Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu

Food For Thought

Kali Yuga is made up on four negative attributes/ingredients

Meat Eating - Killing of lives.
Intoxication - Consuming Alcohol, Drink and Drugs.
Elicit Sex - Sex outside of marriage.
Gambling - Conducting dangerous actions gambling with your life.

All of these attributes are in us and have created the kali yuga we must cleanse ourselves and become a light in this dark world. We need to clean out all this negativity in order for us to go to heaven, even beyond to Paradise and above.

The breath of life

This method of breathing is the path to god if you practice this method you will become a beacon of light and no negativity will come near you.

Breathe in Appreciation.
When taking a breath in Think of all that god has created for you e.g. nature, homes,  family (Husband, Wife, Children, Parents etc) think what they represent in our life and the wonderful qualities they posses.

The fact there are divine beings, gods and goddesses here on this planet that are fighting and working day and night to keep us safe and alive eg Aum Sri Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba, Aum Sri Bhagwati Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari, Aum Sri Amritanada Maa, Bimal Pandey, Sri Ayyappa, Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Maa Sita  and may other god and goddesses that have incarnated for the sake of manking past, present and future.

The love and support you receive from your family members them the little thing they do in your life to make you happy.


The beauty that surrounds you in everyday things we take for granted like grass, trees, sun, rain, snow creatures animals and people the amazing work they do in the cycle of life.  eg trees Absorbing harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide and give out the oxygen that our very bodies need to breathe and live. Also how beautiful trees actually are the colour, how it houses animals and insects. .........

Breathe out Gratitude.
Thankyou .

Simply thankyou for all we have to be greatful for.