Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu
Bimal Pandey has many Divine Crystals and Artifacts. Many of these Divine Artfiacts and crystals are thousands of years old, some are even millions of years old.

Below are some pictures of divine crystals, stones and food Bimal has held after holding these items for a short while divine gods have appeared on and within the artifacts.

There are many divine crystals in Bimal Pandey's home below are just a few of the miracles within the crystals, stones etc.

Sri Nandi Formed on this Emerald Crystal below and on the left hand side is Lord Shiva looking up.

Sri Ganapathi has appeared playing with Sri Ayyappa.


Below there are three leelas on the same stone. the first picture shows the bear form of Lord Ayyappa.  The second shows Lord Ayyappa in the middle of the stone.

The stone was turned around and the third leela is Sri Vishnu, Maa Laxmi and Sri Ayyappa Seated on Sri Shesh naag.

Bimal Pandey held a peice of copper in his hand and when he opened his hand Sri Ganapathi Formed in the copper.

Below are leelas that have appeared in food/snacks once they have been held by Bimal.

The crystal below has hieroglyphics inside of the crystal.

Ancient Egyptians had more than 2,000 characters, which they called hieroglyphics. Each hieroglyphic is a common object - a reed, an eagle, a basket, water, etc. that represents a letter of their alphabet. Hieroglyphics were the earliest form of writing in Egypt and were basically only used in formal settings.

During our Divine Visit to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Bhagavathi Sri Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari. While at Ammas' humble abode, During her Divine Birthday celebration we met a young boy.
This boy was the grandson of the Devotee who wrote Gowri's Glory. For those who have seen this book, this is one of the first books about Goddess Rajarajeshwari and how Swami appeared to her and gave her self realisation so that she could realise her True Divine self.
  Anyway This boy had found a pebble which he decided to keep and put in his pocket. Anyway myself and Bimal were sitting next to him, he showed us this pebble. He handed the pebble to Bimal and Bimal placed his hands over the pebble and started blessing the pebble. when Bimal took his hands of the pebble, the image of a Bear appeared on the stone.

Bimal then carried on blessing the stone and there clear as crystal, appeared Sri Ganapathi. Bimal advised this young boy to keep the pebble safe as it was special and Divine as Sri Ganapathi had appeared. Many other Divine forms appeared once bimal had blessed this pebble.

Below is the picture with Sri Ganapathi in the pebble.

Outside in Bimal Pandeys Garden, where all the Gods and Goddesses reside he has built many water features and temples. Where the Sri Ayyappa statue is outside he had placed a large pebble there next to the other crystals. After a while the letter T appeared on the stone. the letter T represented Tejavathi. This is Sri Ayyapa's place. TEJAVATHI

Here the almighty King and Queen of the oceans have formed in a large clam shell Swami had told Bimal to buy. This is Lord Varuna and his Shakti (Consort).

Bimal Pandey blesses his flowers such as: roses. When he does this Divine forms of Gods and Goddesses appear on them. These roses are therefor extremely rare as where else can such a Divine flower be found.