Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu


Sri Padma Sambhava

Above you can see on top of Sri Baba's head is a trishul and the other is Padmansav Baba

Above you can Swami's soul merging in Sri Sathya Sai Baba signifying last Birth

Below Sri Sathya Sai with Buddha Statue in Sai Shruti – May 13, 2003

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Materialised a small Statue of Buddha that was made from the original clay of Lumbini, the Birthplace of Buddha, on 13th evening.

Above can be Seen Lord Appa in his Meditative State. On his Forehead can be seen the Powerful medicine he created  
(this story can be found below)

Here Sri Appa was Bringing Sri Saieshwari to Life.
Above can be seen one of the Divine Homas/Huvans performed by Sri Appa.

Octobers Divine Leelas
Swami had picked apples that were grown in his back Garden. An AUM had appeared on the apple as seen below.

(The AUM can be seen above highlighted.)

(The Divine Apple tree were the apple was plucked from.)

(Sri Kala Shasta Form. Highlighted above, you can clearly see two other forms. One above swami's head and one on the right side of swami's face.)

Sri Kala Shasta.

OCTOBER 3rd & Oct 4th-
 Bhagwan Sri Appa
Closing of a chapter

Sri Appa had informed Pritam that this weekend would be big as it was coming to the end of one of his big projects he was doing.

Swami was very ill, he was still in penance and usually the last bit is the hardest, swami felt very dazed what he was going through. Me (Pritam) and Swami had just come back from doing Seva, and swami was very ill even more as when swami goes out anywhere. Sri Appa, like a cotton bud, absorbs all the negativity that is around. So when we got home it was around late evening. Swami felt very drained and tired and was debating whether or not go and do more Seva at the baths.

He had asked me and I had gotten very comfortable too and did not feel like going out, but then swami said no, he will go and do more Seva for Sri Sathya Sai Baba. We went and swami was doing his lengths, I took swamis advice and meditated on swami doing his lengths. I went to see Lord Shiva and he told me that I should just sit with him and meditate, let the energy soak as trying to see what swami is doing would incinerate me as the radiation was too much. I saw the water around swami go pink. There was no lighting or any other obstacle that was pink to even make the water go pink. I told swami this and he confirmed it, it was the final wisdom.

Swami then asked me to go up and ask Sri Sathya Sai Baba about the lengths he does, is it too much because already swami is doing a lot. So I went up to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba and I asked Sri Baba about swami’s bhakti, is it too much?, Sri Baba smiled and said Bhakti is never too much, I had to make 11 universes to hold swami’s bhakti, swami’s bhakti is stored within me now, it all comes to me now, the reason is because I am infinite, swami has reached that level, the purity. Then I saw swami turn into a butterfly and then Sri Sathya Sai Baba turned into a butterfly also. I saw the butterfly’s fly together until they finally merged and turned into a glowing golden light. Then I came back down and told swami of this.

Later swami told me that he couldn’t believe what happened. Swami said to me that his whole life was based upon him reaching this point. It was as if swami had been reborn, this was it swami said to me, he has nothing to do, he has accomplished everything because the ultimate goal was to merge with the infinite, and swami has now achieved it, he never knew this was going to happen. Swami had mentioned how lucky we were to go and do more Seva, as if we hadn’t of done this, the next events may not have occurred

Sri Appas Divine Prasadam on this Day

After doing Seva at the baths, Swami had finished cooking, Swami had allowed me me (pritam) the grace of witnessing this darshan as I went up to see what had happened. As I went up I saw Lord shiva, I was on his hands and he took me up to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I saw all the gods and goddesses lined up and I saw swami take the food to give to sri sathya sai Baba. As Swami walked to Sri Baba, I saw all the gods crying in joy and swami shed tears as he went to towards Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I then saw sri Baba come down and go to see swami. Sri Baba grabbed the food and placed it on the table, held swamis hand and took him to the table. Sri Baba then sat down and placed swami on his lap. Swami had turned into his child form and Sri Baba was smilling and fed swami with the golden spoon. Sri Baba then gave every one food that swami had made. Sri Baba came to me and said happy birthday and blessed me. Sri Baba then got up and grabbed swami’s hand and then they walked off into the sunset and then vanished together. I then saw Swami’s and Sri Babas face light up the sky. As I turned around I saw Sri Shiva, an energy had emerged from the food, I saw lord shiva and he gave me a golden egg with an electric blue energy inside. Lord Shiva said, I will keep this and give to you when you die. I offered my pranams and I went back down.

I told Swami this, and swami told me what he had experienced as well. Swami had seen Sri Sathya Sai baba come physically infront of him. It was Swami’s time to go home, swami had stepped forward inside of Sri Baba and then stepped back out. Swami then said to me, a part of me is gone. Im just an energy pulsing now. Everything is done, I can go at any moment in time now. This is the time to be with me.

Below can be seen a Divine Aumkar on in the cream of Sri Appas Foot

OCTOBER 2015-Divine Leela's

Swami had grown potatoes in his back garden. It was the same as the ones seen earlier in the site below where AUM's had formed. The same potatoes swami had grown, swami had peeled the skin off them, and divine forms where seen.

Swami has put these divine potatoes into mother earth so that the divine energy spreads across mother earth.

Swami had asked Pritam to take them up to Sri Sathya Sai Baba before he had placed them in the ground. As I (Pritam) went up I saw Sri Baba and as he took them he then threw them in the air and they all turned into forms, I saw Swami’s forms, they all had king cobra’s with them and they was in a circle. The energy from the circle then shot into mother earth and I saw a goddess in the middle of the earth and she was in turmoil, as this energy hit her, I saw all the strings and ropes attached to her disappear and she was sitting on a lotus flower. I saw then an energy give off and I saw all the dead animals and other life forces energy go up into the air, the flowers started blooming. She said to me to thank swami (Sri Appa) for freeing her. I came back down and told swami of this.

(Above highlighted a King Cobra can be seen that had formed after swami had peeled off the skin of the potato)

(Above highlighted you can see a form of swami with a mustache)

(Above you can see another form of swami looking to the right)

SEPT 27th 2015- Sri Swami Sai Appa Birthday & Moon Eclipse

On This divine day, Swami was also fighting as it was the day where the moon turned blood red. The prophecies around the world due conclude this event to be a sign of apocalypse, or as were we call it, Pralaya.

The moon plays a significant part in our lives. Since the moon was covered in this event, it represented our minds being covered.
Swami had mentioned to us that no one should be out at this time as it is when the negative forces are most powerful and will attack. Swami had been getting us ready for this event so that we could be with him whilst he fought the battle between light and dark.

Sri Bhagwan Baba explained to Pritam, "he showed me the moon and from there i saw demons trying to come out. Sri Baba said the moon has turned into a portal from hell. It was allowing all demons to come through and i saw Swami fighting them off.the moon is covered peoples mind are also covered. they will be led astray and it will not be safe for anyone to be out on this time."

Below are pictures from the day

The Moon Eclipse had begun at around 3am. The moon had turned 'Blood Red'. This was known as a Blood Moon.

Swami had worn his black robe after a really long time. This is Swami's Sri Kala Shasta Form.

Swami In his back garden.

Sri Kala Shasta

You can see swami's face changing, smoke around the face can be seen.

As you can see above, Swami's Knife can be seen glowing from the energy given off.
Sri Kala Sashta Knife glowing

 Sri Kala Sashta

Swami's Energy had given off, as you can see Swami is directly underneath the moon that is in red on the very top of the picture above the bright light.

After these photo's were taken, at approximately 4:30am, Swami had gotten dressed into his new robe that i had the grace of making. This signified Swami and Sri Sathya Sai Baba had won the war.

After Swami had won the war at approximately 4:30am, soon after the moon was shinning bright. it had covered the sky. The eclipse had finished much sooner than what was predicted by the news forecast. they had said the eclipse will finish after 6am. This indeed was a miracle.
Swami had worn orange to signify VICTORY.

Swami Can be seen under the moon, the eclipse has cleared and the moon is shining bright.

After this night swami was still fighting. The next day swami destroyed the last of negativity that had merged in the sky. The picture below you can see the negativity in the sky with a helmet with snakes on it.

This is the last pic of negativity Swami destroyed with his two snake helmet.

Light Over Darkness Wins, Victory to Light, Victory to Truth, Victory to Bhagawan S
athya Sai Baba.


Swami had grown potatoes in his back garden, and the results were amazing. there was Aums displayed on the potatoes. See images below.

On the left potato the Aum can be clearly seen

(The Aum has been highlighted above, it can be clearly seen.)

(The Aum above, it can be clearly seen.)

Below are some of the divine leela's swami has created. This divine energy is in the form of an owl. The Spiritual owl represents the highest wisdom,Swami has brought this divine energy to this universe.

(The Spiritual owl can be clearly seen. the picture on the right has highlighted the owl.)

(Swami had adjusted the pictures contrast so that we can see the spiritual owl clearly.)


I was fortunate enough to witness swami singing whilst he was in penance. His divine voice can be heard in the link below. Click on the picture to listen to Swami sing.

Click the PICTURE above to see video


It is now week 6, and Swami is still going through his penance. Swami is still going through pain he has never felt. The worst thing swami has mentioned is the dizziness, he feels very dizzy and feels as if he’s not here on earth. Swami has tried to shake this off but has had no luck. Swami doesn’t mind the pain but the dizziness and the lack of feeling empty is something which swami cannot shake off and is getting swami really frustrated.

Swami is still breathing heavily and he had also absorbed the earthquake around the planet once again. This is the time to stay in and not go anywhere as the world is not safe, the things swami is going through has been really hard to watch, the suffering swami has to go through in the week by himself is unthinkable.

Swami had just finished making his food that took almost 5 days to make. This is the most powerful food swami has made, and whilst he is in penance, it has been the most dangerous.
Swami had sat down and asked me to take the food up to see Sri Baba.

Swami was exhausted, he hasn’t rested since and every time he slips out of consciousness he is working within the realms. What that means is swami is everywhere in all the realms, whatever war he is fighting or anything else he is doing, that body in the realms takes the hits and then when swami finally comes back into his body, those wounds are felt on his body, and the exhaustion is also felt.

So as I went up to see Sri Baba I saw Baba standing on a stand and the atmosphere was very serious. Sri Baba opened the food and an energy shot out of it, the food had a golden energy running around it. Sri Baba then picked up some of the food and it turned into a paste like powder. I saw all the gods and goddesses gather around and they were sitting down. Sri Baba was giving a talk and through his words I could see an energy come out and entered into every ones head. Sri Baba was saying this food is very precious and very powerful, this has never been done and never will be done again. I saw then a new energy come from the food and a form came out of it. The form had a connection with Sri Baba. It was a tall form, with jet black long hair and jewelled. The energy coming from there was something else I’ve never seen. I asked Sri Baba who it was and he said this is a new form or Lord Appa.

After Sri Baba was still speaking and then there was some who were talking, Sri Baba then immediately told them to go out from the arena.  It was very tense. Sri Baba then distributed the new energy to everyone. Some ate it and some kept it in a copper pot. Sri Baba then smiled and said, you listened, you was not meant to eat this, now it won’t stay with you forever, who kept it in a pot the energy will vibrate and help you, that was the purpose of my talk.

I offered my pranams and came back down.

Through this week, swami had mentioned to me that this is not him, this is Sri Baba doing this, he has got his hand on my head as I keep shifting out of this body. This body can’t hold me no more, I’ve gone too powerful. This is what swami had told me which tied into why swami was wearing the orange cloth and emerging himself in it.

(Above you can see Swami's new form. the highlighted version is further below)


I (Pritam) Was with swami and he was telling me why he takes pictures of himself with smoke (dupt- a fragrant smoke coal) and what it shows. Swami said that it shows if there is any negativity around him and also what he is doing within the realms.

Below is a video I captured of swami showing us divine forms. As you have seen through the website there are many Divine leela's swami has shown us within smoke form, below is how swami does it. its very simple, swami lights up the Dupt and then takes pictures of himself emerged within the smoke.


Click on the above picture to hear the Divine Voice of Sri Appa


After heading back from Swami’s house, I (pritam) was at work and swami had texted me blessings with an image of himself on the second day. You can see the severity of swami’s pain in this picture. I texted swami back that he didn’t look well. I rang swami also and he couldn’t speak as much. Swami was mentioning that he felt really dazed. He was in real trouble, he felt on one of the nights he was going to die. He was finding it hard to breathe and hard to see anything. Even cooking for himself was very dangerous. 


Swami was shifting in and out of consciousness very frequently. Swami had mentioned he saw himself doing summer saults, this kind of movement had affected the universe and the earth. Swami had mentioned there was a major earthquake which swami then immediately had to intervene and take it all. The Earth had shifted off its axis. Swami had to then go into the middle of the earths core and sit there to take on all the shifts and earthquakes. He did this on top of everything. I don’t know to this day how swami has done this, how swami is doing this. But swami always mentions, its never him but Sri Baba, only through the will of Baba. This goes out to myself as well, nothing can happen without the will of Sri Baba, not even the grass moves without his say, we are not the doers, but Sri Baba himself. Swami always quotes this to me so that I never forget, the day I start thinking its me, is the day everything will fall apart.

On this week, majority of Swami was in hell, the new hell that has been created. Swami had to go through this in order to create the new universes. He mentioned the gravity of pain he was in, swami said very clearly, he could and did think he was going to die.

On top of all this, swami had been visited by negative forces who were trying to kill him because of the work he was doing. Swami is a beacon of light and the negative forces could see this. I was thinking and I asked swami, how can they fight you when they can see and know who you are, they must be really mad. Swami replied, yes it is true but Sri Baba has put a veil on me, so they don’t see me for who I am until Sri Baba lifts the veil.

Swami is Lord Appa, he is Dharama Shasta living on this earth in a small culd-de-sack, silently doing Gods work, suffering in silence so that we can live peacefully. Swami gives everything to the universe and has nothing for himself.
The suffering swami is going through, together with his penance, we have no clue it will finish anytime soon. I went up to see Sri Baba and he told me that swami will finish his penance when the work is done.
Swami has been making divine food and recently has made this divine medicine to stop the negative forces.
Through swami’s pain and suffering, swami does more work, and creates more light. Swami has now become an energy on this universe, a pulse just pulsing, with no thought, but fixated on HE, on Sri Baba.


On this divine weekend, I (pritam) had the grace of being with Swami Sai Appa. Swami allowed me to take darshan of the newly formed medicine he had created. Swami was saying this was very powerful, that he could feel the energy coming off the divine casing it was in as pictured below.

As I went to take the medicine up, I saw Sri Ganesha and he was wearing all divine jewellery, around the case there were lots of jewels and different jewels I had not ever seen. They were pulsating energies. The top part of the case where Ganesha is pictured lying across it on the picture above, was just pure energy.

Sri Baba appeared and he told me that no one can touch the top box, only me and Sri Appa can, anyone trying to enter the energy on top will be incinerating because the medicine created is too pure.

I was in shock and Sri Baba then said to me, let me show you what it does.

 So Sri Baba opened the case and took the medicine on his top finger and I saw the energy go inside my forehead, it was like a string of energies going inside, they was flicking off dark energies that where stuck on me, then they went onto different doors and they were images of me. Sri Baba then appeared and said, this has the capacity to clear all 10 sheets, and at Swami’s will can liberate instantly.

I came back down and told swami of this and he said, yes it is very powerful, he said to me that he has the ability to change it to whatever he likes, he can liberate or simply remove some negativity.

(Below you can see the new medicine created, same medicine off the spoon)

Swami then showed me, he said to sit in front of him and then close my eyes, swami opened the case where the medicine was and I felt a warm energy hit my face and I felt that someone has touched my forehead. I told swami and asked did he touch my forehead. Swami said he never did. I couldn’t believe how real this was, how powerful this was. I thanked swami for allowing me to witness this

(Above you can see the new medicine created, same medicine off the spoon below)

(Above you can see Swami's new form highlighted between the yellow lines)

It has only been 5 weeks since the start of his penance, and swami has been suffering really badly. The major catastrophes that have taken place within these 5 weeks are tremendous, with the shifting of the earth of its axes and the frequent earthquakes. Swami has reached new territories and going on each day will be something totally new swami has to deal with. Swami has also been having heart attacks on a regular basis, he is struggling to stay in his body.

