saw a large Yajna infront of me and i could hear Sri Appas voice chanting. I could See his hand over the flames of the fire blessing the Yajna. I then saw a 4 sided Pyramid rise from the yajna and elevate to the sky. It ascended higher and higher past the stars and the planets towards Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. As it reached Baba The pyramid started to shine so bright that it was difficult to even look at it. From the pyramid emerged a beautiful Golden lotus flower with amazing shades of gold. All of a sudden i started to see flashes/ quick darshans of Sri Appas various incarnations sitting on the Lotus flower i.e Sri Padmasambhava, Sri Ayyanaar and sri Soloman etc.
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba then grabbed this Golden Flower said " I will keep this with me in my heart". Baba then pushed the flower into his heart and went into Bliss.

Gurpreet's experience
I took the food up and I immediately appeared in Sri Appas Back Garden and I saw Sri Sathya Sai Baba near the back of the garden and he had both his hands up in the air and I could see some energy pulsating In Sri Baba's hands and then I saw a flash and every murthi in the back garden turned into Sri Sathya Sai Baba and baba said this is what the food is... Baba then appeared infront of the food and picked up the wooden plate.. The food then turned into a golden orb and shot into Babas chest and then he smiled. He then put both is hands in the air and the 2 golden orbs shot from has hand and went Into the sky and as it got higher they merged together and exploded in the air Baba then looked at me and said today you have done your first hoven. Baba said helping swami and cleaning the pans is all counted as doing a hoven. Baba then smiled at me and then I saw a golden orb come out of babas hand and it shot straight into my chest and I felt the impact and immediately felt some heat.


               Below Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared            in the sky looking down at Sri Appa and the devotees he was with. His Eyes and nose can be clearly seen and the sun is in the cen
tre of his forehead.


Students Perform Vedic and Musical Programme to Devi Amma.

Sri Appa Blesses the Students

After which Sri Devi Amma replies to Sri Appa
"Thankyou Sooo much for all the love and blessing Sai Appa, We all too love you sooooo much, take care."


Sri Appa manifests his Bear/Panda form in the food.
(Below Sri Appa had manifested his bear form in a stone for one of the devotees)

(Again Sri Appa manifested the same form in a vegetarian spring roll)

12th August 2016

Today Sri Appa continued to manifest More of His Divine God Forms into the Crystal Labradorite
What is needed for Creation, The necessary Divine Forms will appear.

Below Sri Devi Amma (Kaveri Amma Appears in the robe of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) in Sri Appas House.

11th August 2016

Sri Appa then installed the labradorite outside in his Back Garden.
When i(devesh) went to see Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba, he explained the following:

"The significance of this Stone is beyond your comprehension. It is affecting not just this world by many dimensions, worlds, universes, heavens etc.
I then Saw Sri Appa standing in his back garden wearing a beautiful Golden Robe. He had hundreds of arms and was holding various weapons. As he was spinning this golden staff huge balls of energy/fire were reaching into the cosmos and exploding pure Divine Light around the whole of creation.

Even on the back of the Crystal Sri Appa is manifesting many of his Divine Forms

7 August 2016

Sri Appa then place the crystal infront of him and informed us that he will manifest his Divine God Forms in this beautiful Stone. As his Divine Energy was going through the labradorite the Forms on the labradorite started to change.

This Beautiful Form is called

Aum Sri Swami Sai Dharma Prema Shakti nittya Aum.

On this Auspicious Day Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had sent Sri Appa on a Divine Mission to North Hampton to “The Crystal Barn”.
Both Myself (Devesh) and Gurpreet were fortunate enough to accompany Sri Appa on this Mission.
When we arrived at the Crystal Barn, Sri Appa had brought a beautiful piece of labradorite.

After we finished from the crystal Barn We stopped off at a hotel where there were two marriages taking place. Later on Bhagwan Baba confirmed that he had Sent Sri Appa there for a Divine Reason and also both Marriage ceremonies were blessed by the grace of Sri Appa.

On the below picture Sri Ganapathi Appeared in Sri Appas hand.

On our way home Sri Appa had taken pictures of the sky and in the pictures appeared Many Divine Forms.

Below Sri Appas god Form appeared in the sky. In the hair can be seen many Divine Forms of Various Gods and Goddesses.

At the Top Sri Kaala-Shastha can be seen.

Below Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Babas form appeared in the sky

Below Sri Appas Forms appeared in the sky holding a light Sword

Below Sri Appa Manifests both of his Divine Forms in the smoke. On the left can be seen white eagle and on the right can be seen St John the Divine.


Divine forms appear on Sri Appas Prasadam/Food
Below Sri Ganapathi's Form Appears on the Soya Food which Sri Appa has made.

Below Sri Appas form appeared on his Roast Potatoe

Below one of Sri Appas Eagles appears in the sky behind him

Divine Forms Appear on Sri Appas Memory Foam Cushion

Sri Maha Rishi Agastya Appears on Sri Appas Robe

23rd/24th July 2016

Sri Appa creates Divine Vibuthi

Devesh's experience
As i closed my eyes Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared infront of Sri Appa in his living room and explained, " Sri Appa has created something so powerful that only i can handle it. This cannot go in the hands of anyone impure with bad thoughts." Bhagwan Baba then looked at Sri Appa, Smiled and walked into the centre of his Chest. As Bhagwan Baba walked into Sri Appas chest a Bright Golden Light started to eminate until it covered the whole room.
Bhagwan Baba then said sri Appa risked his life maaking this, as he does with all his spirituality. He gives his whole life into everything, hence why its divinity is endless.

Gurpreet's experience
I went up to take the Vibuti that Sri Appa had made and when I went up I immediately saw Sri Baba and he had a large bowl in front of him and inside I could see the Vibuti swami had made and Baba told me the Vibuti Sri Appa had made is so powerful. Baba explained that it is so powerful because it has been created from the elements when Sri Appa was cooking outside.
Sri Baba also said that the Vibuti is too powerful for anyone to have, however he said that because you were there you were able to have some through the smoke as it covered you, whilst Sri Appa was cooking.

Divine Mission to Telford

After Cooking for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and all of the Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Sages etc. Sri Appa conducted Many Havans that day which purified the air from all the way to Birmingham. He then swam 1/2 Mile using his Divine God Strokes at the Lotus Feet of Bhagwan Baba.
Once this was completed he then travelled to Telford to save and Bless certain Divine Souls aswell as Destroy all of the negative forces.
Sri Appas energy destroyed all the negative forces from Around wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and beyond.

Sri Appa cooks for
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

When we arrived to see Sri Appa he had informed us that it was a very special weekend however he didn’t say why this was.
On Sunday Sri Appa had started cooking Prasadam for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by 5:30 AM in the morning.

Sri Appa cooks pizzas for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Devesh's Experience

I offered my pranams to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and I saw a female goddess offering the Pizza on a plate in front of him. I then saw another Godly form using a huge feather stroking the side of his face and another form massaging his hand and another form massaging his legs and feet etc.
Baba looked at me and said I am showing you this so that you understand. Then all of a sudden All of the forms disappeared and Sri Appa appeared sitting next to Bhagwan Baba. Sri Baba explained that all of these forms are some of the various forms of Sri Appa. Whenever Baba is in his energy this is what is happening because Sri Appa creates these forms to serve Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His every breath within the second of the second of the second is to serve and offered at his almighty Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Baba then looked at the pizza and said let’s eat however Sri Appa looked forward and laughed and said it appears there are people who have come for prasadam as well.
As they looked up millions of souls, gods, saints and sages were standing towards them with empty plates in their hands. Bhagwan Baba then looked down at the pizza Prasadam and lightly lifted it in the air like a flicking motion and all of a sudden everyone had a beautiful pizza on their plate.
From one jyot can be lit 1 million lamps. As long as the light’s intensity is strong it can light millions of lamps and the intensity of every lamp will remain the same. There is only one jyot in this universe and other universes at that is Sri Appa. In order for a jyot to stay alite one must also safeguard it as well as keep it filled with fuel. Sri Appa is not only playing the part of a Brahman Priest but also as a Divine God warrior. He is doing this for all and he is safeguarding many of the jyot for the Divine Souls around the world as they do not have the capacity to do it themselves.
Hence why from the Prasadam he offers to me I can feed everyone.

