Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu
                                                              Parmjeet Pandey

Above is a picture of the Divine Goddess Aum Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari performing the dandia dance (stick dance) with Parmjeet Pandey. This picture was taken during Amma's visit to the U.K.

Parmjeet Pandey lives in the United Kingdom with her husband Bimal Pandey. Parmjeet has been blessed to have many Divine experiences with the Gods and Goddesses. Below are some experiences in which she has had with the Divine Mother and Divine Father, Bhagavathi Sri Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari and Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

3rd October 2005 Dassera Experiences of Parmjeet Pandey

Before we decided to attend the Dasara both myself and Bimal (Husband) had dreams of Sai Maa and Baba, and experiences (Higher consciousness) about how important it was for both of us to attend; basically no questions asked.
When we arrived at Bangalore Airport on the 2nd October. We travelled straight to Mysore. On the car journey to Mysore I was very tired and was vomiting and exhausted. It felt more of a ‘cleaning process’, than an upset stomach. We went straight to the Hotel and decided we shall contact Our Beloved Sai Maa the next day.
Bimal who had Sai Maa’s home telephone number called and spoke to Maa who answered the phone directly. We were both overwhelmed to hear Maa’s voice; she was surprised and happy that we were here. She asked us to stay at a near home to herself because it would be a lot easier for us to commute considering the schedule of the programme. Maa mentioned that we would need to adjust to their way of living because the room would not have all the amenities to what we are used to.
We agreed and were thrilled and decided to leave the hotel the next day. Once off the phone, my husband and myself decided to buy a gift. I had brought golden sandals from England For Maa and wanted to purchase a sari or shawl; to go with this. When we were at the shop Bimal wanted to purchase a gift for Maa as well. I mentioned that we should go to see Baba (higher consciousness). Baba made it clear that this gift is from him, not us. I felt privileged that Baba allowed us the opportunity to present the gift to Sai Maa.
That night Sai Maa asked to see us before the festival began. We had with us the gift from Sai Baba, letters and donations from devotes in England, photographs of family and friends and our precious Sandalwood feet of Our Beloved Maa, which were kept, in our temple at home.
Sai Maa greeted us with affection and love even though Maa was very busy sorting out arrangements in the temple with her assistants, sorting out the flower arrangements. Maa spoke to us in length about family, work and Sai Baba. Maa accepted the letters, donations and photographs and placed them on her Feet for some time. Maa looked at my family pictures in details and asked about my sister, Susan and my cousins in America. When we presented Baba’s gift, at first Maa said she would see before she accepted it even though Maa was appreciative with a big smile on her face. It seemed as if Maa verified with Swami (or possibly Ma knows everything but just plays the part for us) if to accept the gift because we had heard that Maa does not accept gifts from devotes. This confirmed to me even more that this was a gift from Baba because I do doubt myself when I am speaking to Swami or Maa but then I receive messages back in a way that verifies this is real when you are speaking to Baba or Maa through your higher consciousness.
Other experiences

On the 12th September Parmjeet Pandey performed a Havan

Parmjeet Pandey under the guidance of Bimal Pandey performed a Divine Homa. Within the flames you can clearly see Lord Shiva in the centre. His eyes, mouth and shape of head can be clearly seen.

Lord Ayyapa can be seen in the coconut looking upwards at Shiva and Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are just above Lord Ayyapa’s head and have been outlined using a blue pen. Lord Ayyapa has been outlined using a golden pen. You can clearly see his eyes, mouth and chubby cheeks. Lord Ayyapa's hair is like an afro. Shiva and Shakti appear to be leaning their heads on each other and are looking down on lord Ayyapa.

Another angle on the coconut picture. Here you can see a Divine Form which is facing towards the left handside. This Divine Form is a Rishi Muni