Final Acts

Baba explained to Pritam, "That these pictures where swami has the scarf in a turbin and around him are the final acts, its a symbol that swami has fully merged into Sai and is going back to him. The final mission is nearly complete, the body cannot contain the soul as its too powerful".






On this divine week swami and Sri Baba allowed me (Pritam Taqk) to stay whilst I was performing my exams. I saw the great ordeal swami has to go through in a week by himself. Swami suffers greatly by himself. Swami had not rested a single bit since the start of his penance. Every time swami had shifted into what we know as ‘Sleep’, Swamis body shifts into unconsciousness, this means that swami leaves his body and goes into the realms to do more work. Swami has been fighting great wars, majority of the wars swami has to sit still and take the pain, he cannot fight in many wars. This week was tough, the weather shift and what’s been going on in the planet, there had been many earthquakes where the earths plates had shifted. Swami had to take on all these shifts otherwise there would have been pralaya. This penance is great and very very important that swami completes it. The way the Earth and the universe has been shifting, it was near enough impossible to stop pralaya, hence why swami had to do an impossible penance. But this was only part of it.

I had many darshans and I kept seeing a new universe Sri Baba was sending swamis bhakti to. At this point Sri Baba and Swami had created two universes. If Sri Baba was doing this, what would happen to the current universe, the universe that we live in. It seems that as we are not listening and still allowing ourselves to be stuck in Maya even when God has walked the earth, there isn’t much hope left for mankind.


I (Pritam) was with swami on the second week of his tapasya and swami had grown his beard even more. Swami had told me more on what he was doing, but not fully. I went to ask Sri Baba of what swami was doing and what pain he is in. As I went up to see Sri Baba I asked to see what was happening to swami so I could know how to be with swami this weekend whilst he was in penance.

Sri Baba showed me swami and I saw swamis legs bruised up, they was black and full of poison, it was like swami was stepping in a pool of acid every time he walked. I saw swami in terrible pain. I couldn’t see no more as it was too horrific. Sri Baba said the main pain is in Swami’s stomach as he is swallowing all the negativity, there is poison being built up which is affecting everything. Swami was in grave danger. One slip and it could be all over, so to be with swami, I had to make sure I made no mistakes and didn’t irritate swami, just did as he asked. Swami had mentioned he was walking on razor blades. I also saw swamis hips all bruised. I didn’t know how swami could even stand and walk and talk, the horrific pain swami was in was really upsetting.

I asked Swami why he was doing this new project. Swami simply replied, if he didn’t there would be Pralaya (End of the world/Apocalypse).

Swami’s penance had allowed Himself and Sri Baba to build another universe, a new universe separate from any other with brand new beings. This was one of the results of swamis penance, but it still wasn’t finished.

I did ask swami how comes he had to go through this. Swami had mentioned that this was all planned, but I would have help with me, but they have strayed from this path which has left me to suffer even more alone. 


I (Pritam) was with Swami on the weekend, I met swami at the Gym and swami was doing his divine lengths. I offered my pranams and thanked swami for allowing me to be with him on the weekend, as now it is really difficult to be with swami, to even see swami as Sri Baba has gone very strict into who is allowed to see or even spend even 10 minutes with swami because of the level swami is now working on, he is really sensitive and even the slightest wrong energy can affect swami and his work.

Swami was very different when I was with him, he was speaking very less and Swami hadn’t shaved. When swami hadn’t shaved I knew then swami must be in tapasaya, as swami often doesn’t shave when he is doing a big project.

The reason why swami doesn’t shave, is not because he cannot shave, the reason is because swami cannot see himself physically, he is hardly in his body to see what’s around him, and when swami does look in the mirror, he doesn’t see that he has a beard. The other big reason is because swami is not in his body whilst he is doing his penance, he can cut himself shaving. It is very dangerous for swami to shave when he is in that state

I did ask Swami what penance he was doing and what he was going through. Swami said he couldn’t tell me but he did say it’s nothing I’ve ever done before, it’s all new territory, so one slip and it could cause catastrophe for the whole universe.


(Cobra Blue energy on Swami's Neck with blue energy form on Swami's head looking left)

(Sri Ayyappa child form on Swami's forehead)

(Swamis tiger form can be clearly seen around swami's face)

15th SEPTEMBER 2015- Darshan Regarding Sri Appas Divine Food

I (Pritam) was at work and Swami had rang me on my phone, he told me that he had made some divine food, and he has taken it up to Sri Baba and said to me go up and see if you want.

I went up to see Sri Baba. As I approached I saw Sri Baba and there was a table in front of him and there was a huge pot of food that was there. As I went closer the scenery changed and I saw all the gods and goddess sitting around Sri Baba and the food had an electric blue energy around it.

Sri Baba then opened the pot and I could hear prayers being chanted, I could hear swamis (Sri Appas) voice, it was so clear it was unbelievable because it sounded like I was at swamis house. The sound was being shot out into the universe and there was Aumkars eminating out, it was forming a bubble of energy around the Gods and goddesses. The energy approached me and stopped. Sri Baba then said to me, well come in then you’re not going to wait out there are you. I was so happy so I walked in and I felt so light. I physically felt like I wasn’t even at work. I then saw Sri Baba dancing and he was changing into Lord Appa ( Swami) and then back to Sri Baba.
It was amazing. Sri Baba’s Aura was changing and the food turned into a hoven, there was flames from the pot and I saw all the forms of Lord Appa ( Swami) coming off the fire, Sri Babas energy was eminating out into the dome. I saw other people running and trying to get into the bubble, but they couldn’t, it was like trying to get through glass, there was a barrier.

I saw another energy go off and it was going around the bubble, and then it fell like rain and I saw the energy all absorb into the gods and goddesses and then it fell onto me. I saw the gods and goddesses aura all change, they went golden, I asked Sri Baba what is happening and he said that there has been a new vibration.
Swami’s (Sri Appas) food has given them a higher vibration and you got it as well.
I then saw Sri Baba give out some pots and in the pots was some powder. He also gave out some food and he gave me some and I ate it. As I ate it, physically I felt it drop into my stomach.
Sri Baba then showed me the food going down my body, I saw the inside of myself and it was all mouldy on the walls, as the food went down it stripped it all and cleaned me inside. Sri Baba then said this has removed a thick layer of skin, black skin off you. I offered my pranams and thanked Sri Baba. Baba then said to me stay in stay clean and stay pure, when you go down don’t speak for a minute, let the energy absorb.
I came back down and did as Sri Baba said. After I rang swami immediately and I told him of my vision. Swami then said well done now you will see a change in you. You got the energy, don’t mix with anyone, people will try and steal this. I said thank you to swami for the amazing darshan he had allowed me to have. After wards I felt very different and very light. My senses seemed heightened and I felt full of energy.


On this divine weekend, I (Pritam Taqk) had the grace of being with Lord Appa. I was also running the Wolverhampton Marathon, raising money for the Blind.

Swami was still in penance at this time and he was still in more great pain. He couldn’t move whilst I was running the marathon. Swami had to sit still as he and Sri Baba was running this marathon

I had done no training or had gone on any special diet to perform for this marathon. The only thing I had was faith in Sri Baba and Sri Ayyappa.

While running I had to chant “Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhuvanthu’ all the way until I finished. There were many occasions where I wanted to give up, so many steep hills and so many obstacles mentally present trying to force me to quit, the pain was unbearable.

How did I do this, how did I managed to cross the finish line.
The answer was right there in my face, it wasn’t me but ‘HE’.
It was Sri Baba and Lord Appa who had ran this course, took all the pains on. It was proof that I didn’t run the race, very clear proof that this was Sri Baba and Sri Appa.

(Swami wearing the marathon medal whilst in penance)

(Swami in penance)

As soon as I finished the race, I rang swami and told him I had crossed the finish line. He was amazed and proud and told me he has cooked some food so hurry back.
My legs were not in terrible shape. I had blisters all over my feet, but still, I was able to walk comfortably. More proof that Sri Baba and Sri Appa had ran this race.

Sri Appas Divine Prasadam

As soon as I got to Swami’s House, Swami had made this delicious plate of food. I sat down and swami brought over the food to me. He had allowed me to hold the plate of food and take it up to offer it to Sri Bhagwan Baba. I was so amazed, this was never allowed before, but swami allowed it this once. I then took the food up, but as I was going up to see Sri Baba I saw my hands, up until my wrist go golden, as I went up to take the food, it was already there. I saw Sri Baba wearing an Adiddas Jacket with the marathon logo on the back. Sri Baba then smiled at me and said to me well done, we are very happy with you, there was a lot of negativity and everyone thought you wouldn’t have done this.

 I then saw Sri Baba wearing the medal from the marathon and then he materialised another medal and put it on me, he said you have ran the Baba Marathon. I saw on the medal his face smiling and on the medal from the actual marathon I saw Baba and lord Appa on there.

Sri Baba then looked at the food and smiled even more, I saw an energy come off the food and it went off into the universe. Sri Baba then turned into an energy, it was a golden purple energy and then took the food and it was like an energy as well. I saw Sri Baba then take this energy and sprinkle it on the Lingam that was created. I saw the lingam go golden and then another energy shot out from there. Sri Baba then closed the door and said this is a divine energy being created, it has never been done before. I saw all the gods and goddesses appear in front of Sri Baba and they were sitting down in meditative form. I saw Parm there as well. Sri Baba sprinkled the food onto everyone and then a lotus flower appeared. They were all sitting on a lotus flower. Inside the lotus flower was yellow with purple. I saw an energy shoot up from each lotus flower and in went through them, then the lotus flower closed and they all vanished.

I asked Sri Baba what this was as I was confused. He said to me this energy Swami has created is very divine, it’s very pure and very very powerful. Because swami (Sri Appa) is doing a penance and various other things. Making this divine food is a very big risk, one slip and it could cause serious problems for the universe. Sri Baba then smiled at me and I came back down.

Swami had then blessed all the items given to me from the marathon and then he also gave me a Bvlgari Shampoo. I was grateful. I took it up to see Sri Baba to say thank you, I saw Sri Baba there smiling and I offered my pranams. Sri Baba then said wait hang on and took the shampoo opened it and wiped it on my forehead, cheeks and chin and then washed it with water. I saw the water coming off my face black and then saw my face go golden.
Swami had also sent me up to offer my Lokas to Sri Baba. As I was there Sri Baba said, good boy, and an energy ball appeared, then Sri Baba absorbed it and said, I can use this and smiled and blessed me.

Sri Appas Divine Prasadam
After I had taken the food up to Sri Baba, it was around 5:15pm and the sun was at the back, and it had blessed the food.


(Swamis Divine new form created and a from holding the food).
As you can see above there are many divine forms. There is one that is so clear, it has an eye and a nose. I (Pritam Taqk) was curious to find out who it was. Swami then sent me up to ask Sri Baba. I went to see Sri Baba and he smiled at me and said. Well that energy, the new energy you saw created from the lingam. It’s another form of swami, a more powerful form that has just been created, we gave you darshan of it. I was so amazed and offered my pranams. I came back down and told swami of this and he confirmed it was correct.

6th SEPTEMBER 2015- DIVINE WEEKEND- Krishna Janamashtmi

rishna Janmashtami (Birthday) time. Swami had completed his Aums and Golden lengths he does in the swimming baths. He then told me (Pritam) to go up and give 1 normal length to Sri Krishna for his birthday and 7 Aums. Swami also said to give 5 Aums to Sri Surya and the rest to Sri Baba as it is his anyway. As I went up to see Sri Baba, Sri Baba was smiling, I said to Sri Baba that swami would like to give 1 normal lengths to Sri Krishna with 7 Aums for his birthday. Sri Baba then turned into Krishna and I then saw Baba turn into Baby Krishna.
When I (Pritam) saw Baby Krishna, my heart melted, my heart was so full of love, I just couldn’t stop smiling as I saw him, he was sitting there smiling and playing, it was so beautiful. I told Sri Krishna and then he smiled and I saw a flute manifest. A quarter of it was golden and the rest was a golden energy with a peacock feather at the end. I saw Sri Krishna playing it and I saw golden vibrations going into the universe. Sri Krishna then disappeared and Sri Baba then appeared. I was so happy and I thanked Sri Baba for the amazing experience. I said to Sri Baba that Swami (Sri Appa) would like to offer 5 Aums to Sri Surya. I saw Sri Surya appear and he said to me that I already received the grace of seeing Swami (Sri Appas) food, I am so grateful and he offered his pranams to swami. I then saw 4 golden flames or orbs appear in each of his arms and they shot out into a new universe and then I saw a star form and go golden. I saw Sri Baba after and told him that swami offers his bhakti to you as its yours anyways. Sri Baba smiled and I saw these Aums going into the universe, but they were going into a different universe. Sri Baba then said through these aums I can travel and do a lot of work, through Swami’s purity I am able to do that. I then saw Sri Baba in another universe and he was feeding these new energies and they started to grow and they sat in meditative form and I saw Sri Baba’s face in the sky. Sri Baba then looked at me and I saw his eyes go golden for a split second. He smiled and said did you see that, and I said yes. Sri baba then said when you go back down meditate on this.

I came back down and told Swami of this and swami then said to me to meditate as what Sri Baba said. As I was meditating, The whole experience started to be replayed, I went through everything but I saw every one have a golden aura around them. I then saw Sri Baba’s eyes and then I saw Sri Baba within me. It was very clear, the clearest its been for me. Sri Baba said, come and see me anytime, it should be easier now. I then saw Sri Baba’s Aura and it was changing every time, from white to golden, to purple to orange. Each time it changed I saw it go out into the universe. I asked Sri Baba what’s happening, Sri Baba said, this happens all the time, the colours represent different energies that are needed, so whatever is needed, is sent out. I was amazed. I came back down and told swami this. He said to me that this energy will stay with you, but don’t mess up, you will never be able to get this back, stay in stay pure and stay clean.

6th SEPTEMBER 2015- DIVINE WEEKEND PT4- Divine Food- End of day

It was heading towards the end of the day, Swami had made some more divine food because Sri Baba needed it urgently.
With the Grace of Sri Appa, I (Pritam) was allowed to take the divine food up and Sri Baba was there waiting. I saw the universe and there was a dark energy. Sri Baba took the food which was energy and put it into golden pots and gave one to Sri Brahma, Sri Vishnu and Lord Shiva. I saw Lord Vishnu and I was at his place, the water was so pure and clean I could feel it. I saw there was some chains on lord Vishnu’s feet, when he received the divine food from Baba, I saw them break and Vishnu then disappeared. I saw Lord Shiva feeding the animals and then they started to remove some negativity away. I couldn’t see what happened with Lord Brahma’s food. I then saw Sri Baba disappear into a new universe. I came back down and told swami of this.


(Gods and Goddesses came to see Swami at 10am 31st August)

(Swami's side profile merging out of the sun )

(Swami's light blue face coming out of the sun with two hands stretched out)


On the 31st August Sri App (Swami) had made this lovely divine food during the night and swami allowed Me (Pritam Taqk) to take Darshan of the food to Sri Baba.

I went up to see Sri Baba with the food. Sri Baba took the food and with it there was 5 copper pots, Sri Baba then took the food and then he held it with both his hands and it tuned into vibhuthi. He then poured it in each cup and then gave it to Lord Shiva, Sri Brahma, Sri Vishnu, Sri Saraswati and sri Laxmi. I saw Sri Baba then throw this vibuthi in the air and I saw energies going out. Sri Baba said this new energy has been created for divine beings, and then I saw Sri Babas face in the sky.

That evening I left to go home back to London swami had asked me to ring him when I got home to take up more food which he had just made.
As I got home, I rang swami and he had asked me to take the food up which he made, the same food but with a different taste. So I sat down and went up to see Sri Baba. The food was already there on Sri Bhagwan Baba’s table. He then looked at me and smiled. I saw Sri Baba take the food and he threw it up in the air and the food turned into an energy. I saw the energy go out into the universe and then it started to form into a golden ball, like the sun. There were energies being sent like a sonar effect into the universe. I then saw Sri Baba and there was a great big lingam in the middle and from it droplets of water was coming off the lingam and was forming new planets. Sri Baba churned it and the water went from milk to clear nectar. Sri Baba smiled at me and said this is what swami has created.