's Experience
I went up to take the casserole up and I immediately appeared in what looked like Parshanti and it was empty and it was just me and Sri Baba and he was wearing white and I was wearing white and baba sat down infront of a table and the pot was infront of him. Baba had a spoon and picked up some of the food water and slowly poured it back into the food and as he was pouring it back into the pot the water just turned smoother and smoother until it turned silky smooth and he smiled at me.

I then appeared back in Sri Appas back garden with Sri Baba and then an orb covered me and baba and we started floating into the sky and as we were going higher the smoke started to change blue and golden and we got to a height and baba said look at this and the golden and blue smoke exploded and the blackness in the sky started vanishing

Sri Appa cooks Stew for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Above Sri Appa poured Bisto Gravy powder in the curry and shortly after it formed into an Aumkar.

Devesh's Experience
As I closed my eyes Sri Sage Agastya stopped me from taking the food up and instead was teaching me to look through the eyes in my heart and to go within the food.
As I did this all of a sudden I appeared outside and around me were mountains, trees and a river. The sky was dark blue and the stars and the moon was shining. All of a sudden there was a huge, fierce form which arose from the food. This form was holding a large shiny sword and as he pointed it towards the sky a pulse of energy emanated from him and the darkness which was coming towards us was destroyed for miles and Miles.
Sri Sage Agastya explained to me that Sri Appas is still at war. So his energy is so powerful that it will destroy anything which comes in its vicinity. This energy has been used to cook this stew and hence it can destroy all the black which is inside of you and maintain the purity. As he was explaining this he burst into laughter because Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba quickly took the pot of Stew and started to eat it saying, I need this as it heals me. Then Sri Appa looked up at Baba and also started to laugh. Sri Sage Agastya and Sri Appa offered their pranams to each other and started to laugh.
Gurpreets experience
I went up to take the pizza up and the food shot up and I appeared infront of baba and he smiled and took a bite out of the pizza and said look. I immediately appeared in Sri Appas Back Garden and I could see swami cooking the pizza and baba showed me the smoke and I could see the smoke going into the atmosphere and as it was going higher and higher the smoke turned golden and went into the clouds and I could then see Golden Ray's shooting from the clouds and hitting the earth. Baba said because swami is cooking outside all the elements are merging together and hitting the environment and the atmosphere

Sri Appa cooks Vegetarian chicken/Vegetarian fish/ Vegetarian Duck, onion rings and sweet corn For
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Devesh's Experience
As I closed my eyes and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared and he said “every breath of Sri Appa he offers to me, as he is cooking this food he is pouring his whole life into the food which is why the purity is so intense that only I can eat this and break it down before giving it to the Gods, Goddesses, Sages and Saints etc. Ive watched him while he is being attacked every second however he still continues to pour everything into this food. His Food is more powerful than any Havan as he is pouring his whole Shakti into the ingredients.

 At the same time of preparing the ingredients he is also blessing the flames of the fire like a Havan. Below can be seen the Divine forms which appeared in the havan.

(Above Sri Appas Angel Form can be seen in the flames of the fire along side his Divine Helpers.)

(In the flames can be seen Divine Forms/Energies dancing on a lotus flower)

Below Bhagwan Sri Appas form appears in the smoke

Below Sri Ganapathi's form appeared in the Vegetarian Duck prasadam which Sri Appa had cooked.
Devesh's Experience
As i went up i saw Sri Ganapathi and he was looking at his Brother, Sri Appa cooking the food. Sri Ganapathi then smiled and said my brother is cooking all this lovely Divine food for Bhagwan Baba i also want some so i put my form into his Divine Prasadam.
Gurpreets experience
Whilst Cooking outside Sri Appa had also cooked Mocked Duck and from one of the Mock Ducks appeared Ganapati. I took it up immediately I appeared in Sri Appas Back Garden and I saw Ganapati come alive and he sat down and started smiling on the bench and just started watching Sri Appa cook.

Sri Guru Poornima

Devesh's experience
On this auspicous day, Sri Appa rang me and told me to give Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 21 of Divine Swimming God Lengths and then after give one length to Sri Sage Agastya and one length to Sri Kaveri Devi Amma, on behalf of Sri Appa.
As i closed my eyes i saw this huge River flowing upwards infront of me. The river was blue and serese Pink with a touch of Crystal white. I walked forward and sit in the river, and all of a sudden it just carried me upwards. I could feel the cool fresh water going through my skin however the water tasted sweet. The Water was
going through me but not drowning me, instead it was almost as if the water was just a beautiful amazing energy cleaning me.

As the river went past the clouds, planets and into the solar system we came to the top of a cliff.  There sitting was Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in his Golden Buddha Form. His Form in an orange robe stepped forward and i offered the 21 Lengths from Sri Appa as his Guru Poornima offering.

Bhagwan Baba explained, " For Sri Appa to just be in the same area as that Gym/Swimming Pool is the same as someone throwing you in the burning depths of Hell for 100 years. This is because of his intense purity. Now do you understand what one of Sri Appas God Strokes represents. A golden tear drop then fell out of Bhagwan Babas Eye and he caught it and put it in the middle of a Pink/Purple Lotus flower. He gave me the lotus flower however it started to grow and grow and just before i dropped it Sri Appa came and took it from me. It carried on growing untill i was but a mere dot in comparison. Sri Appa then sat inside of the flower and the Golden Tear drop became like a small pool of water for Sri Appa to dip his Feet in. As he did this the water went through his skin and covered his whole body and put him into bliss.

(Sri Sage Agastya appears on Sri Appas robe in India)

Sri Sage Agastya and Sri Kaveri Devi Amma then stepped forward and Sri Appa gave them one length each. Sri Appa gave them a huge golden plate which had hundreds of gems and jewellery in it. They then pushed this towards their chests and it merged inside of them. They both held each others hands and started to hum a beautiful sound.As they did this a golden energy appeared around them and then went to Sri Appa and appeared in his hand in the form of a Golden Staff. Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba then said with sound, Vibration and Suvaha they have created this weapon for Sri Appa as a thankyou.

Below On the Piece of Cake which Sri Appa was eating appeared Divine Forms. Aumkars can also be seen around the chocolate on the cake.
Below Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Appa appeared in the cake. Sri Appas form has appeared above sathya sai Baba. Sri Appas face is white showing half of his body. The straight line is the Trishul

Below Divine Forms appeared on the Matcha Tea that Sri Appa was drinking.

Below Sri Appa had cooked a paneer Pakora. Inside the Paneer Pakora can be seen a Divine Aumkar and also Sri Appa's form wearing a white robe can be standing there also.
The circle connecting to the Aumkar is Sri Appas face and the body follows down.

Sri Appa Creates new Divine Item in Front Garden

In the Below Pictures can be seen the new Area which sri Appa created in his front garden.
A beautiful candle holder surrounded by White marble chippings encased by concrete blocks.

Sri Appa Creates new Havan

Sri Appa cooks Prasadam in the elements

h’s experience

After Sri Appa had changed the Divine Fire Pit to Cook Bhagwan Baba’s Prasadam he made a lovely curry and asked us to go up and take it to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explained that when Sri Appa cooks Prasadam outside in the elements This is his Sri Prakrithi Form. The reason is because he is one with nature and has completely merged with all of the elements in the universe.
Hence the core ingredients of his Prasadam is the Divine Elements which means that it has the capacity to change and alter the DNA of the Inner Core and Soul of whoever eats the Prasadam.
As Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ate the food all of the Divine Sages, Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Celestial Beings Humans, Animals etc received the nourishment inside of them.

