Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu

Brief History Of Our Divine Universal Mother,

Aum Sri Srimad Sai RajaRajeshwari

The ancient Rishi Munis of yore had been endowed with the unique powers of prophesising the past, present and the future of beings who existed and those yet to be born.

These prophecies were written on palm leaves and are known as the Naadi Granthas. These Naadi Granthas also mention about great Avathars. Rishis, Yogis with reference to the context of their birth. The information of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Avathar has been revealed in Budha Naadi and Shuka Naadi.

A devotee had astonishing revelations of the avataric significance of Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari even before he came to her Divine presence, which he found in the Agastya Naadi when he referred to it for gathering more information about himself.

The prophecy revealed that he will have someone equivalent to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba as his guru. Subsequently after the devotee met Amma, when he consulted the Budha Naadi these facts were revealed about Amma: She is Omkara, Hreemkara, Shreemkara, Roopini Gunavan, Gunagamyascha, Gunateetha and Gunathikramah. The reading continued that he had been blessed by non other than vasudeva Maya Durga, who is the original Manifestation, and who will bestow the ultimate knowledge through the jnananaadi. There are many other Sanskrit shlokas, which reveal the Divinity and Truth about Amma. They are given below.

Maruthi Vachana

      Vasudeva Sujathaha Vasudevamaya omkara shrimakaramaye                     Gunavan gunagamyascha gunatheetou gunathikramaha                                  Jnanavan prapadhyanthe karnanthaneeyath                                      Gunagruhathwathee kaaryam karanam guru upadesha                               Bhavathwena atmaathmiyam samudhbhavan ithi maruthihi

Gayathri Vachana

 Omkaranada shabdhaha jagratha avasthena,                                         Sushumna avasthaasutha shabdharoopena Sushumnaha amruthtatwa- prapthayithi

Agasthya Vachana

Tatgunavanguna arhadathaguruh gunagamyascha                          Avruthenajnanam putvajitha karmaphaleshu tat                                     Satyanaatha gurusannidhou tat braahmana                                                  Shapatat vimochanath anantharam tat roopam                                            Tatjnana drusthisyapihethuve

 Brahmadeva Vachana

Omkarananada krinkara Swaroopini srinkara                                     Paramathmanaha- swaroopajnananthu nischitam                                                 Bhavathi – bimbosmi prathibimba                                                                       Kriyathigaha ithimabraveeth.

A Small Extract from the New Book
Swami and Amma Travel in the Ocean of Truth

The testament you are about to read contains two references to God.

It is the first book written about the Avatarhood of Sri Sathya Sai Baba to make such a reference to the two forms of the One Shiva/ Shakti present as the Avatar in this Kali Yuga. We are familiar with the use of the word God to refer to Sai Baba, for His Truth has been established around the world. However, the second reference to God in this tome refers to the revelation of the presence of the God form of Srimad Sai Raja Rajeshwari. Similarly, no book yet written on the Avatar of Sri Sathya Sai Baba presents the two forms of the One God on its cover and declares the second figure to be His equivalent, in feminine form, present in the world today. Due to the rarity of this presentation of Shiva/ Shakti, this introduction cannot be made by mere mortals, but relies instead upon Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Her Lord, who has brought Her to this earth.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has the overall liberty of choosing the time for the advent of His feminine God form, His other half at Kailash. He chose the year of 1947, twenty-one years after His own advent in 1926, for the incarnation of the physical form Srimad Sai Raja Rajeshwari, whom we lovingly refer to as “Amma.” Sai Baba has given great care and protection to Amma – His own wealth of feminine form – throughout Her life, and He has placed Her in a family life (with a husband and children) to ward off the evil eye which the mundane world may have otherwise cast upon Her. Despite Her involvement with the physical world, Sai Baba has ensured that she has no contact with “worldly dirt” at any stage, (Keeping a promise He made to Her during a discussion They had when She turned eighteen years of age.)

At His chosen time in 1997, Sri Sathya Sai Baba commanded Amma to announce Her Avatarhood. Without hesitancy or a second word to Sai Baba, whom, Amma states, “is My Lord,” She simply obeyed Him and announced Her Truth. These events have come to pass not to justify the desires of humanity, but because Sathya Sai Baba and Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari are the same Divinity – Shiva/Shakti, One principle in two forms.