I came back down and told swami of this, he was in shock that Sri baba showed me this, swami had confirmed that yes a new universe has been created and that’s how it is done, you or anyone would not have known this, so I can confirm it is true what you saw.

The proof of this is the card Sri Appa brought from the garden center earlier that day. In the morning Pritam and Sri Appa braught some cards from the garden centre which indicated where there focus is.

(Card brought from Garden Center)

Sri Appa explained, “The cards that we brought all have a divine meaning to it. The card I brought is where my focus is and what should matter, the universe. You had got a card of the house. Sri Baba is telling you, your focus should be on this house. Look after the house and we will look after you. Swami then said very good, stay in stay clean stay pure.”


On the 25th August, I (Pritam Taqk) was at home, and swami had called me around 11pm and said to me, he has made a yogurt, quickly go up and see Sri Sathya Sai Baba to get the Darshan.


So I went up to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
 As I was there I saw Sri Sathya Sai Baba holding the pot of Yogurt and he raised it in the air and then I saw Baba take a very small golden tea spoon, and he took a bit of yogurt and then put it into a copper pot which had some writing and images on it. I couldn’t see clearly what they was. Sri Baba then mixed the pot and then he put his index finger in the pot and it turned into a paste. Sri Baba then made a statue of himself with the paste, with him holding a lingam. The statue was golden. I saw all the gods and goddesses and they were all in silence. Sri Baba then held the statue and said no one has ever been able to do this. My son has done it, hes made a statue of me. I then saw a golden energy followed by a white energy all enter the gods and goddesses. I saw Parmjeet there as well, she was wearing a red sari and had a red bhindi on her forehead. She was in meditative form, as were all the other gods and goddesses. They was absorbing the energy that was there.

The energy came to me, and Lord Shiva appeared and said I will hold this for you as you will lose it. I offered my Pranams. Then Sri Baba threw the statue in the air and it vanished. Sri Baba also vanished. I then Saw Sri Baba and he was sitting and smiling. He said to me the statue has been installed, it’s very powerful, the people in the different universe have been waiting thousands and thousands of years to be free, to come back to me. Swami had made this possible to free them. I saw a golden thread attached to Sri Baba and then a white light going up it very fast. Sri Baba said, they are free coming back to me.

I then saw Sri Baba make a golden sphere and a chakra disk which was golden and blue. Baba then put the sphere into the disc and he said, Swami has formed a new weapon. I came back down and told swami.
Swami said to me your energy must be getting more powerful. Everything you described, 85% of it was bang on, the yogurt I made was a paste form and can be used on a statue because of the ingredients. Stay in stay pure and don’t go out. You seem to be on track. Now once I get off the phone meditate on what happened and meditate on this phone conversation for 10 mins.

Pritams experience from Sri Appas Divine Prasadam

I started feeling lighter, going through the whole experience again, I saw it being replayed and I saw all the energy that was there. I then saw Sri Baba, there was a huge bath and Sri Baba said, clean yourself, so I went in and started cleaning myself. Sri Baba came and he started pouring water on me, mainly on my back.
I then started feeling even more lighter and I saw myself being back at Swamis house. Swami was sitting there and he was meditating as well and I was sitting there too. The room was dark and swami started glowing golden. We started rising from the ground towards the sky. Swami was sitting on a chair and turned into another form. He was fair skinned, had a crown on and there was a golden energy pulsating from swami.
I was there for a good 5 mins and then we came back down and swami was talking to me, the conversation we had on the phone was exactly what we was talking about but face to face. I then opened my eyes slowly and I saw swamis(Sri Appas) picture on the wall and a golden energy shot out from the picture into my chest. It was so real, words can’t describe it, the picture was glowing, I was struggling to look at it for a good 10 seconds, then everything went back to normal. I felt lighter and very different, what an amazing darshan I had. I am so grateful for this divine experience.
Thank you Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Appa (Swami) for allowing me to have this divine darshan.


On the 23rd August, Swami(Sri Appa) had just received this new Moldavite ring, it was a clear cut and the quality was amazing. Compared to all the other Moldavites swami has, this was rather small. We had been talking for time about Moldavite, how swami has gained so many and of the qualities the Moldavite possesses.

Information about Maldavite
Moldavite is such an extraordinary stone and one of the most powerful Stones. Moldavite is a tektite-a mysterious group of glassy objects that is the product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago. It is believed to have fallen from the sky only once, over what is now called the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. Found only in the Czech Republic, these green gems are among the rarest minerals on Earth-perhaps rarer than diamonds, rubies, and emeralds (hence why it is expensive).
Prized by humans for thousands of years, they are still given as gifts from royalty to royalty. Stories of legend associate Moldavite with the legendary Stone of the Holy Grail, an "emerald" said to have fallen from the sky, and a talisman for the healing of the Earth and having the power to accelerate one's inner growth and spiritual evolution. Even those not usually sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy of Moldavite because it's undeniably powerful.

Moldavite heals the third eye and opens up the heart chakra. When that happens an individual will find themselves releasing held emotions that is no longer serving them, but actually dragging them down. When this dead weight is lifted, a person’s physical body and chakra systems is able to heal. The heart is free from emotional pain, and rapid spiritual breakthroughs can take place then. Psychic powers begin to surface, while inner evolution is rapidly taking shape and form.

Pritam Taqks experience with Sri Appas new Maldavite ring
Swami had gained this new marvellous Moldavite, which was small in size but the stone itself was flawless.
Swami then gave me the ring and said to me to hold it. Immediately after holding the ring I felt a burning sensation on the palm of my hands where the stone was. It is said that Moldavite carries an intense frequency, holding this stone for the first time often produces a sensation of heat.
I (Pritam) swam with the stone for one length and then gave it back to swami, then immediately I felt a burning sensation of where the stone was, I couldn't understand how this could be as I was in cold water. Swami then said to me it looks like something has been installed. Swami could see it. I went up to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba immediately and when I was with Baba I could see this pyramid shaped green stone in my hand, there was a green energy emitting from it. It was none other than Moldavite. Sri Baba looked at me and smiled, I offered my pranams and Sri Baba then took the stone from my hand and said to me, I can use this to kick start people’s lives, to help them. Then I asked Sri Baba what is the Moldavite, who is it from and how was it created.

Sri Bhagwan Baba explains Sri Appas connection with Maldavite, what is Maldavite? And the significance of his new Divine Ring!

Sri Baba then explained,
“that a very small part of swami is Moldavite. Swami has that energy within him. There’s a cloud above everyone’s head when people walk and depending on what you’re doing, it builds up for good or for bad. Moldavite brings down all the bad things and puts it in front of you for you to go through so you can move on.
This ring that swami has brings it all down in one go, so the pain and grief you have to go through is immense.

I (Pritam) then asked where is the Moldavite from?,
The scenery quickly shifted and I saw Sri Sathya Sai Baba sitting and he was holding a child, Sri Baba then said this is swami (Sri Appa), it’s my son,
I saw Sri Sathya Sai Baba smiling and was stroking Swamis (Sri Appa) hair, it was a beautiful scene between father and son and the love. Swami then was playing with an object, a green energy was coming from it, I realised it was Moldavite. Instead of the energy going into Swami, the energy was coming from swami, he was forming Moldavite. Then the Moldavite stone fell and it disappeared. Sri Baba then put swami down and as swami was walking, there was so many different forms of Sri Sathya Sai Baba around swami, when swami was about to fall Sri Baba came and picked him up.

The scene then shifted and Sri Sathya Sai Baba was sitting on a chair and smiled at me and said, “Good, now you know all about Moldavite”.
 He blessed me and I came down and told Swami of what I saw. Swami confirmed it all.

Sri Appas Divine Discourse

On this day Pritam Taqk earned the Divine Grace to be with Lord Appa.
Lord Appa shared with him the following discourse regarding "who is your God".

Swami explained. " we should all know where we come from and who our God is. Swami explained, in another way quoting Sri Narad Muni, who chants Lord Narayana's name all the while. Sri Naradmuni is from Brahma but his God is Lord Vishnu, Devesh also is from Brahma but his God is Sri Vishnu. You also need to go and ask who your God is, we know you’re from Shiva, that is there, but who is your God."

Pritams experience given by Sri Appa
So I sat down, and went up to go and See Sri Sathya Sai Baba for the answers using the ability of astral travelling which Sri Appa installed inside of us.
I offered my Pranams and asked Sri Baba who is my God, Baba smiled and I saw lord Shiva appear in front of me, he said you’re from me, and I will be the only one who will accept you. I am your God.

Who does Swami (Sri Appa) Belong to
Swami (Sri Appa) also asked you should go and ask also who my God is and who I belong to. I went up to see Sri Baba and I asked him who is Swami's God?, Sri Baba smiled and he said "its me, he is from me and he belongs to me, I am his God. I’ll explain, Swami (Sri Appa) has reached Lord Shiva and Sri Vishnu, but swami was never satisfied, he always wanted more, when he started praying and aimed to reach me, he was satisfied. It’s like this, Sri Ganesha can eat and eat but never gets full from anyone, only when his mother, Sri Paravti feeds him he is full, its the same with swami, he will never be satisfied from anyone except me, only the nectar given from me, is he satisfied".
I came back down and told swami this, and swami said Sri baba always explains it a good way, that’s absolutely correct.
Sri Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Yogananda
I went back up again to search for answers of who Sri Mahavatar Babaji was, I asked Sri baba and he said, he is from Shiva, him and Shiva are one. I came back down and told swami and he confirmed what I saw. Swami then said you should meditate and ask why Sri Yogananda always comes up in topic with yourself, is there a connection.

(Sri Mahavatar Babaji)

Sri Appa teaches a Meditation technique
Swami then told me you should try this technique where you put your thumb on the side of your temple on your head where you can feel your pulse, and your fingers on your head like an antenna as your searching for answers. I did as swami taught and my vision became even clearer performing this technique. I then told swami I could see Sri Baba very clear and Lord Shiva and Swami said see it works. I then turned to swami, and swami said, just this once I’ll allow you to use some of my energy, I offered my pranams to swami and thanked him. I went back up and focused on Sri Baba and then Lord Shiva. I saw Sri Baba look at me and then I saw Lord Shiva from Sri Baba's chest, I saw Lord Shiva sitting under a tree, I then saw a yellow light come from Lord Shiva’s third eye, and then I saw Sri Mahavatar Babaji sitting in a meditative state, he was wearing no shirt, had on white trousers, his hair was long jet black reaching to his shoulders and, behind him was yellow flowers and around his head there was a white glow and outline was glowing yellow. I offered my pranams and I came back down.

Picture taken by Sri Appa
(You can see the Light coming with an orb of energy. The light in the picture was exactly the how i saw Sri Mahavatar Babaji come from Lord Shiva's Third Eye)

I told Swami, and he said that’s correct, he is Shiva, Para Brahman knowledge. I then went back up to hopefully see Sri Babaji again, and he was still there I then offered my Pranams and he pointed to his head and said focus, silence your mind.

Sri Mahavatar Baba Ji talks about Swami (lord Appa)
Pritam asked Sri Mahavatar Babaji, who is Swami, is he really who he is?, Sri Babaji then showed me who Swami was, he was Lord Appa, he was sitting with Sri Baba and I was small as an ant, and maybe even smaller. He then said to me Swami is Baba, they are one.

I came back down and told Swami, he said silence your mind, your everywhere sit there and focus, fill your mind up with Shiva. I did as swami said, and swami then said go up and ask what you can wear, what will help you get closer to God. I went back up to see Sri Babaji and he said, an item cannot get you closer to God, it’s up to yourself. I came back down and told swami and he said yes that’s true but I meant ask what you can wear for protection. I went back up and asked Sri Babaji and he said a blue opal will be good for you, it will help you stay focused. Sri Babaji Said also, be inspired by my life, only then you can reach Lord Shiva. I came back down and told swami and he confirmed everything I saw. Swami also took a picture of me and the light seen from the window proves what I saw, I couldn't believe it.

Swami (Sri Appa) then said just stay pure,stay clean and stay in. Sri Baba also said the same thing to me. They said I am on the golden path, don't spoil it, stay in stay pure stay clean.

Divine Mission to Lake District

On the 6th of August, We had found out that we had to go to lake district, when I (Pritam Taqk) told swami that it had been confirmed, that we gained entrance to the Sai retreat, which was taking place in lake district. Swami was thinking that we didn’t have to go, then all of a sudden a rainbow appeared where swami lives. We questioned it again and then another rainbow appeared on top of that rainbow, we knew then we had to go, because the rainbows then appeared in front of me, two of them as it appeared in swamis house, it was gone from swamis, that’s when we knew that swami didn’t have to go, but me and Devesh did. Me and Devesh was given this task to go to Lake district to do our prayers and be a part of the region 5 Sai retreat. Once I found out that I had to go I was scared because this was out of my capacity. I went up to see what was at lake District and why I had to go there. As I went up to see Sri Baba I saw lake Windermere and I saw the water then turn black and there was something black inside the lake, I then saw the clouds turn black and I saw lots of witches floating over the water, they were wearing black long capes and where draining all the people there and polluting the water. I came back down and I found out that I had to go there because there was things there that were my doing, so I had to go and clear my things up. Swami had given me a way out and that was to throw my ring in the water. The ring I had on was very powerful, it has the power to absorb anything negative around me and then convert it into light, this was the only thing protecting me and the only thing that could close the portal at lake district.

Coming towards the day we was going to set off on Friday, swami had called me and Said to come to his house so that we could go together. I was so happy that swami was going to go there as well.

As we set off on Saturday, the journey was 2 hours and 30 minutes from swamis house,however it ended up being a 4 hr 30 min journey. As we was going towards lake district, there was so many accidents and cars that had broken down, the route that we went through was different as well, we went through many cities and I saw swami in great pain. Later I discovered swami was in a lot of pain going through these cities. Swami Said he found it very hard to breathe and thought he was going to die because of it. As we was arriving to lake district, we started questioning ourselves thinking if this was the place Sri Baba was sending us, was we in the right place?, as soon as we Said that, we looked in the sky and there was an ‘X’. I couldn’t believe it, I asked Sri Baba what the 'X' was once we reached our destination and why Sri Baba has put us in the town of Burrow in furiness instead of where the retreat was, Sri Baba Said that this was where it all originated from, there is a lot of witch craft and negativity which all started form here, the portals are all here. I asked Sri Baba about the 'X' in the sky and all he Said was JACKPOT, meaning we had arrived where Sri Baba wanted us to arrive, it was amazing.

(Picture taken in the car while driving to lake district)

We went through the town and went to the GYM. As we was there Swami asked me to go and see Sri Baba to ask if he does any Prasadam lengths, will it benefit. I went up and asked and Sri Baba Said of course, but there will be a great force trying to stop you as the negativity has manifested over many years. So swami then went to do the lengths, Swami found this very hard, I was looking at swami and I wanted to see what was happening so I went up to ask Sri Baba if he could show me, what I saw was dark beings stepping on swamis back, they hooked swamis legs and there was an anchor trying to pull him down into the water making it harder for him to swim. I told swami this and he confirmed what I had Said.

We got back to the hotel and we sat down and had a drink, once swami had drank his coffee and he put the spoon down and as he lifted it up, there was a profile of Sri Padmasambhava in the plate. I couldn’t believe this, it was so clear.

(Below on Sri Appas plate can be seen the form of Sri PadmaSambhava in the coffee. Also in the golden wrapper can be seen the face of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.)

(Below in Sri Appas coffee can be seen a hand blessing.)

The next morning we had brought divine water that was made at swamis house with us, swami had poured this over his feet into the drain and over his hands into the drain.