When Sri Appa cooks in the elements he not only feeds Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba but also feeds, sustains and nourishes the whole of creation.

This is only a very small percentage of the significance of when Sri Appa cooks in the elements.

Below an Aumkar appears in Sri Appas Mocha.

(Sri Appa bring his Divine Flying horse in the Havan)

Sri Vayu blows an Aumkar to Sri Appa

At 8:00AM this morning Sri Appa took a picture of the sky and below can be seen the Wind God blowing an Aumkar towards Sri Appa.

Devesh's Experience 29/06/2016

Around lunch time at 11:00AM Sri Appa had asked me to put on the site “Birth of Sri Manikantha” along with some Divine Leela Pictures of When Sri Appa manifested himself as Sri Manikantha in the Divine Havan and also the incense smoke. Knowing that everything Sri Appa puts on the site has a huge impact I didn’t question anything and put it on straight away. As I was doing the website I heard a voice saying make sure it’s done properly and looks nice, I then had to find three lotus flowers of a particular colour to put next to this statement. I knew then that today was not an ordinary day however I didn’t want to ask.

At 11:22 Am, Sri Appa had requested me to go and see Sri Baba and find out whether his Food prasadam is more powerful than his Havans and which is more useful for Sri Baba so that he could get ahead with his new project.

So When I went up I saw Sri Brahma sitting in front of me and after offering my Pranams to him he explained to me, “Sri Appas havans will impact the elements and nature to the maximum. However his food impacts the whole of creation to its maximum. The only way to impact the creation is to impact its creator. By nourishing and feeding the creator, the whole of creation is fed and nourished. Sri Appa sustains everything Bhagwan baba has created by feeding the lord himself Sri Sathya Sai. Sri Sathya Sai baba is always in bliss but he still feels all the pain and troubles that his children feel and see. So when Sri Appa feeds him, it allows him to feed all of his children which puts him in bliss.”

Later on in the evening We rang swami and he informed us that he had been out all day working for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He first went swimming and swam over a mile and then Bhagwan Baba Sent him to wicks to pick up some large, heavy concrete building blocks. After filling up the car and completing two rounds back and forth from his wicks to his house. Bhagwan Baba Then Said now construct it. The weather at this time was extremely bad, it was heavy rain, blustery winds and dark clouds. After finishing in the garden for almost 4-5 hours in the bad weather, with blood on his arms and his hands and after going through 4 robes due to them being ripped from lifting the heavy concrete blocks finally he had completed the construction of this new thing which Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had requested.

Divine Fire Oven to cook the Divine Prasadam for
Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
This Divine Fire Pit with a Barbeque on top is filled with six bags of Moon Stone Blessed by
Sri Appa.

Immediately the black clouds parted, the rain stopped and the gust of winds calmed down and then in the sky the sun came out and shone so bright it lit up the whole of Wolverhampton.

Sri Appa then explained to us a Darshan he had of myself, Pritam and Gurpreet the night before. We were all at Grandmas House and then in the distance there were Huge Black Cobras coming towards us. Sri Appa had informed us to stand still and don’t move. As the Cobras came closer Pritam ran off and left the scene, both myself and Gurpreet stood still while Sri Appa unveiled his Sword. Sri Appa did not chop the heads off as they would have just regenerated, instead he chopped the bodies up within mili-seconds so to prevent them coming back. After destroying all the Cobras which were surrounding us and wrapping themselves around myself and Gurpreet. A Stair way appeared which lead to a new world filled with a beautiful Golden Energy. On either Side stood these Beautiful Golden Cobras with Crowns on their heads. The energy and vibration coming from them was amazing and was so powerful.
I went up to find out what today meant including the Darshan Sri Appa had.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explains
As I went up I saw Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sage Agasthya, Sri Kaveri Devi Maa sitting in a circle along with Some other Divine Sages. I approached the circle and offered my Pranams to each one, after they blessed me I sat down.
Bhagwan Baba explained,
“Today Sri Appa had created and established something in creation to save creation.
He had made the impossible, the possible. He gave hope to those that saw only darkness. All those billions and billions of souls trapped in hell for eternity he has found a way out for them. He has created a new universe which contains different worlds whereby they have to work very hard and endure physical and mental torturous work until they can move on to the next world. Finally after completing this they can go back to the source of Divinity where they belong. Even though I stated that all those that go to hell will stay in hell for ever, Sri App managed to find a way out for them by taking on the pains and sufferings for all the souls in hell. (zillions & zillions of souls)
The black cobras came from not only your dad but also the manifestations of your thoughts, deeds and actions. This is the rule for everyone however because of who you are and who you are with, this rule trebbles for you. Last Night Sri Appa gave grace by taking out his sword. It was the purity and power of the grace given which caused Pritam to run, it was not the snakes but the fact that he did not earn the grace to receive salvation from Sri Appa. The overflow of Bhakti from Sri Appa is continuous and is not creating universes and Many Divine Powerful Forms. These Divine Golden Cobras are just 1 of many forms he is creating from his Bhakti. After destroying your black snakes he filled you with the Golden energy of his Golden Cobras. Not only did he pour out the black water from within the glass but he also filled it with pure golden liquid.
This is the grace of Sri Appa.

Because you are constantly in contact with Devi Amma and also remaining commited to your 9 days of purity, Sri Sage Agasthya and Sri Kaveri Maa are always with you and helping you a lot to be successful. Like to today with the website, they made sure you did it then and there.

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Gurpreet's Experience

I was asked today by Sri Appa to go up and ask Sri Sathya Sai Baba which was more powerful.. The food that Sri Appa makes or a Hoven. I went up to see Sri Baba and asked what was more powerful, the food parsadam or a hoven done by Sri Appa. Sri Baba explained to me that they are both powerful but Sri Baba said the food is more beneficial because it feeds me and puts me into bliss which then feeds my children... Baba said Sri Appa has reached a stage were.. Wherever he goes it is like a hoven

I was then asked by Sri Appa to go up and see Sri Baba regarding a darshan Swami had last night and also about what swami had done on this auspicious day today. I went up to see Sri Baba and I asked Baba what happened today and he showed me, Devesh and Pritam standing in the middle of nowhere and all of sudden I saw a black hole open up from within the ground and I instantly saw Pritam run away and in the next instance I saw a massive black Cobra with several heads appear and I asked baba what is happening here and had explained to me that these black Cobras are here from all your bad thoughts and bad words you have uttered and this has come from a result of Deveshs Dad.

After Sri Baba had said this I instantly saw a bright light appear infront me and then it exploded and I saw Sri Appa appear infront of me with all his golden amour and I saw Sri Appa holding a massive Sword and I saw swami swing his hand and the Cobras had been destroyed. Once this was done Sri Appa turned around and looked at me and smiled at me and then I saw the black sky rip open and a golden light was beaming though it.

I wasnt able to go through the beam of light but I managed to see what was inside and I saw golden Cobras and I could feel a lot of heat which felt as if it was clearing something from me as it felt like a refreshing heat.

After this I offered my Pranams to Sri Baba and thanked him.

The Birth of

  Sri Manikantha

Above the Child face of Sri Manikantha can also be seen Lord Shiva looking towards the left of the picture

Above can be seen Lord Shiva in His Rishi Muni Form holding Sri Manikantha as he brings him down to earth as below.

Devesh's Experience
Sri Appa's Ape Form

Sri Appa had asked me to go and find out the situation of a Particular soul at the current moment. All of a sudden Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai appeared infront of me and said get ready we are going to hell. As i we descended down i felt like my body had turned into concrete, it became impossible to breathe and my skin started to physically burn. As the panick started to kick in, Bhagwan Baba looked at me and said calm.
I asked where this soul was and Baba said only a part of him is on this earth and majority is in hell. This is how it is for majority of people on earth.