God, Who governs the universe with laws to ensure its health and continuation in accord with His Divine Plan, who, as Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, has graced this current age for sixty- eight years, and who has inspired devotion from people in over one hundred and sixty countries, also had a plan with respect to the advent of His own feminine form, Srimad Sai Raja Rajeshwari. Both Sai Baba and Amma have acted to assist humanity to learn the lesson and imbibe the absolute Truth that without God we are nothing. For we are only instruments in Their hands. Sai Baba has said that He is here for the upliftment of humanity. The Divine Mother shares His mission and prays that Sai Baba will utilize Her in full to this end.

Sri Rajarajeshwari's Uk Visit

Amma's Uk Visit

Before Amma’s arrival in the UK a series of important and Divine events took place.
In 2005 while Bimal Pandey was in India, with a group of devotees, celebrating Dasara at Amma’s Divine Abode he asked Amma if she would grace the U.K (United Kingdom) with her Divine Presence.

(Bimal Pandey went For Amma's Divine Birthday in 2006)

Amma said she doesn’t travel anywhere unless Swami tells her to.
So for 2 years Bimal Pandey performed rigorous penance. He constantly prayed and prayed to Swami and performed many Divine Poojas and Divine Homas (Yajna’s).
The Divine Homas that Bimal Pandey performed took many months to prepare. For each Divine Homa it would take up to a minimum of 3 months to prepare, as the intensity of these Divine Homas was so immense. Every ingredient, which was offered in those Homas, had to be previously taken into his GOD Room and blessed. Every grain of rice and every pinch of powder which was used, had to be blessed. In all there were about 20-30 ingredients for each Divine Homa, and every ingredient had to be blessed. Every grain of rice and every pinch of powder holds the prayers of 30-40 Manthras. The intensity in the God Room during this, was such that no one was allowed in the room at the time including his wife Parmjeet. The Divine Homas were performed by himself in the presence of the God and Goddess (Aum Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Aum Bhagawathi Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari). The time at which these Divine Homas are performed are chosen by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He and only He knows the day and time of these Divine Homas. Bimal Pandey would only be informed when to start preparing for the Divine Homas. The ingredients of the Divine Homes are only known between Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Bimal Pandey.
The goal of these Divine Homas is for “Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu.” The meaning of this Divine Prayer is “ May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.”
The intensity of the payers is left to Bimal Pandey.
We as devotees asked Bimal Pandey if we could take pictures and, he replied, “Yes”. So now we have started taking pictures. In these pictures can be seen the various Gods and Goddesses, Divine Sages and Celestial beings, extremely clearly.
The first set of Homas commenced in the year 2005 and this is where the various Gods and Goddesses have appeared within the flames. A few of those, which have shown their Divine presence, are Goddess Mother Kali, Saraswathi, Kwan Yin and Lord Shiva.
The second set of Homas took place in the year 2006 and this is where Swami, Amma and Lord Sri Ayyapan can be clearly seen in the flames. Many other Divine Homas were also performed during this time.
It was after the second Homa in the year 2007 while Bimal was in India; Amma spoke to Bimal and informed him “I am coming on Swami’s Orders”.

Below you can see the Pictures of the Divine Homas. Inside and within flames of the Homas can be seen the various Gods and Goddesses.

As you can see above Goddess Kali Maa appeared just above the flames of the Homa. Inside the pink form you can see her eyes, her mouth and nose very clearly.  Also below Goddess Kali Maa in the pink can be seen the Divine form of Goddess Saraswathi. Goddess Saraswathi is associated with the Divine Swan. The wings and the body of the Swan can be clearly seen.

Here you can see the form of Goddess Kuan Yin within the flames. Here face appears to be looking towards the left and you can clearly see her eyes, ears and mouth. The shape of her head and body can also be seen.
 Goddess Kuan Yin is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. As the Goddess of Compassion, She hears the cries of all beings.

Parmjeet Pandey under the guidance of Bimal Pandey performed a Divine Homa. Within the flames you can clearly see Lord Shiva in the centre. His eyes, mouth and shape of head can be clearly seen.