(Below can be seen Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babas form in the water next to Sri Appas thumb)

(Below can be seen one of Sri Appas Divine forms in the water and also his knee)

(Again one of Swamis forms can be seen in his knee)

(Below can be seen one of Sri Appas Divine forms in the water)

(Below can be seen a trishul appearing in the water from his fingertips)

(Below can be seen another Divine form sliding down the water)

Swami then dried his hands and feet on two towels, one of the towels swami Said go and dry your face with, I did as swami Said and I looked in the mirror and my face was glowing, I had become very light and felt amazing. Swami then Said to go and see Sri Baba to see what had happened. I went up and Sri Baba Said the water swami poured in has already taken affect, I saw the lake become golden and the water also went down the port hole. Sri Baba then looked at me and smiled. I came back down and it was time to go to the retreat, before we set off we was having breakfast and a young child walked over and stood in front of swami and started waving goodbye, out of everyone she could of said bye to, she came over to swami, it was amazing, she could see who swami was and she stood there for over a minute waving goodbye to swami. After that we had left to go to the retreat. On our way we passed lake Windermere. It was time to throw my ring in, but through swamis compassion he gave me his bangle and a wooden sphere and told me to throw this in the water. I did that and we went onwards to the retreat. As we got to the retreat, it was like our mission had ended, Sri Babas Aarti came on and we became apart of that, that was the signal to say the mission was over, we had done everything in Sri Babas timing, it was such an amazing feeling. The whole trip was amazing.

We had prasadam that was being served there as one of the Sai devotees insisted we come in for food, so we went in, I got the food for swami and I sat down and swami then said here eat my food, swami gave me his food of which I was allowed to eat off his plate, swami has not done this in a long time and I was so thankful. I went up to see Sri baba and he mentioned this means there’s a chance for you to be eating with us every day, there’s a job and a house that is in your grasps near swami. I offered my Pranams and came back down and was sooo happy, I couldn’t believe it, I said to Sri Baba I will strive for this and Sri Baba smiled and said good boy.

We arrived at swamis house on Sunday august 9th, Swami then asked us to take up the Bhakti for the weekend. Doing this swami would offer all his bhakti for the weekend which will leave him very weak and wounded. But swami does it all for Sri Baba. As I went up I asked Sri Baba how the bangle was more powerful than the ring, and he Said your ring is very powerful, it would have absorbed the negativity there and would have closed the port hole, but it wouldn’t have destroyed it, it would have had a timer which will be for you to destroy over the years and even births depending on your actions. With swamis grace the bangle you threw in the lake, each gem stone represented swamis fighting forms, which destroyed the negativity in the water and the beast that was there. It also closed the port hole and destroyed the negative forces within the porthole. The bangle hit 10 dimensions, it purified the universe. I then saw Sri Baba moving really fast, he was helping people, feeding people, the animals, making the garden, then he finally stopped and arrived at this Shiva lingham that was created from Swamis bhakti, he then threw up the bhakti and there was Shivalings on top of Shivalings, each having its own river flowing to it, and each drop was having a ripple effect until it got to the final Shivaling, it dropped into an ocean which turned into milk and then I saw sri Baba churning the milk and then it became golden. I then saw one drop that came from it and it turned clear, Sri Baba Said no one in this universe has ever or will ever get close to creating such pure bhakti like this, this is me. I was amazed and Sri Baba blessed me and touched my head and Said be a good boy keep going. I offered my Pranams and came back down.

On our travels swami also bought this amazing Azurite stone, the price of what it was being sold at was amazing, for what it actually was worth, it was worth tens times to what we bought it at. We went up to see what the Azurite represented, and Sri Baba Said to me that this is a universe and inside it is another three universe, no one has the capabilities of creating this, only swami has through his bhakti.

(Below on the top left can be seen the Azurite. In the azurite can be seen the form of Sri Appa, the same as in the river Manasoravar and the divine huvan.)

The Weekend mission was a success, I was so happy, swami also gave me the ring back that would protect me. I knew I didn’t deserve it but through swamis compassion he had given it to me again. I’m so grateful for this. Thank you so much Swami.

On august 11th, swami had rang me, he had his tooth taken out, and when this was taken out, the smell that was coming from it was horrific. So swami asked me to go and see what had happened. I went up to see Sri Baba, and I could see him very clearly, it was amazing, I asked Sri Baba about swamis tooth, and he Said this is the after effect of the mission. Swami absorbed all the witch craft and the parasites that was in the northern water, it’s the after effect of the poison swami had swallowed to save millions.

(On saturday 8th August after Swami had shown the Divine Profile of Sri PadmaSambhava, i was taking pictures of Swami. We looked at them and there was vibuthi on the side of swamis Face, this was present on 3 pictures and then it vanished after. The side of Swamis Face where the vibuthi was on, was the exact place where swami had his tooth taken out after the weekend.)

(Then the vibhuthi dissapeared)

 Sri Baba also Said to me everything is in your path to have a good life and good future, there are things in the way which can be released by your honesty, clear it, Sri Baba Said a new job a new life a house is all there for you, be good, stay pure, and stay away from bad company.

Pritam Taqk

Trishul Manifested in Leaf
Sri Appa was swimming prasadam strokes, (meaning every stroke he does while swimming and chanting Aum he offers it to Bhagwan as Prasadam). He then asked if this working as he was chanting Aum , and while he was swimming out side the leaf fell on him from the tree. On the leaf can be seen the form of a trishul.
Then as he was in Perton a Sandal wood Sri Ganesha appeared.

Below can be seen Sri Appa holding his knife. On the knife can be seen one of the faces of Sri Appas divine forms.
This form is known as:
Aum Sri Swami Kanda Appa Namah

This picture Below was taken at Sri Appas Mother's house at the entrance of the back gate. The Divine form of Sri Appa can be seen in white protecting her.
Next to Sri Appa can be seen a Divine Aum Sign as well.

Pritam Taqks Experience 26th July

A week ago  swami had sent me a a picture of Sri Bhagwan Baba with a pot full or rothi/Chapati.
I went up today (by the ability of Astral travel given to me by Sri Appa)  to offer the divine swimming lengths swami had swam and the other divine work swami had done on the previous day to sri Baba. I said to sri Baba ' swami offers his work he has done to you as a instrument of God' Sri Baba smiled and looked at swami and laughed. Sri Baba was siting on a golden table. As Sri Baba took the bhakti offered by swami, i saw the energy merge into Sri Baba and i saw his robe being fixed, the holes in Baba's robe was fixed and then Sri Baba started glowing golden. I saw the energy in Babas arms and i saw him clear a cloud like on people. Baba said these people are doing divine work and they are not aware, people contracted have failed, why shouldn't i help them.
I saw their lives get better and the sun started shining on them. Then Sri Baba started making dough to make chapatis and then he sat down and started making chapatis, they were stacking up on a bowl just like in the picture and he was sprinkling divine water from what swami had given to Baba. Before i went up swami had also told me to give a stroke of swamis Swimmings lengths to Parm. I told Sri Baba this and whilst he was making the chapati, parm came and she was wearing a purple dress and she offered her Pranams and Baba then took a chapati and it turned golden. She turned to me and said tell swami i love him and that shes so sorry for what she had done. As she ate it she transformed, i saw her dressed in red and she was jewelled up. She then drifted into bliss and vanished. I offered my Pranams to baba and he said wait here and gave me a Rothi i took it and said thank you and he said hang on wait and took some butter and put it on my chapati and said i know how you like it. I laughed and offered my Pranams again and i ate the rothi and i felt my body getting cleaned and sri Baba said good boy keep going your doing well and stay pure. He smiled and blessed me and i came back down. It was swamis wedding anniversary the next day which explained why i saw parm dressed in red and wearing jewels.

When Bhagwati Srimad Sai Rajeshwari came to the UK and stayed at Sri Appas' house, Sri Appa performed the Aarti to her. In the smoke can be seen the forms of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba with Sri Bhagwan Appa.

Below can be seen one of Sri Appas God forms  behind his head while he is in the water in Karella.

Below can be seen the form of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba on Sri Appa's Sleeve.

Sunday 5th July
In the robe of Sri Appa can be seen one of his Divine Forms.
This is his Bear Form.

In the robe of Sri Appa can be seen one of his Divine Forms.
This is his Sage Form.

Below on the sleeve of Sri Appa can be seen his Divine Ape Form.

Above can be seen a number of pictures where Sri Appa has manifested his Divine Ape form. On the Top Right, Sri Appas face changed into his Ape form.

Below Sri Appa took a picture of a photo of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In the hair can be seen a cobra (snake).
Later Sri Appa took another photo and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba can be seen smiling at him.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Below can be seen Aumkars in the food made by Sri Appa at his mums house.

The flowers which are grown in Sri Appas garden are always offered to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as you can see below.

One of the flowers which swami placed on top of Sri Bhagwan Baba was pushed onto Sri Appa just as he was thinking of something in his mind. This confirmed sri Appas thought.


Sri Appa had acquired the below two Divine Ammonite Shaligrams. In the Shaligrams can be seen Various divine Forms of Sri Maha Vishnu.

In India, ammonite fossils are identified with the god Vishnu and are used in various ceremonies. They are mostly collected in Nepal, from the bed of the River Gandaki where it cuts through Jurassic sediments. These fossils are known as "shaligram shila".

With the ability of Astral travel which was given to us by Sri Appa both Devesh and Pritam left their bodies and went to see Sri Bhagwan baba to ask about these two Divine Shaligrams;

Pritam Taqks Experience
I went up and I offered my Pranams to Bhagwan Baba, he was smiling and the sun was shining behind him. I saw all of the Gods and Goddesses sitting as they were waiting for Darshan. Baba then had the two Ammolites and they where bright and then he started spinning them on his finger and there was an electric blue light emitting from both the shaligrams which changed to all of the colours from the rainbow.
I saw Sri Vishnu come out and Sri Lakshmi dancing together in harmony and there were rays coming from them. I also saw Sri Krishna playing his flute and then I saw sri Vishnu Playing the flute.
Sri Lakshmi then blessed me and gave me this flower which had the colours of the ammolite, it was bright and then Lord Shiva came and said il hold this for you, this is very special and said pass exams, new life will begin.”

Devesh Bawa’s experience
I closed my eyes and went to see Sri Bhagwan Baba. I offered my Pranams to him and he took me to Vaikuntha. There I saw Sri Garuda standing strong and next to him was Sri Vishnu and Sri Laxmi Devi. Sri Bhagwan Baba told me to offer my pranams to both of them. So I offered my pranams to Both Sri Vishnu and Sri Laxmi and they blessed me and showed me this;
Sri Laxmi Maa transformed into a huge, beautiful Pink Lotus flower. (this was one Ammonite Shaligram)
Sri Vishnu t transformed into a beautiful golden Sudarshana Chakra spinning at a tremendous speed. (this was the other Ammonite Shaligram)
The sudarshana Chakra then floated above the Lotus Flower and rested perfectly on top of the petals, while the Lotus flower grew brighter and brighter.
They explained, “The Sudarshana Chakra Protects and looks after the Lotus flower so that it can nourish and spread its beauty. Lord Appa has not only achieved Sri Laxmi Maa and Sri Vishnu, but he has achieved a very special form called Laxmi- Narayan. This form represents their union-ship in its highest form. Hence why both shaligrams fit like a jigsaw. In the western part of the world it is known as Yin & Yang or in India it is known as Shiv-Shakti. This is the Divine Form of Laxmi-Narayan.”

Sri Appa confirmed that One of the Shaligrams is Sri Vishnu's Chakra which spins on is finger and the other is Sri Laxmi's Lotus Flower.

On the top right you will see the face of Sri Ayyappa appearing in the smoke of a firework on the 4th July. On the bottom right you can see the form of the Divine Pure Goddess across the face of Sri Appa. This is called Shakti Shaasta.

Above you can see the form of Sri Hari Shast lying across the head of Sri Appa.

Divine Prasadam

Sri Appa used to do Divine Homas for Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, however then Sri Bhagwan taught him how to cook. So From then Sri Appa started cooking and taking the Prasadam to Sri Baba and then it shares out to the universe and creation. On Many Prasadams he cooks there are Divine Forms and experiences.

Above can be seen on the side of a Mocha Cup, the form of Sri Appa holding the tray of prasadm with one hand and taking it to Sri Baba.  Sri Appas head can be seen facing towards the left of the picture and he is holding the prasadm in the air with his hand.

Below are examples of Prasadam which has been cooked by Sri Appa and has had many Divine Forms manifested in them.

Sri Appa showed Sri Jesus in his hot chocolate. Jesus's Divine form appeared inside a hot chocolate.

Above can be seen the Divine Form of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba holding Sri Appa as well as another example below.

Below can be seen Divine Aumkars which have appeared in the Prasadam Made by Sri Appa.

Below can be seen in the Divine Prasad made by Sri Appa, the form of Sri Ganapathi Sastha Appa Aum.

The Divine Form of Sri Ganapathi can be seen below on top of a pie made by Sri Appa.

Below can be seen many divine forms and beings in the prasadam made by Sri Appa.

Below are some examples of When Sri Appa would manifest Divine Gods, Goddesses and Celestial Beings in his Huvans.

Here Sri Appa was Bringing Sri Saieshwari to Life

Above can be seen the form of a horse. This is Sri Appas Divine White horse.

Here you can see the form of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba within the flames. He is on the left handside of the picture. Swami can be seen looking towards the right.

This Divine Homa was peformed in 2006. Here can be seen Lord Sri Ayyapa in his child form. He is looking towards the top right hand corner at the Golden Shiva Lingam in his right hand. His head and eyes, mouth, nose and ears are all very clear.

Sri Appas Jayanti


This was a three day festival, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This Occasion was extremely special for many reasons one of which was due to it being fathers day on the same day as Sri Appas Jayanti.

On Sunday we did Bhajans and prayers at Sri Appas Mother's house. The bhajans lasted for 2 hours in which Sri Appa had graced us by singing and chanting many beautiful bhajans and slokas. After which using the ability of astral travelling which Sri Appa installed inside of us we went to see Bhagawan Sri sathya Sai Baba.

(Above can be seen Sri Appa Pushing his legs into the earth and doing the lotus flow mudra.
As in the divine Darshan below, he is creating the Divine Lotus Flowers and pushing them into the earth

Sri Appas Experience

In the morning Sri Appa sent us this message

"I've just come back from Sri Baba the bhajans where a great success. I saw my mums area full of different Lotus flowers as Sri Baba was there tending to the People and the area. The negativity had been destroyed and i was helping the people from which i had a little injury. The Sun was shining and there was bliss everywhere. A Huge Multicoloured Water Lilly appeared to as i asked Sri Baba a question.

Sri Baba said this Lotus flower will take you home. Also my Mum was telling me she could feel Bhagwan Baba all around and in the area."

The style of Lord Ayyappa asana (state of sitting) may be called Arddhasana, Yogapadasana or Yogarudha Siddhasana. This status of sitting does not reveal the visrantibhava, but reveals the mood of asceticism
The strength and power can be seen through his legs as he pushes his divine energy down onto mother earth.

Devesh Bawa Experience

I saw these huge beautiful golden balls of Light around Sri Appa. As i closed my eyes Sri Appas form changed and a golden path leading upwards appeared and he said to me " devesh go this way and follow the path".As i followed the path Sri Bhagwan Baba appeared and took me out of the solar system to the top of a beautiful Mountain and there i saw 2 thrones. On one of them there was a beautiful Strong Warrior glowing and dressed full of golden armour. He had a black beard. This was one of Sri Appas Fierce Forms.

He was sitting looking down towards a Vortex. Sri Bhagwan Baba Said this vortex contains the whole of creation. We can see what is happening in every inch of creation through this vortex. He then went next to Sri Appa and put his hand on his shoulder, smiled and said, " My Son".

They then told me to go inside of the vortex and see what is happening. As i stepped inside of the vortex i could here these two beautiful voices chanting Aum. They were in sync with one another and sounded so perfect together. I then saw these Golden balls of light dispersing from Sri Appa and went to all of the Gods, Goddess, Saints, Sages and beings around the creation. They were eating and enjoying these Golden Balls of light. The two voices were that of

                  Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Swami Sai Appa.

Sri Appas Mother then informed us that when she went up she saw Sri Brahma and a ring of fire around the world in which a Female Goddess tried to extinguish the fire with water however couldn't do it, the fire was still blazing high.

So under the instruction and guidance of Sri Appa we went to see Sri Baba and requested the trinity to come with us, (Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu). We appeared in the heavens and there we gave the message from Sri Appa to Sri Bhagwan Baba, to take what is needed from Sri Appas Bhakti to extinguish the Blazing Fire. Sri Brahma then stepped forward with tears of Joy in his eyes, thanked Sri Appa and merged with Sri Bhagwan Baba. Sri Bhagwan then reached to the sky and in his hands was this Golden crystal coloured Gel and he poured this over the Fire. The fire dissapeared however the red coal was still there. Sri Brahma said, " the red coal is there to warn my people to behave and not to cross the line".