All of a sudden we started to rise up and Baba held me close and all his Divine Light poured into my body, the emotion and feeling was undescribable.
I looked down and i saw a huge Ape carrying the platform where my and Baba were standing on. I looked at this Divine Powerful Ape and offered my pranams. I said to baba who is this and he replied, " this is One of Sri Appa's Divine Forms, He came with you to make sure you were ok."

Below Sri Appa appeared in the sky looking towards Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the form of the Tree.

Above can be seen Bhagwan Babas Face and Hair as the tree.

Below can be seen Sri Appas face in the sky looking towards to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

On the 16th June, severe weather conditions and thunderstorms swept across the UK. Sri Appa had already informed us that he had been stopping the heavy rains from causing serious flooding etc and that he had been destroying the negative forces which were causing this severe weather.

(like below Sri Appa was stopping the tornadoes in the past)
As you can see below he had taken on the tornado himself in order to destroy the negative forces.

While Gurpreet Taqk was walking towards the train station in Langdon Hills he looked up towards the sky and took a picture.
In the picture can be seen a huge storm in the form of a tornadoe/Cyclone and beneath it can be seen the form of Sri Appa in pure light engulfing the storm. Next to the cyclone/Tornado can be seen a number of demonic forms and faces.
When Gurpreet Taqk went to see Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba this is what was explained, " By merely doing daily prayers and living a simple but good life one can connect himself/herself to god. Once they are connected then God can use them as an instrument. Like below Sri Appa was able to save all of London from this Demonic Force as Gurpreet had been doing his daily prayers and was listening to the guidance of Sri Appa.
Sri Appa had explained to us that, " Human Beings may not have the capacity to combat the negative forces, but if they connect themselves to God by doing their daily prayers then when necessary Sri Appa and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba can save them and destroy the negative forces".

On the 5th June Sri Appa had graced us all with his Divine Presence by wearing his White and Gold Robe. He was fighting with the mace as well as giving Darshan with the Crystal Lotus Flower.

15th June
On the below pictures it shows how Sri Appa had manifested his Divine Sri Kaala Shaasta Form in the sky to destroy the negative forces and the Beast.
As Mentioned below on the
th June Sri Appa was wearing his white robe and was holding the Divine Mace. When Sri Appa holds any weapon it means he is at war and his Sri kaala Shaasta Form will appear."
On this day, 15/06/2016, Sri Appa had manifested this Kaala Shaasta Form into a beautiful Pink Rose Quartz, so it can be seen safely.
This was Sri Appas Jayanty Gift to the universe

Above you can see the face of Sri Kaala Shaasta with his crown on.

In Sri Appas Garden two Lotus Flowers came out without the sun.

11th June
Below Sri Appa took a picture of the sky and one of his Divine Forms can be seen lying down.

Opposite Sri Appa, forming from his body can be seen Sri Kaala Shaasta. On the 5th June Sri Appa was wearing his white robe and was holding the Divine Mace. When Sri Appa holds any weapon it means he is at war and his Sri kaala Shaasta Form will appear.

Above the face of Sri Kaala Shaasta, can be seen the demons with the Beast.
Sri Appa fired an Aum energy Weapon into the beast's forehead
(The beast's face below)

11th June 2016
Below Sri Appa took a picture of himself holding a beautiful pink rose (prasadam) grown from his garden.
Behind him on Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's photo, in the golden light can be seen the Divine Form of Sri Appa, Sri Bhagwan Baba and the other Divine Gods.

8th June
Many of the Gods, Goddesses, Divine Saints and Divine Beings appear in the sky to have darshan of Sri Appa and to show the devotees he takes the pictures.
Below Sri Sage Agastya with Sri Kaveri (Devi Amma) can be seen.

8th June

The first Lotus Flower in Sri Appas Garden

5th June

Sri Appa had made Prasadam for the devotees and in the Prasadam which he gave to his mother appeared his Divine Form.

The picture below was taken of Sri Appa blessing in front of Sri Devi Ammas house. Next to swami circled in blue can be seen Lord Shiva with another face in his hair.
This Is one of Sri Appas, Lord Shivas forms and the Divine form in his hair is  Sri Kaveri Maa
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explained to us that Sri Appa had placed Sri Devi Amma in his hair in order to protect her.

1st June 2016

Here Sri Appa can be seen standing in Gold. From him can be seen Beautiful gold Vibrations emanating from him in his new form and All is Healed.

30th May 2016
Below Sri Appa made a divine milk drink.
Below circled in blue can be seen a Divine Aumkar. at the top circled in black can be seen the face of Sri Appa looking down and bringing the aumkar.

29th May 2016
Sri Appa had cooked some Divine Prasadam and below a Trishul had appeared.

In the same Prasadam, Divine Aumkars also appeared.

29th May
Below can be seen the profile of Sri Siva in Sri Appas wound. This form is actually Sri Appa, it is his Sri Siva form.

Sri Appa Sai Eashwari River

Below can be seen Sri Appa holding the pot in a Divine water form.
The pot his holding the Divine Amrith and Sri Appa can be seen holding the
pot by his face.

At the top of the picture can also be seen to Forms in the Chitravatee river. The gold Form is Sri Appa and the black form represents the innocents souls who were trapped by the Demonic force. The gold form can be seen holding the black form and saving it.

27th May 2016.
Below can be seen a beautiful heart with a golden thread. Also Sri Appas golden face can be clearly seen in the wound.
The two halves of the heart representing the Two Ruby Lingams which Sri Appa brought from India.

Below can be seen Sri Appas Goddess form wearing red holding a child.

27th May 2016
The pictures below show how the three Sai's all manifested in Sri Appas wound. On the left can be seen Sri Shirdi Sai in the centre of the wound. The next picture shows Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the wound and the final picture on the right shows how Sri Prema Sai was the last to manifest in Sri Appas wound.

20th May 2016

Below can be seen Sri Appas Face looking down at the wound. His face can be seen in the light part of the skin.

19th May
Below can be seen the from of Lord Sri Shirdi Sai Appearing in Sri Appas wound.

Below can be seen one of Sri Appas, Shiva forms above the wound. On the left of the wound can be seen the face of a lion.

13th May 10:30 AM

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appears on Sri Appas Divine Lingam

12th May . Below on Sri Appas wound can be seen one of his Divine Forms. Again this form can be seen baring the pain he is currently going through.

Once the picture is turned at a 90 degree angle an Aumkar can be seen in the wound.

Below can be seen Sri Appas Female form holding a child

On the same picture on the skin, on the right of the picture can be seen a large head profile looking down towards the wound.

10th May 2016 on Sri Appas Plaster appeared two of his Divine Forms. Both forms can be seen clearly showing the pain he is going through. Many other Divine Forms can be seen on this plaster.

10th May 2016. Below one of Sri Appas forms can be seen. Only the head profile can be seen looking towards the right of screen.

If you turn the picture 180 degrees you can see another face looking towards the right of the screen

Below on the 6th May on Sri Appas Wound can be seen his Siva Form. The face is blue in colour and is looking towards the right of the screen. This is a head profile.

On the 6th May Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared on Sri Appas Wound looking towards the right of the screen with a yellow collar.

The form above is the exact same which was found in the large ruby in Mysore.
The reason why both the Demon face and the face of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba can be seen on the wound above is because it was Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who sent Sri Appa to this location to destroy the demon. It was through his grace that Sri Appa went to the crystal & gems emporium and destroyed the large Demon.

On the 6th May two new forms appeared on Sri Appas Wound.

Below on the plaster on the 4th May Sri Apps, Sri Ganapati Shashta form can be seen holding two divine forms.

The two forms which are being held have been circled below.

Below in Sri Appas wound on the 4th May 2016 two forms can be seen. One which is looking towards the left of the screen. Again the beard is clearly visible. Circled in Gold can be seen another form looking down.

