Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu

Bimal Pandey Gallery Leelas

Bimal Pandey recently on Saturday 5th September performed a Divine Homa. In this Divine Homa he brought down many of the Divine Gods and Goddesses. They can be seen inside and within the flames of the Divine Homa and also inside the Gems and Crystals that he used and put in to the Homa.

The face of sri Ayyapa can be seen at the bottom of the rosequartz within the white area of the crystal. You can see Sri Ayyapas cheeks, eyes, nose and mouth.

Here you can see sri Ayyappa Dancing. His hands are both raised and he seems to be wearing a crown on his head. He is looking towards the right handside of the picture.

Divine Face looking towards the right hand side

Sri Ayyappa gives darshan within the flames

During our recent trip to India Bimal Pandey took Nina Beghal and Myself (Devesh Bawa) to see Amma, Goddess Sri Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari. We went for her Divine Birthday Celebrations.

At the Back of Amma's Divine Ashram is the Holy River called Kavery. She is Brahmas Daughter and was brought to this earth by Sage Agasthya.

When Bimal Pandey went into the river as he splashed his hands many Divine Forms appeared in the water.

Where Bimal's feet were the colour of the water was turning golden.

Here you can see where Bimal is sitting a Lotus Flower has formed. The water has formed petals around him.

Sri Ganapathi has appeared here.

Here Many Divine Forms have appeared within the water and on Bimals top.

Also In the room that Bimal Pandey stayed in, in the hotel. Everywhere Bimal placed his foot Divine forms would appear.

Here Where Bimal Pandey had placed his foot, Lord Shiva and Parvathi appeared in the tile of the hotel in Mysore.

Here Shiva and Shakti can be seen dancing together holding each other. Also holding the Divine Sword of Truth.