Under Sri Appas request I then Offered 108 of Sri Appas Swimming lengths to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on behalf of Sri Appa. At this Point Sri Bhagwan smiled and laughed, even when Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma requested this he still continued to smile and laugh. Then infront of us appeared Sri Appa in a beautiful child like form dressed in Pure white.

Sri Appa Said, "Its my birthday today are you not going to accept my Gift". It was at this point that a tear dropped from Bhagwan Babas eye and he grabbed Sri Appa and held him tightly. They both transformed into two white butterflies and spiralled upwards until only a beautiful golden light could be seen. All of the Gods, Goddesses and Divine Sages and Saints were watching this Darshan in Awe.

Pritam Taqks experience

21st June was Swamis Birthday. This birthday was a very special birthday, it landed on a Sunday the day Swami was born and it was fathers day. Swami had come full circle in his life. This was a day swami could of potentially gone home back to Sri Baba.

I Arrived on a Friday, going into a Saturday. This was going to be a 3 day festival, on Saturday it was Swami’s mums birthday. Swami had cooked before hand and we had the grace to take the food to see Sri Baba, as I went up, I saw a golden pathway and I saw a great palace, it had the words ‘Happy Birthday Sri APPA’ with Sri Baba’s picture next to it. As I went in I saw all the gods who were dancing and chanting swamis name, I placed the food on the table and it spread out, the whole table was filled with the food. As Sri Baba lifted the plate of food it turned into an energy and he said’ no one has ever been able to do this, my son has done this, everyone sent on earth has to fulfil their contract, they will then receive a piece that fits in to make this ball, as no one has done it, my son has done it and this was the final piece’. When Sri Baba placed the final piece it started glowing and then Sri Baba placed it into his chest and the words ‘ APPA’ came out, this energy went into everyone that was there, as it came to me Lord Shiva appeared and said ‘ I will hold this for you as you will lose it, it will be with me until fulfil your contract on earth’. I was so grate full for this. I came back down and explained to Swami what had happened. He had said to me that this energy that you received will destroy the demon side to you, all that will be left is the god side, you just have to stay good and fulfil your path. I was soo happy that I had been given this opportunity.

The 3 day birthday festival had started, when it was Swami’s birthday, swami was in a fierce form, it was very hard and difficult to be around him as he was fighting up in the heavens so we had to watch every step we did. Swami was born 9:50am, that was when he was officially born. We had spent his birthday at Swami’s mums house where we started to do bhajans. When we was doing bhajans I could see the whole room glowing, and the energy that was in the room felt soothing and it was so physical you could actually feel the change. As we started the bhajans I was making a lot of mistakes, going out of tune, so swami had sent me outside of the room, after a few bhajans swami then called me inside and I then sat the bhajan and started taking pictures and singing. I later found out that the reason swami had sent me outside was to destroy something that was around me, I had taken this from when we was at swami’s house as I did something I wasn’t meant to do, as swami’s house represents the universe, one thing out of place can cause a great imbalance in the universe and in our lives, if I had listened, I would not have been in that situation where swami had to destroy whatever was around me, , swami had done this out of his divine love to which I am so grateful for. Once I was in the room bhajans where going on swami’s energy had shifted as we was singing bhajans, I could see the balls of energy coming from swami and it was going through me. When swami sat down on the sofa, I could see petals of flowers falling on swami, physically I could see them, I can remember white and yellow flowers and swami’s feet covered in flowers.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was watching this. Swami then allowed us to take the bhajans up and also told us to offer his 108 lengths he does in the swimming pool as his birthday present to him. I went up and took Sri shiva, Sri Vishnu and Sri Bramha with me as Sri Baba wouldn’t take the lengths. As I offered my pranams and said Swami offers these lengths to you, sri baba looked and then shiva Vishnu and brahma stepped in to say what swami had said about the lengths. Sri Baba took it and Sri Baba was soo happy, I saw Baba then sprinkling this energy in a river and as he sprinkled it, the river started turning clear. 

Sri Appas Experience with Dr Bageeshwari Devi and Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj

31st May 2015

Sri Appa

"I Went to See Dr Bhageshwari Devi in Leicester. As i sat down Sri Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj started talking to me through the picture, it came alive. Then after that i could clearly see him in Sri Devi's Face as we watched the DVD on his teachings and discourses. As i left i sang two bhajans outside the house, once finished people/ neighbours were coming out from their houses and thanked me as the sun came out of the clouds.
I was treated with alot of Love and the Prasadam food was full of Divine Love.
God Bless You all
With Joy Sri Swami Sai Appa

That Morning Sri Appa informed us that he Must go to Sri Devis House as Sri Sathya Sai Baba is sending him there. When we arrived we found out that the elderly Lady who owned the house had been previously praying to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to have his darshan.

Sri Appas form in Pebble

Below can be seen Sri Appas Divine form in a normal Pebble/Stone. Sri Appa manifested his form in the pebble to show us that everything in this creation is DIVINE.

Which ever way you turn the stone Sri Appa has placed many Divine forms on there.

Pritam Taqks Experience

A year ago, swami was telling us that we need to go to the theme parks and chant ‘lokah samastha sukhino bhuvanthu’ around the area, north ,east south, west. Swami had bought us annual passes so that we could go whenever we wanted, do the work and then we was able to go on the rides. The first theme park I went to with Swami was to Alton towers. When I was there swami had told us to go on the rides whilst swami waits, every ride we seemed to get on always got stuck and as we was stuck on the highest point of the rides, I done my lokas. So from the year before swami was telling us there is negativity in the theme parks we need to remove or else millions will die including children. So we done as per swamis orders and went down Thorpe park and done 1008 lokahs nearly every week. When I got there for the first time and done my lokahs, I went up to see Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to offer my lokahs and I saw snake that was manifesting and swami was there fighting it saving the children. There was always dark clouds around Thorpe park, and whenever swami had told us to go there, the clouds use to shift. Of course we was the smoke screen for swami to do the work, as one of us was there, then swami could be there also.

We had done this for the duration until the annual passes had expired. Knowing now that in the news they had found rollercoasters being faulty and luckily only people got injured, no one died. I could not believe it, swami was right, if we had never done our lokahs there would have been tragedies as swami was saying, swami was actually saying this two years ago at the time we went to Alton towers.

The feeling of having a purpose and making a difference is unbelievable, just knowing I contributed to help save the lives of millions of children.
Swami had told us if we had never done the work, there would have been tragedies.
How it would have started is the rides would have de-railed, killed the people below and on the ride, then due to all the electrics around, the place would have caught fire, this would have been a domino effect to all the theme parks in England.

Gurpreet Taqk

From the grace of Sri Bhagwan swami sai Appa and Sri Sathya Sai Baba me, Pritam and Devesh were given a mission that involved us going to Thorpe park to chant our 108 Loka Samasta Suvinho Bavanto. Whilist we were there we would chant 54 Lokas facing north and 54 facing south.

Through the grace of Sri Appa we were all given a 1 year membership at Thorpe Park.

During my time at Thrope Park I would be chanting my Lokas and when I would finish chanting 108 I would give my Lokas to Sri Sathya Sai Baba and he would bless me and once I came back into my body the sun would shine bright if my Lokas were successful.

Once I had finished doing my Lokas I would then go on a few rollacoasters and chant my Lokas. I would specifically go on one ride that would go to the highest point and I would chant my Lokas.

It was later confirmed by Sri Appa that there was a massive demon at Thrope Park that was there to cause chaos. Through the grace of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Appa I was used as an instrument to help clear the negativity.

Devesh Bawa Experience

By the grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Swami Sai Appa I was allowed to do seva at the Theme Park, Thorpe Park.
Swami had informed me of the serious situation regarding the negativity which was lurking around that particular area and that innocent lives will be harmed.

So prior to going I did some research and found that there was a ride which was removed due to ghostly apparitions and hauntings which were affecting the customers and harming the staff.
Also in 2009 six members of staff suspended after they were caught conducting a late night séance using a Ouji Board which led to a string of ghostly happenings.

Every week we would Chant 54 “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” facing North and then chant another 54 facing South. So in total 108 Lokas were chanted before we went on any rides.
While waiting in the Quee’s and on the rides I was also chanting this Mantra. As I would offer my prayers to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba the sun would always shine brightly regardless of whether it was raining or cloudy.

During one of the visits Sri Swami Appa allowed me to go and see Sri Baba (Swami gave me the ability to astral travel and leave my body) and request him to show me what was so negative about Thorpe Park.
I saw this huge dark figure which was reaching almost 60ft in height and was living in the lake which surrounds this theme park. Nearly every week which I was there one of the rides were experiencing technical problems or there was a fire. However no one was ever injured or harmed.

Sri Appa and Sri Baba later confirmed that this is why the three of us, Myself, Pritam and Gurpeet were sent to do Seva at Thorpe Park. As long as we were there physically present, Bhagwan Sri Sai Appa could also be there and combat the negativity, spreading his divine light throughout the whole area.

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Below can be seen in the Divine Prasad made by Sri Appa, the form of Sri Ganapathi Sastha Appa Aum.

Below can be seen the Divine Form of Sri Appa with the peacock feather behind him in the Flower Petal.

Gurpreet Taqk Experience

On Tuesday 19th May 2015, I was sent on a mission by Sri Appa and when I had got home I video called Pritam Taqk and whilst I was talking to him the image had frozen for a couple of seconds which gave me the chance to take a screen shot. Once I finished talking to Pritam I then looked at the image and could clearly see Shirdi Sai Baba in the image.

I asked Sri appa if that was shirdi baba and he had confirmed I was.

Below can be seen one of Sri Appas divine forms above his head aswell as the the Aumkar just below Sri Appas right cheek towards the left of the picture.
Both the Divine Form and the aumkar have been outlined in gold below.

Below can be seen a face towards the right-handside of the picture. This the form of one of the souls which Sri Appa is saving.

Below you can see Sri Appas hand and beneathe this can be seen the form of a Divine Rishi.

Above you can see the the Child form of Sri Appa in Swami Appa's curry.

London Virgin Marathon 2015

Aum Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Aum Bhagwan Sri Swami Sai Appa

Pritam Taqks Experience

On the 26TH April, I was given the grace to run the London Marathon for a charity called ‘Refuge’ who deal with domestic violence and abuse against women and children.
I signed up to do the marathon late October and started training on and off. I underestimated the difficulties of the marathon, not only running it to complete it, but also to chant Lokah Samastha whilst I was running around London. The main thing I did was controlled my diet and the intake of food. I had managed to slim down by controlling what I ate and doing exercises regularly. At the start of January I started to go gym regularly and was strengthening my body and whilst running on the treadmill, I was practising chanting Lokah Samastha whilst maintaining my pace. I did find this difficult, having been out of training for a long time.

The day before the race whilst I was in my room, I had noticed that my hibiscus plant had bloomed a yellow flower. This was the second time this has ever happened, and I felt so happy, I then knew that the run the next day was blessed. I did go and see Sri Baba and Shirdi Sai, and they had said that they had blessed me on this run.
The Day finally approached, in the morning of the marathon I prayed to Sri Bhagwan Baba and Lord Ayyappa to bless me on this run, so that it would be successful. I done my stretches and made my way to Greenwich park where the marathon starts. I met Gurpreet there and after checking in we made our way to the start line.
The race began at 10;10am and we was off, gurpreet had started speeding ahead of me, and I kept to my normal running pace, so that I could maintain it throughout the course of 26.1 miles. The atmosphere was amazing, there were so many people who had come to watch and cheer on the runners. This was going to be by far one of the biggest achievements. As I approached mile 6, I had got injured, one of my muscles had pulled, and from there I had stopped. I wish I had never stopped as my legs started cramping up. From this point on, I had suffered excruciating pains, I then walked and jogged to mile 10 and wanted to give up, I was ready to give up, I was still chanting my Lokhs throughout and was listening to Sri Babas chants whilst chanting the Lokahs. I carried on through with great difficulty, walking mostly and jogging when I could. The time was catching up on me, I started thinking I would not get the medal as you had to complete it under 8 hours to get the medal. I was Praying to Sri Baba to help me as without him I could not do it. I knew that Sri Ayyappa was running this race for me as there was no way in the condition I was in, that I would have been able to carry on from that point. As I got to mile 14 I was panicking and people were going past fast, I was still doing my lokahs whilst going and praying to Baba for help. I then met a guy who was walking through the race, by chance I asked him if he thought we could do this under 8 hours and get the medal, he reassured me and said yes if we keep this fast walking pace, I made a marathon friend and he kept me going. My prayers were answered, Baba had come to help me through this gentlemen, he never left me and encouraged me to keep going as I was falling behind, we walked a painful 12 miles which took 3 and a half hours. I was still doing lokahs and kept my mind focused on Baba s voice. After getting to the last stretch, my marathon friend was still with me, our legs were so beat up we was limping, we managed to cross the finish line together. Once I crossed that finish line, I was so happy, I thanked Baba and Lord Ayyappa for getting me past that finish line, I finally got my medal and I couldn’t believe it, me and my brother had completed the 35th London marathon. My time was 7hrs and 14 mins.

I tried to stretch immediately but found it hard to bend down to reach the floor or even to walk. Getting home was hard. I wasn’t able to walk down stairs or walk at all to that matter, getting on and off the train was difficult. I had never experienced so much pain, even when I sat down, I struggled getting back up, and so I tried not to sit down.
Swami had rang me and had congratulated me on completing the marathon, he said he was proud of me, and when he said that my heart had lit up, I was soo happy that I had done something positive in my life. Swami had said this will be your back up so if you make mistakes in the year, you have this to fall on.
The next day I had to go to work for a presentation, getting up was the hardest as my legs were hurting, I did not know how I was going to go to work, it wasn’t as simple as driving in my car as I had to go to the city. I had managed to get out of bed and slowly walk to refresh myself. This took me 2 hours to get to work where it would have taken me 1 hour, I struggled to work, but I was happy with my achievement. As I walked into work my colleges had all congratulated me and cheered me on coming into the room, I was wearing the London medal and I received hefty donations from my colleagues for completing the marathon which went towards my charity.

I got back that day and I went up to offer my Lokas to Bhagwan Baba on behalf of Sri Ayyappa. As I went up to see Sri Baba, I saw my self wearing white. I offered my pranams and thanked Sri Baba for allowing me to do this run and for allowing me to do this great seva for London. I also spoke on personal terms about my life and Sri Baba had said, the flower came out before your run, it signals a new beginning for you, and then I saw Sri Baba wearing yellow, as it was a yellow flower that bloomed in my room. I was soo happy, I asked Sri Baba if it was possible for me to do another run next year for a charity and Sri Baba said yes I bless the three of you doing the next marathon. The lokahs worked so well, having three positive energies do this will benefit London greatly. I then offered my pranams and as I got up to walk away, Sri Baba said, wait where are you going, and splashed water at me and then smiled and blessed me.
I came back down and spoke to swami straight away and told him of my experience. Swami had said, it’s confirmed by Sri Baba, you three will be doing the next Marathon.

Gurpreet Taqks Experience

Under the instructions given by Sri Bhagwan Appa Aum I was told to participate in the London Marathon 2015 and run for a charity that supports people that are affected by domestic violence as this is something Sri Bhagwan Appa Aum supports.
Domestic Violence is also something I have been affected by, from my parents and was something I wanted to support and also spread to message of what my chosen charity; Refuge does.

I was accepted by my charity in September, however I didn't start my training for the 26 mile marathon run until a month before the run which was a result of my laziness as the most I had ran was 8 miles.
On the day of the marathon I was instructed by Sri Bhagwan Appa Aum that I should chant "Aum Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhuvathu" throughout the whole run from start to finish.
During the marathon, once I had reached the 14 mile marker I suffered an injury on my left knee which meant I struggled to run, which as a result meant I had to limp the remaining 12 miles.
Thankfully through the blessings of Sri Bhagwan Appa Aum and Shirdi Baba I managed to complete the marathon in 6 hours 16 mins and received my medal.