Below In Sri Appas Wound on the 2nd May 2016 Many of Swamis Forms can be seen.In regards to one of the forms, the beard and the eyes are clearly visible.

Below can be seen the Sri Appas child form with his right-hand raised.

Below can be seen Sri Appas Divine Rishi Form.
29th April 2016

Below can be seen Sri Appas Fierce Forms manifesting the golden heart and Aumkar above On Sri Appas Plaster.

After turning the picture around one can see the Aumkar.

Below again on Swamis Wound on the 29th april 2016 can be seen Sri Appas small Monkey form/Swaroop bringing the light.

In reverse can be seen Sri Appas Elephant form/Swaroop bringing in the light.

"Below on the dressing on my wound you can see me with my sword, after i shower the dressing always comes off. I have a shower then go and have the dressing put on at the surgery straight away to prevent infection. My wound and dressing tells the TRUTH for THIS YUGA."

Sri Appa

Sri Appa's Divine Form fighting in the wars with his Sword.

Below are pictures of Sri Appas Wound and plaster as the days go on. Divine Forms can be clearly seen on both the wound and

Again the Divine Aumkar can be seen in Sri Appa's wound thus showing the Divinity inside of Sri Appa's body.

When Sri Appa broke the coconut, one of his Divine Forms appeared holding a light. His form can be Seen looking towards the right of the screen.

Another one of his forms can be seen below again holding a light.

Above can be seen Sri Appas Sage form wearing a crown. This Divine leelas is showing us that one of Sri Appa's Divine Forms is a God Sage.

Above can be seen one of Sri Appas forms as Lord Shiva.

Above can be seen the form of Sri Appa with his hand blessing.


Above Sri Appa can be seen sitting down giving darshan. He appears to be sitting a red cushion.

Above can be seen the form of Sri Appa lying down giving darshan.

Above can be seen Sri Appa in his Femal Shakti Form dressed in red (highlighted in black) protecting the Divine Child lying down (highlighted in blue), stopping the negative forces at the top, behind.

Below on Sri Appas plaster can be seen one of Sri Appas forms sitting on a lotus flower and also the form of Sri Kaalashaasta with six arms. The form on the left circled in Gold is Sri Appa on the lotus flower and the form circled in blue is Sri Kaalashaasta.

Below can be seen a Divine Child (Sri Prema Sai) lying on a bed of silk. While all the Gods and Goddesses watch above and take darshan.

Above can be seen two forms holding umbrellas. The umbrellas are the darker parts at the top. An elephants face can also be seen, where the eyes are the two darker parts and the trunk comes all the way down.

Sri Appa meets Mr Ravi Shankara Mishra, buys a flute and has it signed.

Sri Devi Kaveri with Sri Appa.

Divine yatra to India 

On the 21st April with the divine grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Appa took the three of us, (Pritam, Devesh and gurpreet) on a Divine Yatra to India.
Prior to going we knew that this trip was big because we had all been having Divine Darshans and dreams however we did not expect it to be this big.

Puttaparthi, Prashanti Niliyam

We spent the first 4-5 days in Puttaparthi, Prashanti Niliyam. On the first day we noticed the vibration and energy wasn’t how it should be. Everything felt quite dark and melancholy. So Sri Appa did a full pradakshina around the whole ashram and cleaned the whole of Puttaparthi. The next morning when we went for bhajans, we could tell the energy had completely changed and everyone felt a lot happier. While in the kulwant hall, Sri Appa had told me (Devesh) to inform Bhagwan Baba that he is giving him 1008 Divine God Lengths.
As I closed my eyes I immediately saw Bhagwan Baba standing by Sri Appa. Baba said to me that Sri Appa has not made a request but a statement, so all of the universes and heavens stood still to listen. All of a sudden I saw every single black cloud in puttaparthy drawn towards Sri Appa. Then a gigantic chalice emerged from the ground and shook the foors of Puttaparthy. This Chalice engulfed all darkness and turned it into pure light.Bhagwan Baba and Sri Appa then looked at each other and stepped into one another and turned into pure golden bright lights. They danced and slowly started to rise higher and higher. All of the gods and goddesses, sages and saints offered ther pranams and watched them with tears in their eyes.

Whilst in Puttaparthi, Sri Appa had to put his tooth in the Chitravathi river, (which had broken whilst at home in wolverhampton). Before coming, whilst in Wolverhampton we had all been told and shown by Bhagwan Baba the Divintity of Sri Appas tooth. Baba had explained to us that this tooth containing huge amounts of power due to all of the powerful prayers and bhajans which came from Sri Appas mouth. This tooth will continuously vibrate these chants and will never stop. So on the third day we went to the chitravathi river and Sri Appa placed his tooth in the river. As we walked closer to the river a beautiful large bird came and started speaking to Sri Appa signalling him where to throw the tooth.
After the tooth was thrown in the river
I (Devesh) went to see bhagwan baba about the significance.
As the tooth entered the river there was a large echo of Sri Appa’s chanting that was vibrating within the river and the earth’s crust. I then saw Sri Appas forms doing the Tandava dance within the earth’s crust and tectonic plates. Then from the beautiful sound and vibration of Sri Appas chanting appeared flowers everywhere. The flowers were in shapes of Divine Yantras and covered the
whole river and all of the surrounding land.

(Above Sri Appa throwing the tooth in the river)

On the last day of Puttaparth
i Sri Appa went back to the Chitravathi river and submerged his Divine Feet into the water.

Below are the experiences of what we saw when we went to see baba:

I Saw Sri Appa sitting in the middle of the Chitravathi river. He was sitting down in his meditative sta
te, with a crown on his head. His appearance was changing from Sri Padmasambhava to Sri Soloman and then to his current form now as “Bimal Bashist Pandey”. He sat there in front of a large black door. The door slowly opened and out came millions and millions of souls. The souls were black and as they entered Sri Appas hands they transformed to beautiful golden lights and shot up towards the sky where allot the gods were watching and waiting to receive their children. Vishnu Brahma and Shiva were in the sky pouring flowers over swami. Bhagwan Baba and Shirdi Baba stood watching wearing white holding an umbrella over their heads. They looked towards Sri Appa and said the following words, “thankyou soo much”.
Bhagwan Baba explained to me that he could only hold the souls to protect them but not free them. Only a soul who has come down to earth with no Karma, pure but as a man and not as an avatar can do this job. All the gods and goddesses cried, “thankyou Sri Appa" as they received their children.

Below are some of the miracle pictures
Below a Trishul  appeared in Sri Appas robe.

Above you can see the form of Sri Appa sitting on an animal while he rides to war. Sri Appa can be seen holding something in one arm and looking towards the right of the screen

Above you can see a form appeared in the sand looking up at Sri Appa.

In the above picture a Divine Sage appeared in the river when Sri Appa was pouring water on his feet.

Above Sri Appa can be seen in the water looking up towards himself with his hands in front of him

Above in the water can be seen many Divine forms looking up towards Sri Appa as he pours the mineral water over his feet into the Chitravati River.

Above two "MOAI TIKI" forms have appeared on Sri Appas robe staring at each other. The form highlighted in red appears to have horns.

Throughout this time we found many Divine Forms which appeared on Sri Appas robe.

Above can be seen Sri Appa holding a Sword in his hand ready to go to war.

Above can be seen the Form of Sri Ganapati and the form of a Fierce Animal.

While in Whitefield we visited the Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Ashram. Again Due to the dark and heavy energy surrounding the area, Sri Appa walked around the whole ashram cleaning not only the whole of Bangalore but the devotees also. Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explained to us that he will never ask anything of anyone however that he needs Sri Appa. He said, "how can i ask anything and bare to see my son in pain. However he is the only one who has the capacity to help me."
A tear fell from his eye and Sri Appa and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba merged together.
Immediately after Sri Appa had told us that he had destroyed the negative forces in the area and that there were huge black snakes which were destroying peoples souls and bhakti.