This Divine Homa was peformed in 2006. Here can be seen Lord Sri Ayyapa in his child form. He is looking towards the top right hand corner at the Golden Shiva Lingam in his right hand. His head and eyes, mouth, nose and ears are all very clear.

As you can see above Lord Sri Ayyapa as appeared with the flames. You can see his child like face just in the centre, looking forwards. This is a reinactment of the picture on the left hand side.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared within the flames during this Divine Homa. He can be seen bending, looking downwards. His Divine Afro and Body can be clearly seen. Also on the more magnified version you can see Swami’s right eye.

Above you can see 2 figures within the flames.  Bhagavathi Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari(Amma) is on the right. If you look carefully at Amma's figure you can see that she is holding a child. On the very right hand side you can see that there is another figure standing there. This is a Divine Celestial being.

On the very right hand side Lord Shirdi Baba can be seen entering the Homa. He is looking towards the left hand side. His facial features such as beard, eyes, ears and nose can be clearly seen. His eyes were said to be like fireballs hence the reason why his eyes look like balls of fire. You can also see that he is wearing his bandana on his head.

As well as the Divine Gods and Goddesses entering these Divine Homas. Celestial beings and other Divine beings can also be seen in them. Here you can see beings dancing in the flames.

In this picture you can see that the form of a horse has appeared. This horse is the great white flying horse known as Pegasus.  You can clearly see the wings and body of the horse. The horse is facing towards the left. Behind this picture is a Divine story. This will be explained further in the website.

In the above you can see the form of a Dove near to the top right hand corner. The wings are fully spread outwards as he is slowly rising above the Divine Homa. On the next picture you can see a side view of the Dove flying away on the left hand side. The white Dove signifies purity and peace.

Here you can see the form of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba  within the flames. He is on the left handside of the picture. Swami can be seen looking towards the right.

In this picture you can see the form of Shiva and Shakti, (Shiv-Shakti). On the right hand side you can see that  the Goddess is sitting on Lord Shiva( Amma and Swami). You can clearly see the hair of Amma, and that it has been tied in a pony tail.

Here is another picture of Shiva and Shakti. Here they can be seen dancing together. They are merging as one as they perform the Divine Dance.

Here the form of the Goddess can be seen. The tall figure with Divine colours around it. You can also see the the Divine Pink Aura around the whole fire.

Another form of the Goddess has also appeared in this picture. You can see that she is sitting down in the flames and facing towards the right. You can clearly see the formation of the face and part of the body.

In this picture you can see the formation of a hen and a figure sitting on it. The figure is Lord Shirdi Baba. He is sitting on the Hen talking to Amma ( Divine Goddess Rajarajeshwari) who is on the right handside of the pciture. The wings, head and body of the hen are clearly visible. You can also see the foot of lord Shirdi Baba just in centre towards the right below the hens body.

Lord Shiva can be seen in this picture riding The Divine Bull Nandi. In this picture Lord Shiva can be seen with his hair standing up. His face and body are very clear. You can also see the legs and body of Nandi.

In this picture Lord Shirdi baba can be seen looking towards the left. There is also a Divine Sage who has appeared within the flames which can be see on the left handside. You can see the formation of his head. I have circled Lord Shirdi Baba on the picture on the right.

In this picture Lord Nandi can be seen within the flames. You can see his two horns and his face. Part of his upper body is also visible. Lord Nandi can be seen looking towards the bottom left.

Below are some picture wherby Divine Angels have appeared within the flames.

Here you can see the wings of the Angels very clearly. In this picture there are two angels. One is on the left handside looking up and the other one is on the right hand side with it's wings fully spread looking down.

In this picture a Divine Being is holding an Angel.

You are the designers and creators of your own troubles and problems then you blame God. Everything is cause and effect, you have the power and action and the capacity to do good the choice is with you. Make today afresh, simple living, Divine thoughts for all mankind, Aum Loka Sumustha Sukhino Bhuvuntu
“ May living things live in happiness”

Service and Sacrifice

At the Divine Lotus Feet of Sai Ishwara and Ishwari
Bimal Pandey