Once I had completed the marathon I then went up to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba to thank him for being with me through this marathon and to also offer my Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu . When I saw Sathya Sai Baba he looked at me and smiled and said "well done" and materialised a gold medal and put it on me

Devesh Bawa Experience

With The grace of Bhagawan Sri Sai Appa and and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba i was allowed to partake in the Virgin London Marathon 2015.
Swami Rang me in the morning and told me to go see Sri Baba.
Sri Appa gave me the ability to astral travel so I went to see Sri Baba he was wearing orange and was sitting on a beautiful throne. As i went closer he reach towards me and he wiped my face three time and blessed me.
When i informed this to Sri Appa he told me to do 1008 Loka Samasthas (3x).
The first set was done on my way to the marathon, central london. The second set was done when i was there and then the last set was done about 30 minutes after the second set.

After i had finished the third set of Lokas, i could smell a strong fragrance of Vibuthi and Jasmin flowers and lavender.

I offered my lokas at the lotus feet of Bhagwan Sri Appa and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and i saw a golden fountain. This fountain was dripping with Amrit (which is a Divine Honey like substance from the heavens known as nectar).
Baba then told me to wash my face in the nectar three times and then he told me to drink the nectar.

Below can be seen a Divine form in the sky behind Sri Appa. The form can be seen towards the left of Sri Appa and this is his Appa child form.

Below you can see on the left side of Sri Appas head one of his forms has appeared in the form of AUM in the sky.

Now Sri Appa had moved the form

In the front of the garden Sri Appa had installed a beautiful stone lingam. In this lingam you can see the form of a child. This is called Sri Sai Balak Appa Lingam.

In the back of the garden Sri Appa lit the candle, which stayed alight for Seven days and then melted in the form of Sri Ganapathi. This Form is called Sri Ganesha Appa Shasta.

In the rose Quartz crystal next to the candle you will also see the natural form of a Eagle.

Below is a discourse given by Sri Appa during a conversation with a devotee:

"Water can give life and take it away,
It can be silent or roar like a lion.
Be like water,
Flowing sound of love to all of mankind,
Then all will smile.
Like the beautiful sun it rises and sets with a smile,
Nature is with the elements
Welcome to the cosmic Dance."

Below you can see many divine Miracles (Leelas) whereby Sri Appa has sprinkled water on various objects and Aum Signs have appeared.

Below you will see Divine Aums which have formed in the lingam water which was dropped on Sri Appas Kitchen Table.


Below sri Appa has installed a beautiful white crystal in the front of his garden. He has manifested many Divine Aums which can be seen very clearly.
The Aums can be seen in the red

Sri Appa installed a new Stone in the front of his garden and after putting his Divine energy in the stone you can see many of his divine forms.

Below you can see Sri Appas Divine Sri Ganapathi Form in the stone with his trunk and face looking towards the right of the screen

Below can be seen the Divine form of Sri Kirshna Appa with Sri Ayyanar, with a silver face.
Sri Ayyanar can be seen looking towards the bottom left of the picture and Sri Krishna Appa can be seen looking towards the bottom right.

Below on the top left you can see the Form of Sri Ayyanar (Silver face) and in red Lord Appas Sri Ganapathi Form with other swaroops.

Sri Appa conducted a Divine Havan on Shivaratri as well as a Lingam Pooja and cooked Food for the Divine Gods, Goddesses and beings.

As mentioned below this Divine Havan was the synthesis of the whole creation. This had never been done in history and this was an impossible task. Lord Appa had conducted the havan in his Divine Garden with the New Divine Lingam, Aum Sri Sathya Sai Brahman Nithya Lingam.

1-2 weeks after this, Swami started to show some discomfort. He then gave to me a silver box and asked me (Devesh) to go see Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

(Sri Appa gave me the ability to astral travel, leave my body and travel to different dimensions, heavens etc).

  • So I went to see Sri Baba and straight away we appeared in Greece in the middle of a huge stadium with all of the Gods and Goddess watching us. Baba then said here Sri Appa took incarnation in the time of the Greeks. He was Aristotle.
  • We then travelled through the centre of the earth and appeared in Egypt . Baba said here Sri Appa took incarnation as Akhenaten who was known as one of the most famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
  • We then travelled even further and appeared in Africa in a huge temple. Sri Baba then said here is where Sri Appa took incarnation as King Soloman.
  • Then the final place we visited was the humble abode of Guru Rimpoche, Sri Padma Sambava. We appeared amongst the Himalayas near the Manasarovar River.

I asked Sri Baba why he had given me the divine grace to see all this and what connection this has to the silver box. Sri Baba said the item in this box is connected to all his incarnations even though Sri Baba only showed me a few of them.
Swami then opened the box and inside there were two twiglets. You can clearly two forms, whereby one form is holding the other upright. This is Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba holding Sri Appa. The projects (Divine Havan, Lingam Pooja, plus many more) which Sri Appa had taken on were so intense that it had never been even considered or thought of let alone attempted. This represented that the end of an old body and the birth of a new body. Sri Appa has surpassed all his incarnations and forms and had reached a level which had never been heard of, thought of or even created. You can see there are two of the same, meaning two of Sri Appas Bodies are finished.

Below you will see a crisp shaped in the form of a heart. This was in the packet of crisps which Sri APPA was eating after we came back from Leicester.

The represented the emotional body which is the 1st body Sri Appa had achieved.

The second body will represent the Mind.

Second Body achieved 5th April 2015

"The Mind is Aum. Swami came last night and we lived in a castle on the hill. "

Sri Appa.

The Aum can be seen on the crisp and the Mind represents the second body.

Below can be seen the newly form of Sri Appa merging inside of him. Below you can see two forms merging in each other.

20th March 2015 Solar eclipse
20th March a total solar eclipse occurred. Sri Appa had already informed us that on this day it is best to stay home, because the photons from the sunlight will be blocked around the world and this darkness will cause a change in people.
Anyway to save creation Sri Appa braught the Su

n to Perton and kept the sun safe at his house. Below you can see the pictures of the sun in Perton and how the eclipse never occurred not even a single cloud was seen, whereas around the world there was darkness.

Darshan of Sri Appas new Kaala Shaasta Form
I went to see Sri Baba and he took me through the various dimensions into a new universe and into world and into a cave. Inside this cave I saw a dark but beautiful Divine Form sitting. The energy, vibration and Divine Rays which were emanating were like something I had never experience before. Deeply and Loudly this Divine Form was chanting. Baba then held me and we flew away from the cave and out of the world and outside of this particular universe. To my surprise I could still hear the chanting however it was louder than ever before. Baba then said to me this is Sri Appas “Kaala Shaashta form”. It is so powerful that no being, God or Godess can even enter the universe it resides in. The whole of creation can hear the sound and vibration of his chanting.

21st/22nd March
We went for the weekend and we decided to go for some breakfast. However on-route the plans were changed and we went to Leicester instead. About 10 minutes before we reached Leicester Sri Appa asked me to ask Bhagwan Baba why he is sending us to Leicester etc.
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba informed me that as Sri Appa had done the impossible again by protecting and sheltering the SUN at his home and protecting the whole of creation, he had actually broken spiritual rules and the negative side were extremely upset by this. In retaliation they have sent one of their strongest and biggest forms to fight Sri Appa. I saw this huge black warrior and around him has was trying to capture the various universes. Sri Baba Said, Similar to Sri Appa this dark Negative Form has also been doing a Severe Tapasya (penance) and has obtained many boons from the Gods. After 4-5 hours we came home and Sri Appa showed me a beautiful bracelet of stars and Moons and he explained that one of these stars is 1000x bigger than this world. This is what he had achieved. So he placed the bracelet in a brass pot along with his pendant which he is wearing at the moment to protect me as a
AAstral travel to see Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Divine Darshan
As I went up I saw Bhagwan Sri Sathy Sai Baba standing in front of me and he showed me the war which took place in Leicester. I saw This Huge Black Form and then I Saw Sri Appa flying around him on a golden horse. Sri Appas form was a lot smaller compared to this Demon however it was so fast that he couldn’t even see him flying around. Sri Appa then extended flew closer and his Sword grew and he chopped the demon’s head off.
Baba then
said that this Demon w

as so powerful that it would have captured many universes and heavens and would have caused havoc everywhere.

As per Sri Appas instruction I offered this bracelet which he had achieved to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on his behalf. Tears started to role down the eyes of Baba and the Sri Appa appeared. They said to me” Devesh what hurts us most is not what humanity do to us but when we have to sentence them for their bad deeds. I then looked down and I saw millions and millions of souls in hell trapped for eternity, some were humans, Gods, Goddesses and many forms I didn’t recognise. I then saw all of these forms turn into Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Sri Appa then said to me, “See everything is God, when creation cry we Cry. When you smile we smile”. Baba then said because of what Sri Appa has done and the fact that he surrendered everything to him. Sri Sathya Sai Baba was able to use this and give every single soul in creation a SECOND CHANCE. Even those in the darkest places in hell were given a second chance, however they must work hard and show change.

ll of a sudden I heard singing, praises and there was light shining everywhere. Sri Bhagwan Baba and Sri Appa then took me to a new heaven which I had never seen before. In front of my eyes I then saw them turn into small children and they were holding hands and laughing. They then turned around and walked into this huge immense golden light. As they walked off I saw them turn into two Beautiful golden Sages and they continued to laugh

. As they continued walking into the light their forms was changing Synchronously until they both disappeared.

Below you can see Sri Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Sri Appas neck

Below you will see Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Sri Appas Chest.


Holi is a spring festival, also known as the festival of colours. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia.

Aum Shri Swami Sai Appa giving darshan on Holi.

"Living Amongst you all, He has sent Me

He is God"

Aum Shri Swami Sai Appa

On the below picture can be seen one of Sri Appas Divine forms. This is his Priestess Devi Form.

On the below picture can be seen one of Sri Appas Divine forms. His Bear form holding his pure fire form in the centre of the flames.


As I went up I saw Sri Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba sitting on a throne in front of Millions of people.
I offered my Pranams and he told me what Sri Ayyappa had done. Bhagwan Baba Said, “Sri Ayyappa had done the impossible, Lord Shiva has performed the yajna himself on Shivaratri. 

Baba then showed me the Havan and around it were four Divine ultimates. There were the three Sai’s (Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai and Prema Sai) and Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa. This Divine Havan was the synthesis of the whole creation. This had never been done in history and this was an impossible task. Lord Ayyappa had conducted the havan in his Divine Garden with the New Divine Lingam, Aum Sri Sathya Sai Brahman Nithya Lingam.
Sri Ayyappa had changed history and created something which was impossible to create. He had created a Divine Lingam called the:

Aum Sri Sathya Sai Brahman Nithya Lingam.

I went up to enquire what this lingam represented and I saw in every particle and atom every created throughout creation stood the trinity, Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai and Prema Sai and holding Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa. The light emanating from this beautiful Form filled all darkness in all of creation.

Lord Sri Ayyappa had then cooked Divine Prasadam for the Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, all of the Gods and Goddesses and Divine Beings.

He had used the Divine Radiation from the havan and put it in the food by cooking the food over the havan. Bhagwan Baba said the energy in this Divine Prasadam is Infinite.

Below are pictures of this Divine Havan which contain many divine forms of Gods and Goddesses.

In the picture above you can see the Divine form of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Baba in the Sri Brahman Lingam.

Above can be seen the divine form of Sri Ayyappa in the candle next to the Divine Sri Brahamn lingam.

Above can be seen again the Divine form of Sri Ayyappa holding the havan from beneathe the Kundh.

Below the Divine Mother Goddess form of Sri Ayyappa can be seen standing in the fire.

Above can be seen Many Divine Forms in the flames of this Huvan. Below again can be seen forms including at the top of the Huavan a divine face can be seen.

Just above the first blue line can be seen a Divine Form holding what appears to be a weapon in his hand.

Below can be seen the Divine Form of Sri Ayyappa standing in the havan with small fire angels in front of his face and around his head.

Below you will see many Divine Leelas taking place in the Lingam Poojas conducted by Sri Bhagwan Ayyappa.
Below can be seen the Lingam Pooja conducted by Sri Appa before he has manifested any Divine Forms in the bowl.

Below you will see in the bowl three forms.
These are the Divine Forms of Sri Appa, Sri Amma Rajarajeshwari and Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai baba.

Below Can be seen the Divine Form of Sri Ayyappa as Mother Goddess in the Lingam Water Bowl.

Below can be seen Sri Appas face with a pearl hair band on the side of the bowl in the Golden Light.

Above you will see in the outlined Blue box is the Divine Form of Sri Padmasambhava.

Along with the same Sri Ayyapa Darshan given near the Mansarovar River. Just above the Green outline can be seen the Aumkar and at the top of the page outlined in red can be seen Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Prema Sai

Here can be seen a more clearer picture of Sri PadmaSambhava.

Again another picture of Sri Padmasambhava can be seen outlined in Blue.

Above you can see the Divine Golden Age form of Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa lying down.

Above in the bottle of water can be seen the two Divine forms of Lord Shiva and Sri Ayyappa next together outlined in Blue.

On the rightside of the picture can be seen sri ayyappa dancing in the water with a large Cobra looking above him. The hood of the cobra can be seen over the head of Sri Ayyappa.

Below Sri Ayyappa is giving darshan of some of his Divine Sri Shiva Forms

 Above can be seen a collection of Divine Leelas by Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa. In the Top can be seen a divine lingam which Sri Ayyappa has manifested his face in. This face is the exact replica of the face which he manifested near to the river Manasarovar. On the bottom right can be seen Sri Ayyappas Crown

Below can be seen a detailed picture of the lingam.

Below can be seen another collection of Divine leelas.

On the top left you can see the form of Sri Ayyappa holding a lingam and looking towards the right of the screen. On the top-right of the picture you can see a divine form dancing in the flames of the Huvan.

Above Sri Ayyappa manifested his face in a piece of paneer at a restaurant in wolverhampton. The eyes nose and mouth are clearly visible.

Below Sri Ayyappa manifested one of his divine forms in the smoke of the incense stick. This form can be seen in the robe of Sri Ayyappa.

Above can be seen the divine form of Sri Ayyanar (one of Sri Ayyappas incarnations) appear in the rose flower. On the bottom right hand-side you will see the divine form of Sri AYyanar in the smoke of the incense.

Above can be seen the forms of 2-3 divine cobras coming from across righ-side of the picture. Also in this picture you can see Sri Ayyappas face in Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babas photo behind him.

Sri MakaraSankranthi

Makar Sankranti that occurs every January is an auspicious day for Hindus. It is also a special time for devotees of Lord Ayyappa who undertake the pilgrimage to Sabari hills where they offer prayers and converge to witness a spectacle called Makar Jyoti or heavenly light

Above can be seen the form of a Man in the palm of Sri Ayyappas Hand. Throughout these pictures you will be able to see many forms. These forms not only the Divine Gods and Goddesses on other realms but are of those individuals who are merging with Sri Ayyappa.

Above can be seen many divine forms. Two forms can be seen at the top of the page on the left hand side, looking towards sri ayyappa. This is Sri Ayyappa working on the different realms.

Here Sri Ayyappas form had changed. As you can see he can now be seen with a long beard coming down the picture.

Above can be seen the divine Form of Sri Ganapati with his trunk coming down towards the head of Sri Ayyappa. Then at the bottom of the picture can be seen a Tiger its mouth open looking towards the right.

Below can be seen many divine forms. One of each can be seen in the centre of the picture holding what appears to be a sword with his left hand and looking forward.

Mount Kailash and Mansarovar 

Mount Kailash seems to stand as an immediate revelation of the Almighty in Black Granite form.. Interestingly with a geographical perspective of being one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world, Mansarovar Lake is revered as a sacred place and drinking the Holy water from the lake is believed to absolve one of all his sins. Thousnads from all over the world journey to this Divine abode with a belief to bring about salvation (Moksha) and washing away all the sins of life. Pilgrims have constantly journeyed immense distances to achieve enlightenment, braving enormous distances, particularly harsh weather for centuries.