Visit to Gem Emporium in Mysore
During our stay in Mysore we visited a Gem Emporium in mysore. Here is the largest Ruby in the world. On our journey home Sri Appa had informed me that he had destroyed a huge demon whilst he was there. Once the picture was developed a form of a Demon/Demoness can be seen in the ruby.

While there Sri Appa braught two Divine Lingams. The first lingam was brought on the first day.
Below can be seen the Divine From of Sri Sage Agastya on the lingam.

Devesh's experience
Before leaving for the Gem emporium i decided to meditate on Sri Appas form. As soon as i closed my eyes i appeared in Kailash and infront of me was a Huge Leopard. The leopard asked me to follow him and lead me to a doorway. Inside the doorway was a crystal lake which the leopard told me to jump inside and swim to the other side. I saw inside and got out of the other end. As i looked up i saw Two caves infront of me. One Cave Said Sri Agasthya above it and the Other said Sri Vashist. I then saw another cave and the Leopard explained to me that the Sages used to gather here to pray and discuss topics about the world/humanity.

Sri Appa later confirmed that this Divine Ruby Lingam belonged to Sri Sage Agasthya Muni himself. He worshipped this Lingam and this lingam is thousands and thousands of years old. There are Divine forms of various Gods and Goddess, sages and saints all over the lingam.

Before Sri Appa braught this lingam he showed me a Divine Leela which happened while he was eating a packet of crisps. Below on a crisp can be see the Form of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba holding a child.

On the lingam can be seen the exact same picture.

On the other side of the lingam can be seen Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba again holding a child. This Child is Sri Appa.

The face and hair of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba can be seen below.

Sri Appas meets the Mahasamanta, Amshuverma and gives Grace.

Whilst in Mysore Sri Appa had met a female employee in one of the hotels. After some time Sri Appa blessed her with his Divine Grace.

Later that day i (Devesh) went to See Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I Saw a Tibetan King/Master and he came forward and thanked Sri Appa. He was so greatful and said that this is my daughter and you have freed her. In return he gave sri Appa a beautiful marine blue ball of energy which just dropped and showered on top of him.
This Darshan was truly beautiful to witness and the Tibetan Master was truly greatful to Sri Appa.

Sri Appas experience
As the Mahasamanta/Great Master was so greatful as i had saved his daughter he wanted to give me a boon. I replied no as i serve the almighty Sri Bhagwan Baba, so go and give him. As Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared the Mahasamanta left with him and gave him a huge aquamarine gem. The Divine monk appeared and went back into the cave in which a door opened and inside was this beautiful bright light. The Divine Master Disappeared back into the light, the door shut and i came back.

Below is the picture of Bhrikuti, the daughter of Amshuverma

Visit to whitefield to see Sri Amma Devi

(Below a heart has formed on Sri Appas chest in his robe)

Above on Sri appas Left shoulder can be seen a cobra which has formed in his robe.

Pictures of Sri Appa giving blessing and darshan to those in Village in Bangalore rural district

During our stay Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had instructed Sri Appa to go to a Village in the outskirts of Bangalore rural district and its surrounding villages and clean the area and bless the Villagers.

While visiting this place there was a pipe which was gushing full of fresh water. So Sri Appa placed his hand on the water so that the water was filled with Divine energy and spread throughout the village.

In the water above Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba has appeared and is looking towards the left.

Below can be seen the Divine Form of Sri Sage Agastya. He can be seen looking towards the right.

This same form of Sri Agasthya can be seen in the robe of Sri Appa below.

Sri Appa blesses family's home

Whilst in India Sri Appa was admitted into hospital where he had to have open surgery. Bhagwan Baba had informed us of the Divinity why this had happened. Below are some of the pictures:
Below is the open wound which was removed during the surgery.
Above can be seen the Demonic faces. When Myself (devesh), pritam and Gurpreet asked Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba why this had happened and what it represents he explained, This infected wound is a special hell which is from another dimension. It has captured millions and millions of innocent souls and is governed by 4-5 huge Demons. In order to save all of those innocent souls Sri Appa had to drink all of the poison and engulf the whole hell inside of him and destroy it.
One of the above Demonic faces can be seen with its tongue hanging out, Smiling which is the same as the Demon picture took at the Gem emporium. This shows that when Sri Appa destroyed the Demon he first had to engulf it and then destroy it.

Below you can see another angle of the removed Infection. If you turn it clockwise you can see Sri Appa standing as a tall figure (outlined in black) holding a golden child. The feet of Sri Appa can be seen standing on a demon's head hying down. outlined in green)

Talakaveri and Agasthyeshwara temple in Tirumakudalu Narasipura

Under the Guidance of Bhagwan Sri Appa both myself and Gurpreet travelled to two locations, Talakaveri and Narasipura.
At Narasipura there is an ancient temple dedicated to Sri Skanda aswell as Sri Sage Agastya. The temples are surrounded by the holy rivers Sri Kaveri and Sri Kabini.
In the Village of Narasipura is also the holy rock in the middle of the River Kaveri where Sri Sage Agastya Sat and meditated.

In the Sky Below can be seen the Divine Forms (from left to right)
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Sri Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari
Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa
Thus confirming that they had sent us to these Divine Locations

Whilst at Talacauveri i(Devesh) had a dream that i was fighting against Demons and that Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was there fighting along side as well as a Tall boy dressed in pure white who i wasn't familiar with.
Later it was confirmed that Sri Appa sent us there and he appeared as the tall boy dressed in white and destroyed the Demons in the surrounding area.
As we were unable to keep the Purity and Divinity in our daily lives this meant we could not fulfill these tasks hence why Sri Appa had to appear and complete it for us.

Miracle Pictures
During our stay in India, there were many miracles which took place. Below are some of many pictures which were taken during this Divine Yatra with Sri Appa and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

While in the restaurant at Puttaparthy Sri Appa held the rothi and an Aumkar appeared.

On another Rothi Which Sri Appa held, the divine from of Sri Appa himself appeared on the Rothi.

On the spoon an aumkar appeared from the spinach which was in the soup.

Above can be seen lord Shiva in the coffee cup of Sri Appa. Lord Shiva can be seen looking down.

Whilst in Prashanti Sri Appa did the Subrabatham and special morning prayers, After which Sri Surya devta came for darshan.

During Dinner, Sri Appa placed his hand on the marble and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared holding a child. The Child was Sri Appa.

On the picture above can be seen a Divine Aumkar which appeared on Sri Appas Table in his room in Mysore.

On the floor in Sri Appas room appeared this divine image, of Sri Appa holding a child sitting cross-legged.

Below can be seen the Divine forms of the Gods and Goddesses on the
Somosa's which Sri Appa has made.

In relation to the stone outside in Sri Appas Garden. An Aumkar has appeared on The Labradorite below. Sri Appa held thi stone to his chest and the aumkar appeared as you can see below.

Sri Appas Divine Tapasya

Stage 1

Above Sri Appa can be seen Sealing the Goden Ring of Tapasya. Sri Appa informed us on this day that he had heard a massive "clinking sound" as if a metal ring had just been closed. Later when all asked Bhagwan Baba and he informed us that Lord Appa had again done the impossible by sealing the Tapasya.
2nd Stage

Above can be seen the second stage of Sri Appas Divine Tapasya. This Divine Illustration shows that Bhagwan Baba had to create a new universe to withhold all of the Pure Bhakti created by Sri Appa. When Sri Appa offered his Tapasya at the lotus Feet of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the pure flow of bhakti poured from Babas charan. Lord Shirdi Sai tried to contain the bhakti in a Huge Golden Pot however the continous flow of bhakti just over poured.
3rd Stage

On the day of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Jayanti, Sri appas started to sing and chant. As he did this the devotees saw Bhagwan Baba and Sri Shirdi Sai appear infront of him and listen to the glorious voice of Lord Appa. Later the devotees saw hundreds of Divine Forms emerge from Sri Appas body shooting arrows in the sky against the negative forces
. Sri Appa had informed us at this point that he decided to extend this severe Divine Tapasya.