Below can be seen a collection of Divine Leelas shown to the world by Sri Ayyappa.One of which can be seen whereby Sri Ayyappa has shown his divine form at the Divine Mountain Kailash by the Sacred River Manasoravar

On the top right can be seen the divine form of Sri Ayyappa dancing in the fire. This form is looking towards to the right of the screen

Above in the Divine Huvan, there can be seen a form looking towards the right holding a Lingam in his hand. This one of Sri Ayyappas Divine Forms. This is the same form which can be seen next to Mount Kailash.

Why Sri Ayyappa’s Form appeared next to the Divine Mount Kailash and the sacred river Manasarovar?

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
explained to me, (Devesh) that one of the biggest Spiritual gateways lies in this area. This gateway can access even the most hidden spiritual realms and worlds.

Hence to protect creation Sri Ayyappa stands guard and no one can pass into or out of the gate without his permission. Only Lord Shiva has this right and Sri Ayyappa is both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Buddhists have named Mount Kailash Garu Rimpoche, meaning “precious jewel of snow” and a gigantic mandala. According to the legend it is the abode of Chakra Samvara and Guru Rinpoche – Padma Sambhava, who brought Buddhism to Tibet and beyond.

Sri Padma Sambhava being one of Sri Ayyappas Divine Incarnations.

The churning of the ocean was also done at this point hence why it was so successful. Many of the Divine Items obtained were from the deepest parts of the oceans or from the other Divine Realms.
Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash are two of the holiest pilgrimage areas to devotees of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Bonism and many other faiths.

Above can be seen the form of Sri Ayyappa next to the Divine Mount. Kailash in detail. Looking towards the left of the screen.

At the top of the cup can be seen the new Divine Form of..
SAI ( Swaroop of three forms).

The Divine form in the middle can be seen holding a small child. This small child is Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa.
This Divine Miracle took place in Sri Ayyappas coffee cup.

On the top Left Bhagwan Sri Sathya sai Babas Divine Form can be seen looking towards the right hand-side, (highlighted in blue). This picture is the inside of Swami Ayyapps Coffe Cup.

In the below Picture can be seen Sri Ayyappa in his Golden child form pouring Gods Light into the universe.

Below can be seen the Divine Form of Lord Ganapati on the pastry of Sri Ayyappas Pie.
Sri Ganapati can be seen in the centre of the pie, sitting in the centre of another form.
This Divine Form is Sri Nandi. (Lord Shiva’s Vehicle, Bull).

The Divine Form of Sri Ganapathi can be seen below

On the plastic cover of a dessert Pot can be seen the form of a Divine Angel flying towards the Left of the picture.

 Above are some of Swami's many miracles performed which are available on the site.

Divine Experience on -13th December 2014


On the 13th December, I was with Lord Ayyappa on this very auspicious day. Swami had come down dressed in his Blue and Gold robe, something which swami doesn’t do, it was an end of a chapter, before winter solstice. Swami had been in horrific pain. The pain swami was going through was something very big to do with the planet and the universe. As I was taking the pictures of swami shown below, I saw many miracles and the miracles are shown below in the pictures were Sri Baba can be seen with swami. Swami was emanating gold energy, you could feel his energy pulsating, it was a calm soothing energy that could be felt, it was like nothing I have experienced before. We was talking about the pain swami was going through and he had mentioned this is nothing like he’s ever been through, swami knew clearly this is not him, Sri Baba was holding him as he couldn’t do it himself. As swami was talking about Sri Baba, swami said that Sri Baba is the almighty, we are nothing, he controls everything, the blade of grass won’t move without the will of Sri Baba, I am but an instrument of Baba, I keep myself pure and clean so that he can do his work through me. When swami was talking the flute fell towards swami, it was confirmation of what swami was saying. I couldn’t believe it.
I Later went up to see Sri Baba about the divine miracles that occurred today. As I went up, my body fell still, it felt like I was floating, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. As I was going up I saw a platform, a walkway and on the side was sprinklers being turned on, the birds were chirping and singing, I walked into a room and I saw Shirdi sai sitting on a rock. I approached shirdi sai to offer my pranams and behind shirdi sai the scenery changed, the skys was full of stars and I saw a bright 7 point star, I thought this could only be the star which appears on Makara sankranthi. As I looked at the bright star I saw Sri Baba come down with 2 balls of energy on each of his hands, like they were two children he was cradling, he then merged them together and a tray of light was emanating from his arms, it was the birth of St John. Sri Shirdi sai and Sri Baba and Swami gave me darshan of how St john the divine was born, The star belonged to Lord Ayyappa, this was the same star that comes out on makar sankranthi. Sri shirdi sai then told me to sit down and meditate and I saw sri shirdi sai rolling some dough, then he said to me go and see Sri baba. I turned around and went to see Sri baba and I offered my pranams. I asked Sri baba how comes I was allowed to come, ive messed up a lot, I am very gratefull but just confused. Sri Baba said, we don’t forget anything, just carry on and realise the mistakes you have made and learn, be a good boy. I asked Sri baba about why swamis was going though this pain, Sri Baba told me it’s the close of the final chapter. Sri Baba didn't go into too much detail of what was happening. He then showed me what was happening when I was taking the pictures of swami. I saw swami and then behind swami I saw another form with three heads, they were wearing crowns and was emanating a gold aura with pulsing blue lights. Sri baba then took me and showed me what was happening, I saw the house open up and swami turned golden, I saw different beings offering their pranams, all the gods and goddesses offering their pranams, swami was giving darshan to the universe.
I offered my pranams and Sri Baba blessed me, he said this is the last Christmas for swami, The time of St john was a very divine past. I stayed awake until sunrise with Lord Ayyappa, the energy from the Darshan had kept me awake, I was finally allowed after all the mistakes I had made, to resume my Shiva ling puja again.

 St John the divine can be seen, Swami is looking at St John and St john is looking back at him, a side profile

Above Padmansav Baba can be seen holding his staff on swamis robe.

Above you can see Padmansav Baba on swamis robe.

Above is a picture of Padmansav Baba

Above you can on top of Sri Baba's head is a trishul and the other is Padmansav Baba.

Above you can Swami's soul merging in Sri Sathya Sai Baba signifying last Birth.

Above you can see Lord Ayyappa in swamis robe




On the 22nd November, we went into Sri Bhagawan Baba's jayanti, which started from 6pm. We went to willenhal mandar because swami was asked by sri shirdi sai if he could come there and clean the place from negativity. Swami had mentioned there are some good souls at this mandar and that their prayers had been heard.

It was amazing as when we was there they had a statue of Lord Ayyappa. Swami had mentioned, he has to come if there if a statue of Himself, Is next to any of the Sai incarnations, in this case it was Shirdi sai. When we had asked to bring the Ayyaappa murtee to swami, the preist said he couldn't as the rituals hadnt been performed for the statue but they did agree that swami can go and see it where it is situated. As we walked over to the statue, we unwrapped it and then swami said bring it over infront of shirdi sai. The priest at that moment didnt object to anything. He knew that swami was Lord Ayyappa himself.

There was other people there who was doing constant seva and one particular lady had a very bad experience with a guru she mentioned. She explained how they trusted him for two years and at the end he had changed and took everything from them. Since then she had lost trust in any other guru but still remained to carry out her seva at the mandir.
swami had a good chat with her and amazingly you could see towards the end her faith in god was re united again. Before we was going to leave, we was asked to sing bhajans. So we started off singing bhajans and it was so lovely as everyone started comming in and sat down enjoying the bhajans and they also got out instruments which was lovely. Swami was so happy, it was very rare that swami actually got up and started dancing, this never happens, swami was cleaning everyone that was there, his energy went so high it cleaned the whole of europe. It was amazing swami then came round to me and tapped me on my head to remove the demon that was within me created by myself of my own doings. I was so grateful to Swami and Bhagwan Baba, they had destroyed it within seconds. I felt better and towards the end my face had changed, it was glowing again . Swami had said whatever mistakes you had mAde where gone, like it never happened . I couldn't be more grateful to swami and Bhagwan Baba for this grace.

                                           On the 23rd November
Swami had woke me up at 6am as the water pump outside in the back-garden wasn't working because the hose had come loose. Swami tried fixing this but couldn't and asked me to do so. The water was splashing everywhere hitting the lingams and then hitting me. Once i managed to do it i came back inside and swami had mentioned he was out there for an hour trying to fix it and then knew that Sri Baba had left this grace for you, the water splashed from the lingams on you, your sins have been cleaned. I was soo grateful i couldn't thank swami and Sri Baba enough.
After i say down and another miracle had happened, swami was showing me the rays coming off his body, i could see them before but this time they was so clear and was shooting up faster then before. Swami then lifted his feet and from the bottom of his feet i saw more rays. I couldn't believe my eyes, i finally understood why swami doesn't go out as much, everytime swami walks the rays are shooting into the earth.

I also went up to see Sri Baba and thank him also for the many miracles and the grace he had given to me. As i went up i saw willenhall and swami dancing, swami was in a female form and behind him
I saw lord shiva and lord vishnu dancing which was amazing, i had never seen that before. I mentioned it to swami and he had mentioned that would happen because we took the demon out. Your Divine vision is coming back.


 Devesh Bawa Experience

We walked into the willenhal mandar, temple with Sri Ayyappa (Swami) and in front of us were 4-5 beautiful statues of Sri Durga Maa, Lord Rama, Sri Laxman and Sri Sita Devi. As well as a huge Shiva Lingam and a 6ft statue of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

However the energy and atmosphere was dark and heavy and it was almost difficult to breathe.
We walked further into the temple and Swami sat in front of Lord Shirdi Sai’ Statue and started singing bhajans and chanting Divine Mantra. While he was doing this I saw a golden ball of light emerge from Shirdi Sai’s Charan and stretch to Swami. A bridge of Golden light had formed between swami and Lord Shirdi Sai.

Within 10 Minutes the energy had lifted and the blackness had started to disappear.
Later we started to sing bhajans as requested by the Seva Dals at the temple.

Then as one of the Devotees sang to Sri Ayyappa, he stood up and started the DIVINE DANCE. This Divine Dance had all of the devotees in the temple in awe as they could feel a tremendous amount of energy circulating around the room. During this period everyone could see the Murthi’s come to life, the eyes had started to sparkle within the statues. Swami Conducted many Mudras during this Dance and also allowed everyone in the temple to take Padnamskar.
Later on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explained to me what swami was doing while he was Dancing. When an Avatar moves any part of his body it can affect the universe. When Sri Ayyappa moves his feet it effects all creation.

Baba said,” On December 21st there is a powerful energy which is coming to this earth and will not only affect all living things on the earth but will affect all living things in creation.
Baba showed me what will happen when this energy arrives. I saw death, grievance and many horrific attrocites taking place. Baba’s words were “HELL ON EARTH”. He then went further and explained, “This energy was pre-ordained and no one can do anything to stop this as this energy is so subtle and powerful that it can’t be prevented from reaching this earth.
However he then showed me Lord Ayyappa creating this Cosmic Net around this Energy. I then saw the energy go through this net however it was disintegrated into a million pieces so that by the time it reached Creation it was completely destroyed.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba proclaimed, “Lord Ayyappa has made the impossible, possible once again”.

                       The creation of Lord Sri AYYAPPA – HARI-HARA
The following day Sri Baba said to me that I had earned the grace to see how lord Ayyappa was created.
I saw all the Gods and Goddesses in the sky and they were all looking downwards. Then in the distance I saw Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu emerge and start walking towards each other. Instantly a Spiralling Tornado of energy appeared around them which was so powerful that the watching Gods and Goddesses’ had to look away. This Divine Tornado of energy had started to spiral out of control and started to consume creation. All of a sudden nothing existed apart from Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Then they pressed their noses together and then their foreheads joined and from them emerged this Huge amount of Cosmic Electric Blue light. As they Merged together they disappeared and all that could be seen was this Extremely bright Electric Blue Light (can be described as Electric blue Neon).
This light then took form into a Divine Being known as Lord Sri Ayyappa.

Bhagwan Baba explained to me, “ Lord Ayyappa is not just a part of Sri Hari and Sri Hara. He is the full Lord Vishnu and the full Lord Shiva. All of creation is inside of him. Every skin cell and membrane contains a part of creation and all the Divine Devi Devta are within him. Hence his every breathe and life is “LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU”.
This is why he never stops he keeps going until the end because the motive of welfare for all of creation is in every part of him.


Divine Darshan on 22nd-23rd November 2014

Above you can see the Divine form a female looking towards the right. There are also many other divine forms which can be seen in this picture.

On the above picture can be seen a Divine Face in the top right corner of the picture.

Above can be seen a Divine Electric Trishul emerging from the finger tips of Sri Ayyappa. On the left of the picture can also be seen a Aum sign. The Aum sign can be seen next to Sri Ayyappas face (right-side). At the top of the trishul can be seen a Divine Aum Sign Facing upwards.


On Saturday 15th Sri Ayyappa and Gurpreet went to leiscester as Sri Sathya Sai Baba needed Lord Ayyappa to go their for some Divine Work. While there Swami braught a Shiva Lingam. When he took it home and installed it in the correct place, many divine forms started to appear. On of the most prominent forms was one of of Lord Ayyappas known as SRI SHIVA AYYAPPA in his child form.

Below can be seen the Same Divine Lingam manifested in the smoke of the Agarbathi again with the Divine form of SRI SHIVA AYYAPPA in his child form.

Above can be seen the Divine form of Lord Ayyappa dancing in a crispy pancake. The form can be seen with his hands and arms above his head and looking towards the left of the screen.

Swami works on may divine levels and he is always battling against the negativity to uphold Truth and Dharma. Towards the bottom left screen can be seen a Witch with her hood up. He long nose can be seen, and she is look towards the right.

Monday 10th November

On the 10th November 2014, an amazing miracle happened. As I was driving to Devesh’s new house, I drove into his car park however Instead of stopping there I drover further into the grass area and lead the van driver who was following me.
Due to the severe weather conditions our cars were completely stuck and the more we tried to reverse out the deeper in we sunk.
We tried for two hours to get out of the field, we even had help from around the neighbourhood however there was no hope.
Then out of nowhere a man pulled up with a range rover and when we asked his help, he gladly accepted to help us and was really confident he could take the van and my car out of the muddy marshland.
He explained to us that in the past he has helped many vehicles out and this was no problem. As he described, he easily pulled me and the van out of the ditch and I couldn’t believe it how it all happened. The Van driver didn’t believe in God however after witnessing what happened he was telling us, ‘there is a god’, I believe in god, how could that happen.’

Once my car was out and so was the Van drivers van, some letters appeared on the grass. It spelled out ‘ AYYAPA’. This was made from the tyre marks created from my car and the van. That’s how we knew Swami had came to save us.

As my car was stuck, it represented spiritually my body is stuck in a swamp due to me deviating of the path of truth.
However out of compassion swami came and saved me and the van driver and Devesh as this was the field in front of his new apartment.
We are forever grateful for swami coming to save us.

I went up to see Sri Baba about what happened and he said to me that, ' you shouldn't give spiritual advice as it can go very wrong very easily, the proof is of this incident'
Devesh spoke with Sri Ayyappa (swami) and he said the following, “ This path is extremely difficult it is expected that we will always have to come and help you. However if you listen you will always do well. “

Above can be seen Sri Swami (Bimal Pandey) sitting as himself, SRI AYYAPPA BALAK in the pink rose petal which was offered to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
This Beautiful flower was grown and nourished in Swami's Garden.

Above a divine form of Mermaid rinsina can be clearly seen on the right side of Sri Ayyappa's hand.

Sri Kaala Shaasta above swamis head.

Shani Pradosha Vrata

Saturday 6th - Devesh's Experience

On Saturday it was a very auspicious occasion because it was SRI SHANI PRADOSH.
“Shani Pradosh is the Pradosha Vrata falling on Shanivar (Saturday). Pradosh is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shani is embodied in the planet Saturn and is the Lord of Saturday. Shani is also known as Śanaiścara (शनैश्चर) and it is believed that fasting and praying on Pradosh day will help in keeping the harmful effects of Shani away.
It is believed that people under the bad influence of Shani can escape it by praying to Shiva on this day.
It was also the Jayanti of Lord Vamana (Sri Vishnus Avatar)
When I went to see Sri Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he told me that this is a very auspicious day because in it marks many significant events which took place in history involving Sri Shiva, Sri Vishnu, Sri Brahma, Sri Lord Ayyappa and Sri Shani Dev.