Stage 4

Here Sri Appa threw the Divine Hari Hara Sudarshan Chakra at all of creation. Meaning that now sentencing will be done and everyones past will be apparent and they must face what they have created and done. At the same time Sri Appa had just created the Divine
new Aum Sri ParaBrahman Jyothi in his garden. Pictures can be seen below.

Stage 5

This entire Tapasya involved many things which Sri Appa was doing every second not only in his physical body but his other thousands of bodies on spiritual levels. In the physical Swami had chanted a total of 3 Million (3,000,000) Aums while swimming. However every stroke he did, he offered his Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (God stroke). Above can be seen the New Divine Stone which was installed in Sri Appas Garden. In the blue can be seen the form of Lord Appa sitting in his normal meditative state.

This is Sri Appas Bhakti which Manifested the forms of Bhagwan Baba and Sri Appa on this Divine Stone as he did about 3 million (3,000,000) Aums for Sri Sathya Sai Baba as he finished his penance.  Thats why in the stage 5 picture you can see Sri Appas rays coming from his chest. Lord Apa can be seen in the central of the stone in blue sitting down in his meditative position. Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba can been seen towards the bottom right of the stone as circled below in gold.

Below you can See pictures as Sri Appa drips Divine Water from his Prema Divine Lingam which appeared at a Sathya Sai retreat.

Divine Leela's January 2016

Below are divine pictures taken that have taken form.

(Above an Aum can bee seen on the left and on the right a divine form with a white robe)

(Above a trishul can be seen coming out of swamis head.)

(Above a horse can bee seen with one of swami's form on top.)

23rd JANUARY 2016

On this Divine day, Swami had finished all his divine work, swamis Tapasya and all other divine work swami had taken on for the universe came to a close today.
Swami on this day had installed the 'Param Brahman Jyorti'.

Devotee experience of the Param Brahman Jyorti

On this divine day I ( Pritam Taqk) had the grace of being with Sri Appa. We had taken the divine food up to Sri Baba and the divine experience I had was so real. I Saw sri Baba and I saw Swami taking the food to Sri Baba. Swami's divine singing voice was heard throughout the heavens and Sri baba had gotten up and started walking towards swami. He then grabbed the plate of food but didnt take it away from swami, he grabbed swami's hands and held them. Swami never looked up and i was wondering why he didnt. Lord Shiva then appeared beside me and i offered my pranams and asked Lord Shiva why swami hasnt looked at Sri Baba. Lord Shiva explained, if swami had looked at Sri Baba he would of disappeared. I then swami Sri Baba and swami turned into his child form and Sri baba was swinging Swami around playfully, they then disappeared and re-appeared. Sri Baba then took the plate of food but didnt turn around, he walked backwards. Swami was still singing and then Sri Baba tried the food and was in bliss. Sri Baba then said to me that this food is to prepare everyone for the divine energy.

In the early morning Swami had allowed me to take darshan of the Param Brahman Jyorti swami had installed. I went out to the garden and i could feel the energy coming from it, it was so real. I closed y eyes and i could see it vibrating and my body was vibrating as well. Swami had allowed me to take pradasksha around the Stoopa created. I came back inside and i was amazed, swami then told me to meditate and go up. As i went up i saw a huge stadium and the Stoopa was in the middle, the door had opened from the stoopa and there was a pink, blue and gold energy coming from it. I then swami Parm who was dressed in purple. she came and smiled at me and i offered my pranams. Parm was telling me that today is a divine day, this has never happened, everyone will be coming to get this energy. She then told me to sit and meditate, and then i saw a spark of energy that shot inside me and it was a ball that sat in the center of my chest, parm then placed her hand on my chest and i saw swamis hands on top of her hands as well. I felt light and i could feel a vibration in my chest. I came back down and told swami this.

Later in the day i had saw a pigeon that was taking pradasksha around the Stoopa. I didnt think anything of this. I went to sainsburies and when i came back swami had explained that a pigeon has just died, but it wasnt an ordinary pigeon, it had decorated where it was going to die with its feathers, like it was taking last breath. I told swami that i had saw this pigeon earlier doing pradaksha around the Stoopa. Swami was shocked and said to go up as this was no ordinary pigeon, it could have been a sage taken form into a pigeon coming for darshan to be liberated. I went up and i saw Sri Baba. He smiled and then i saw Swami's garden. I saw the pigeon transform into a sage with a white beared and white clothing. it was chanting Sri Sathya Sai Baba's name as it was going around and then the stoopa transformed into Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the sage disappeared into Sri Baba. I asked Sri baba what had happened. Baba said to me that a part of you has been liberated, this is confirmation of your darshan. I came back down and told swami this, i was shocked and so thankful to swami and Sri Sathya Sai Baba for allowing me to be present on this divine day.

(The pigeon is behind the plant bowl, as you can see the feathers left by the pigeon)

Makar Sankranthi

Devotees experience's of makarasankranthi

On the 10th of January I had the grace of being with Swami (Sri Appa). At around 6am we was preparing to go to another family’s house to do Prayers and bhajans. As Swami and me (Pritam Taqk) was speaking about going to the family’s house and what we was going to do, a pink lingam that was on swamis table jumped from the casing it was in, towards the door. I couldn’t believe how this could of happened as it was on a stand and there was no way it could have leaped from there. I was shocked and swami immediately said that this mission should not be under estimated. So I went up to see Sri Baba about what had happened. I saw cracks in the middle of the earth there and then I saw Lord Shiva drinking the poison then it turned into swami drinking the poison. Sri Baba said be alert and don’t eat or drink anything at the house. I came back down and told swami of this.
We had then set off to go to the family’s house, as I got into the area, I felt a bit sick and uneasy. We started doing prayers and bhajans and I felt something was chocking me, didn’t want me to sing, but we still carried on singing.
Swami started singing as well, as he was singing I saw swami change into Lord Shiva and then to Lord Vishnu, the ceiling had opened up and I saw a golden aura around swami and it was showering through everyone that was there. Swami had then gotten up and he was blessing everyone, giving
padnamaskar. This was very rare as swami doesn’t do this. As he approached me swami had placed his foot onto my chest, all week I had been feeling like there was something attached onto my back, and when swami had placed his foot onto my chest, I felt like something had been lifted off me, I felt like Pritam again. It was such a weird and wonderful feeling. I couldn’t believe it, swami had showered me with ultimate grace, for removing this thing that was within me.
I had then gone up to thank Sri Baba and I saw lord shiva and Swami there, they was smiling and Lord Shiva had blessed me and said now you can make your way here. I was so gratefu
The prayers had finished around 12pm, swami had then announced, this was Makarsankranthi.

I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it, and I offered my pranams and thanked swami.

Later throughout the day, swami had brought down his Ayyappa form, we was chanting Swami’s name, I saw rays being shot off from swami, swami had turned golden. Swami had then sent off another energy where he blew a kiss, this energy was rare and never had been done. I closed my eyes and I saw a pink gold energy going into me. I saw Lord shiva and he said to me he will keep this for me as I will lose it, I was so grateful for this day and for being allowed to be there.


On Sunday 10th january we were told that we need to go to a family’s house to do prayers. I was aware from the past that this particular area had a lot of negative energy so swami wanted to do the prayers around this area.

This day started with the pink rose quartz lingam jumping from the table and landing on the floor.
I went to see Bhagwan Baba and he explained to me that, “ today was an important day. Finally a family house in the area of Oldbury/Birmingham can be used to do this Divine work. This lingam is rose quartz which represents mother earth. The power and energy from Lord Appa will not only clean this area but will clean the whole of Birmingham, Smethic, Sandwell etc and will also have a huge impact on the other universes.”

I then saw Lord Appa(Swami) sitting in a room and his energy was flowing in all directions through tunnels which connected to different universes and levels of hell. Through these tunnels there were Demonic forces entering this world. I saw Lord Appas Golden Energy destroying the negativity and turning it into pure gold.

As the day started Swami started to chant and sing Bhajans. His energy was amazing and throughout the day I could see gold and electric blue sparks emitting from is body. After his Divine Dance, Whilst he was chanting I wanted to see what was happening in the heavens. So i closed my eyes and asked Bhagwan Baba to show me what was happening.

All of a sudden I saw thousands of Gods, Goddesses, Saints and Sages standing in the heavens looking down at the house where Sri Appa was doing the prayers and singing. They were chanting his name and celebrating this glorius day. The energy and power was so bright even the Gods and Goddesses were finding it difficult to keep looking down at Sri Appa. I then went past the gods and goddess to the very top and infront of me I saw Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Appa(Swami) laughing and in bliss with each other. I then Saw an electric blue energy being sent from swamis body going for Miles and Miles down into the earths plates and healing mother earth.
Later in the day I saw a huge pyramid in front of Swami out of it was pouring pure gold and blue liquid Into the earth and heavens above.

Later that day Sri Appa had confirmed that the whole of Europe was cleaned and blessed today.
I was so grateful that I was allowed to have these darshans and truly greatful that swami blessed me with a new beginning.

New years Eve & Day

On new years day Swami Appa had lit fireworks at his Mother's house in Dudley. In the picture below can be seen an Aumkar in the top right-hand side of the picture.

Swami had been in a lot of pain that evening and he informed us that he had been battling and destroying the negative forces in the area. To show us he told us to take the photos during the fireworks. In the below pictures can be seen many Demonic faces and forms.

Swami Appa in his Kaalashaastha form holding his weapon.

Above can be seen the Divine statue of Mother Mary which Sri Appa installed in his front garden.

Day After Swastika Appeared Behind Swami from the Light. The picture was taken by Swami's Mum the day after Swami's Tapasya. Three Pictures were taken and they all remained the same.

Aum Sri Swami Sai Appa Finished his tapasya, as Sathya Sai Narayana Blesses Him in the sky outside his front door.

Devesh's Experience

 Today Swami gave me the grace of telling me how Divine this day was. He advise me that today is an extremely auspicious day so to do my prayers as well as the Food donation.
So after i had finished at the foodbank, I reach home and started my prayers. As soon as i closed my eyes i saw Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba standing in the Cosmos he was moving his hands in the air and while he was doing this planets, stars and universes were being created in front of me. It was trully beautiful to witness this.
After I went up to offer my prayers and i saw a Divine Sage standing on top of a mountain, he was chanting and pouring water.
I then stepped back and started to shrink in size and the mountain changed to the top of Lord Shivas Hair. Next to the Divine Sage appeared 6 more Divine Sages, standing on the hair of Lord Shiva. His form was huge in size and his Vibrant energy was eminating for miles. He looked at me and put me on top of his head and said you should be here. You need to realise who you are so that you can understand how far you have fallen.
A deep feeling of sadness started to spread throughout my whole body. Lord Shiva then grabbed me, sat me on his lap and wrapped his arms around me. He looked up to the sky and said look at this beauty.

In the sky could be seen Sri Appa and Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. All the Gods, Goddesses, Sages, Saints, Devi-Devtas watched in awe as they danced in the sky. There was oceans and oceans of golden liquid bhakti pouring from Sri Appa towards Bhagwan Baba. Bhagwan Baba was using this Golden Bhakti to create new universes, new planets, new stars etc. The energy and vibration was so bright that no one could keep there eyes on them. However this beautiful darshan had even the Trinity in Awe.

I then realised nothing is impossible, aslong as one is in the right company anything can happen. I am trully greatful that Bhagwan Baba has allowed me to be in the company of Sri Swami Sai Appa.

Below can be seen the Divine Form of Sri Appa holding his sword, on the stone below. Sri Appa manifested his divine form on the stone by merely touching it.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Jayanti

On this auspicious day the celebration was held at the house of Sri Appa.

22nd evening
On this day we started with prayers and bhajans at around 6:00 - 6:30 evening. During bhajans Sri Appa gave us the Divine Darshan of himself with his weapon, the bow. Below can be seen some of the pictures:

(Here can be seen a divine ball of light on the robe of Sri Appa.)

(Spiritual Vibuthi on Sri Appas Robe)

Here Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba can be seen in the Swamis robe just beneathe his left arm. Below is a more detailed picture.

Devesh Bawa experience
While Sri Appa had the bow in his hand i saw thousands of his swaroops with the same bow in their hands firing the Divine Arrows toward the negativiy in the sky.
After we had finished bhajans and prayers, Sri Appa started singing divine bhajans and slokas. During this time i started to meditate on his divine voice and form. I saw the Sri Appa dressed in gold and infront of him sitting was Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Shirdi Baba. They were both dressed in white, smiling and enjoying sri Appas singing. I then saw hundreds of divine swaroops appear from out of Sri Appas body. Each form was holding a divine lotus flower and offered it to Sathya Sai and Shirdi Sai. I saw Sri Padmasambhava and he offered a lotus flower and then i saw Sri Manikantha. This Darshan was trully beautiful to witness.
Before i arrive to Swamis house this weekend, bhagwan Baba told me the following.
" Who can offer me anything, who is pure enough to offer me anything. Only Sri Appa can offer me something. Nobody lives like him. If you want to give me something for my birthday, just look after Sri Appa this weekend and make sure he has no stress.

Below is a picture graphically edited to show the reader what i experienced that day.

Again we continued to celebrate the Jayanti of our divine Lord Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba with Bhajans and Prayers on the 23rd. After which Sri Appa then offered a beautiful garland of Bhajans and slokas at the lotus feet of Bhagawan Baba.

(Sri Appa Singing to Bhagwan Baba)

 Blow can be seen Divine Aumkars in the food cooked by Sri Appa. The Aumkars can be seen on the halloumi cheese and his crisps.

Below can be seen Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba dancing in Sri Appas Prasadam (Vegetarian Pie).


It is again the divine inspiration of Bhagavaan Shree Sathya Sai, who is the presiding deity of the triple Gaayathree (or "Sai-three") manthras that prompted the preparation of this Sai Yanthra (or Chakra), which is a diagrammatic representation of Sathya Sai related Manthras, characteristics, powers, principles, pursuits, philosophy, preachings, miracles, glories, service activities, vital messages, etc. This Yanthra is the key to the understanding of the essence of the Sathya Sai Avathar. The contemplation of the Sai Chakra activates or turns our inner wheel (Chakra) of Spiritual energy opening vistas of Divine Truth, Goodness and Beauty i.e. Sathyam, Shivam and Sundharam, for realising the eternal, universal principle of Divine Bliss (Aanandham).

That is why Yantra worship is considered superior to image worship which is at the gross level. The points of the Yantra correlate with the inner forces in each individual and link them with divine cosmic energies.

This Chakra was prepared at the holy Brahma Muhuurtha (early dawn time).

 Monday 11th October 1999; that same afternoon, Baba called this writer for an interview at which He blessed this Yantra thrice, after a discussion of its contents.

         Below is the Sri Ayyappa/Sri DharmaShaasta Yantra.

Below on Sri Appas Prasadam (Vegetarian Somosa) can be seen an AumKar.

The Divine Energies and objects Sri Swami Sai Appa creates are formed to combat negativity. They are not for cosmetic reasons but are purely to combat the negative forces that take form.

Below are examples where Swami has manifested divine energies to combat negative forces

The first pics are, Sri Appa created in Prashanti Niliyam, Child form, Sri Krishna shasta, Sri Appa form profile coming from swami's head 4th july, Swami's form face energy merging in swami.

Sri Kala Shasta, Sri Mantra Shasta, Sri Halo and femini merging from Swami's face