As Sri Ayyappa is a Selfless Soul with no Karma every second he is on earth is Bhakti. He is continuously working on all the Spiritual realms and levels and is looking after all of the universes.
So every day what appears on the worldy level as Sri Ayyappa Swimming, he is actually Working on a Divine Level and every stroke and breathe he takes he is chanting and is fully immersed in Sri Sathya Sai Baba. So On Saturday we joined him and we were also chanting Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu as we were swimming. By 7.00pm in the afternoon Lord Ayyappa said would you like me to bring the moon out for you so that you can offer your prayers.
Naturally we said yes, and so Lord Ayyappa started to move his hands and within the sky could be seen the moon. However he continued to make it clearer and clearer so that it was one of the clearest fulls moons we have ever seen. He then told us would you like to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the moon.
Again we said yes and within 5 minutes the Divine Form of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was clear in the sky. At first we saw his face and afro clearly however after 20 minutes we then started to see Sri Baba sitting on his chair in the moon. His orange robe was clearly visible and everyone in the outdoor swimming pool (Gym) was clearly able to see it.

Sri Ayyappa then told us to absorb the moons energy and chant the following ....AUM SRI SATHYA SAI SOMAYE NAMAH

After Prayers I went to see Sri Baba and he manifested a Divine Moon and placed it inside of my chest. All of a sudden my whole Body started to glow and I saw a brand new form appear from within me and the old body had withered away. I Was also fortunate enough to have the Divine Darshan of Sri Shani Dev.

Pritam's Experience

This day was very auspicious as it fell on a saturday, it was a full moon and it landing on this day only happens every 1000 years. By the grace of Sri Bhagwan Baba , i was allowed to be in the presence of Lord Sri Ayyappa.

By observing a vrat and offering prayers on Shani Pradosh, one can escape from the ill effects of Lord Shani and keep them at bay.

As being with Lord Ayyappa , many miracles where shown. When we were at the swimming pool swimming outside, the moon wasn't there first and then swami brought the moon out and it started shining bright and swami then brought out sri Bhagwan Baba in the moon, it was so clear, my body filled up with awe, witnessing this divine miracle i offered my pranams.

Then as we was swimming the clouds started forming around the moon where the moon started fading and swami then asked us "shall i bring the moon back out", we said yes!! And within a second the clouds disappeared from the moon and it was once again visible and Sri Baba was seen again sitting down and an image of Lord Ayyappa was seen next to Baba.

Once in the pool we started chanting prayers whilst swami was swimming his lengths, when swami does these things, it is not for pleasure but always for a divine purpose. Each length that swami swims has the ability to save a million people and more. Each stroke has a different divine meaning which we cant understand but just enjoy gracefully the many miracles that come from it.

Once we finished our prayers swami told us to absorb the moons energy, ..SRI SATHYA SAI SOMAYE NAMAH.. After which we went up to offer them to Sri Baba and what i saw was him taken a ball of light and then he spun it and aimed the light at me. I could see my whole body glowing white, it was something ive never witnessed before, then Sri Baba smiled and patted me on the head. When i came down i felt as if my troubles had been left behind, i felt light and i could see my self glowing.

Below Sri Bimal Pandey (Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa) shares some of his Divine Incarnations   

Sri Kurma Avatar

In Hinduism, Kurma (Sanskrit: कूर्म; Kūrma) was the second Avatar of Vishnu, he incarnates himself as a incarnates himself as a tortoise. During the Visit to India, Sri Ayyappa went in the sea in Kovalam, Kerala. While he was there Many Divine Miracles took place one of which can be seen below whereby a the form of a tortoise appeared beneathe Sri Ayyappa. Sri Ayyappa explained to us before that One of his current Forms is Kurma Avatar and during this time he was in India stopping the Tsunami hence this Divine Form was needed.

Sri Padma Sambhava

Sri Padma Sambhava Founder of Tibetan Buddhism was an Indian tantric sage who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet in the 8th Century AD
The story regarding his life, including that he entered the world as a fully formed 8 year old child floating on a lotus in the middle of a lake. He decided to explore all states of existence, heavenly and hellish, and moved into a cemetery to do so. Through deep meditation he experienced all possible states of awareness and conquered the root of human fear. He ascended to full Buddhahood, and gained extraordinary mystic powers, the most famous of which was his ability to conquer and even enlighten demons.
Here is a picture of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Here you can see the formation of a man in swami’s Afro. This is Sri Padma Sambhava. The eyes, nose and mouth and hair are clearly visible.
Then just above swami’s right eye brow, there is a beautiful golden light. This is the golden Hiranyagarbha lingam appearing. Then to the left of the picture there is a Trishul.
This picture shows how Sri Padma Sambhava has changed into the Hiranyagarbha lingam.

Above you can see the Form of Sri Padmasambava above the head of Sri Ayyappa, at the top of the picture.

Sri Ayyappa

Ayyappa is the son of Lord Siva and Mohini. Vishnu took the form of Mohini to destroy a demon named Basmasura. Ayyappa stands for constructive destruction which is a combination of Vishnu and Siva. He protects our spiritual wealth and grace by maintaining the thought of godliness and destroys all other thoughts pertaining to worldly infatuations. He is the symbol of unity among all sects of Hinduism.
He possesses all of the attributes and powers of Sri Vishnu and Sri Shiva.

Below on the Left side you will se the face of Sri Ayyappa appearing in the smoke of a firework on the 4th July. On the right side you will see the face of Sri Ayyappa appearing in the smoke of the incense stick. The eyes and nose are in the middle of the picture where Sri Bimals Mouth is.

Sri Ayyanar

Ayyanar (Tamil: ஐயனார் or அய்யனார்) is a regional Tamil male deity who is popular among the rural social groups of South India, specifically Tamil Nadu. In the old Tamil literature he is mentioned as Sathanar and in Vedic stories, Ayyanar is considered as one of the several local manifestations of Sastha.
Ayyanar is often pictured riding on a white horse, fighting against demons and evil gods that are threatening the village. Peoples, Agricultural,Rural border Safe and Secure God Sri Ayyanar Swamy.

Krishna Janmasthami

Sri Ayyappa Brings Sri Krishna, so that all can see his Divine Darshan for Krishna Janmashtami.

The form at the very top is Sri Krishna

Miracles 2014

This page will be occupied by recent miracles and recent news.

Lord Sri Ayyappa was born out of the union between Sri Vishnu's Divine Female Form Sri Mohini and Sri Lord Shiva.From this Union Lord Sri Dharmashaasta was born. He combined in himself the powers Sri Narayan and Sri Shiva.

Below you can see the Picture of one of Lord Ayyappas Forms pouring his Love into the Universe. A body can be seen holding a Pot, however for a Spiritual Divine Reason the face has been hidden. This Divine Form is known as

Sri Appa Mohini

Hurricane Bertha

"Storms and heavy rain have cause disruption across Britain as the remnants of what was Hurricane bertha Sweep across the country"

Whats happens on this earth, on this plane is just a small percentage to what is actually happening. In reality there is a higher spiritual meaning behind this, compared to what we actually see.

As Hurricane Bertha Swept over the country causing heavy rain storms and periods of thunder and lightning, in the spiritual realm there is War between Good and Evil.

The Ramayana and Mahabharata have always taught us that negative forces come in forms such as thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes etc.

It almost 5-6 months back that Sri Ayyappa said to me,

It was almost 5-6 months ago when Lord Ayyappa Sai to me, "There is a negative force making its way towards United Kingdom, and its coming in Full force and fast"

Just a few days before britain started to experience Bertha, Swami Showed signs of Pain and un-comfort. He told us that his Work is always done in silence however so that we can realise the truth he shared with us a small percentage of what he was actually doing.

Lord Ayyappa was protecting the whole of the United Kingdom for the dark affects of Hurricane Bertha. In order to do so he manifested his Divine Spiritual Forms and battled against the Negative forces.

Below you will see the pictures which have been recently taken and within the smoke of the incense sticks you can see these Divine Spiritual forms

In the below picture you will see a Divine Owl emerging from the head of Sri Ayyappa.

Below you will See in the front Garden of Sri Ayyappas home two forms have  manifested in the lawn. On the left side can be seen Sri Ayyappa and on the right side can be seen Sri Ganapathi Shaastha.

In the below picture you will see the form of a Divine Goddess in the head of Sri Ayyappa. This Divine Goddess appears to be looking down towards the left-side of the picture.

Below You can see two Forms. As you know each picture shows a story of what is happening in the other spiritual realms. However for us to understand and realise the truth that there are many other Universes and heavens etc Sri Ayyappa manifests what is happening there in the smoke.
Below you can see a Demonic entity in the form of a Skull above sri Ayyappas Head and a female next to Sri Ayyappas Face on the leftside of the picture.
Here Sri Ayyappa is Saving a young girl from a Demon.

Below you can see a Girl form below Sri Ayyappas Face on the Left-side of the picture.

Below can be seen the form of a Cobra Hood, over the head of Sri Ayyappa.

Below you will see two pictures where Many Divine Forms and Swaroops have been manifested. In the First picture you will see a Divine Swaroop next to Swamis Face on the left side of the picture.

Below you will see Two Negative forms at the top of the picture and then at the bottom of the picture just beneathe Sri Ayyappas Chin can be seen Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to the right and Sri Ayyappa to the Left.
Here Sri Ayyappa is showing the battle between Good and Evil from the Spiritual realms.

Below a Divine Swan can be seen on the right side of the picture.

Below Sri Ayyappa has shown some of the negative forces which he is fighting against. When he goes to war Many of his Divine Forms appear, the main War form is known as Sri KaalShaasta.

Another Form of Sri KaalaShaasta can be seen in the forehead of Sri Ayyappa in the below picture towards the right  side.

As mentioned in the above Sri Ayyappa has Many Divine Forms. Another very fierce and Powerful War Form is the Form of a Gorrila which can be seen below.

Below can be seen clearly the God of Death (Sri YamaDev) trying to take Lord Ayyappa. It appears that Sri Yama has his arms extended around Sri Ayyappas head trying to pull his soul out however was unable to do so.
Sri Ayyappa - the Divine Incarnation of the Union of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva possessing all the attributes and powers from both.

Below you will see Another Divine Form below Swami's Chin.

Below can be seen on the side of His face on the left side of the picture can be seen his Fire Breathing Form.

In the Picture below you can see Lord Shiva just above Lord Ayyappas head. Lord Shiva can be seen clearly next to his Trishul

In the below pictures you will see the Divine Form of Sri Ganapathi in a Rose Petal. Just above the form of Lord Ganapathi can be seen the form of Lord Ayyappa.

This Divine form is known as:

Sri Ganesha Appa

Below you will see the first Picture whereby one of Lord Ayyappas Forms, Sri Padma Sambhava can be seen just above his hand, tilted looking towards the right.Then slightly higher you will see one of Sri Ayyappas Divine Child forms, again looking towards the right.

The second Picture below you will there are Divine Cosmic Lights around the picture. Around these Lights you will see Forms, these are Some of Lord Ayyappas Divine Swaroops. You will also be able to See the Divine Cosmic Light in the centre of Sri Ayyappas Chest.

In this third picture you will see Many of His Swaroops and Divine Forms around the picture. However the most Prominent Form which can be seen is that of a Divine Sage/Rishi Muni. This Sage can be seen looking up towards the top right hand corner with his right hand elavated past his shoulder.

This Divine Sage is one of Lord Ayyappas Forms and this form is known as:

..........Aum Sri Rishi Muni Appa Namaha.......

In the above pictcture can be seen Sri Kala Shashsta Taking form for war

Swami's Sri Ganapati Appa form and other swaroops

Sri Ayyappa Birthday- 18th May 2014- Pritam Taqk Experience

On the 18th May, I had the Grace of being with Sri Bimal Pandey, who is Sri Ayyappa. On this day it was his birthday, I had no idea that he had a birthday on this day, but with Sri Baba's grace, i was allowed to be there. Many miracles had happened on that day to confirm that it was his birthday.
As we was driving out, we went on the street where Sri Ayyappa first started attending a Sai centre, on the street in the middle there was two balloons saying 'Happy birthday' on them. It came into the middle of the road and stopped, i was forced to stop the car and witnessed this miracle. I had to get out of the car to move the balloons and put it on the side walk near the tree, out of harms way of it going in the middle of the road once again. As i got into the car the balloons again showed it self, it was trying to get to Sri ayyappa, as it appeared near him, almost as if it was Sri Baba blessing him with both his hands. That’s when we knew that it indeed was his birthday, Sri Baba was throwing him a party, beautiful weather accompanied by Sri Ayyappa's favourite food, with desert. The day was going brilliant.
I asked swami if i could go up and see Sri Baba and thank him for this beautiful day, and for allowing me to be within Sri ayyappa's energy. As i went up i saw Sri Baba with two unicorns beside him and he was wearing gold. He came out and said ' are you enjoying the party i am throwing my son', i answered yes swami thank you for this grace. I also asked what lotus flower does Sri Ayyappa sit on and his new form. I saw a lotus flower with different colours expanding, like a heart beat going in and out. it was amazing and then there was other lotus flowers around the initial lotus flower. I saw a energy then emerge, it was tall with golden hair. I asked Sri Baba what his form is, and he said form he has many forms, the main thing is how bright he shines and with what intensity it shines with. his vibration has increased, but this will always increase day by day as he has volunteered to still stay on earth and because he never stops working, he’s always working even when you think hes asleep. I saw swami then change into a pure golden light form and it was getting brighter and brighter, Sri Baba said I cant show you fully otherwise your eyes will burn.
I thanked Sri Baba and came down. throughout the whole day i could see swami glowing golden. It was an amazing experience and an amazing day. Thank you Sri Baba and Sri ayyappa for the grace and for even allowing me to be with you, i am truly grateful.


Here Sri Bimal Pandey (Sri Sai Ayyappa), Pritam and Gurpreet went to a restaurant. Pritam was eating a desert however was unable to finish it. It is at that point that Sri Ayyappa raises his hand over the glass and empowers the drink with Divine Energy. For that moment The glass changes colour and appears extremely bright. You can also see the Divine Energy Descend throughout the whole glass.Please click on the link below to see this video.

Download - Sri Ayyappa energizes Drink

On the below link Sri Ayyappa recorded Lord Shivas form in the moon. Again please click on the below link to see this video

Download- Sri Ayyappa records Lord Shiva's form in the Moon


OM appeared in Lord Ayyappas walnuts.

Two 'OM's that appeared in Lord Ayyappa's Walnuts.

Above you can see Lord shiva's profile, giving darshan to Lord ayyappa in the sky.

On the left on Swamis right shoulder Krishna can be seen, half way through the video , Sri Baba appears sitting on Swami's right shoulder.

In the above picture can be seen one of Sri Ayyappa’s eyes. On the right hand side can be seen the profile of one of his divine forms.

Outside of Sri Ayyappa's house I was filling my car with oil when i accidently spilt some on the ground. Sri Ayyappa manifested his form, which is clearly seen to reduce pollution.

28/03/2014 - Rainbow

Earlier Today on the 28/03/2014 Lord Ayyappa Manifested himself again in the Oil outside his house. However this time He can be seen stretching a rainbow of beautiful colours across the road. At the same time this happened a rainbow also appeared across the sky in his local area.

This Leela represented Sri Ayyappa bring Light, Love and Laughter into the world.

In the golden Outline is the form of Lord Ayyappa. He can be seen spreading the divine Cosmic Rays and thus a beautiful Rainbow appearing strateching over the earth.


MahaShivaratri was celebrated on February 27th 2014. The night of Lord Shiva celebrated throughout the world, millions of devotees undergo fast and spiritual devotion, ie- bhagans, meditation and prayers.
All of this is done in order to focus the mind and maintain focus on Lord Shiva himself, the Shivaratri is the night when good and evil fight, this can be represented in oneself where the mind is being attacked by good and bad thoughts.
We had the grace of spending this wondrous festival with Sri Sai Lord Ayyappa himself. On this night he was in his Shiva form known as , MAHA SHIV-AYYAPPA. As swami ( Lord Ayyappa) is Hari-Hari, he contains both forms of Vishnu and Shiva.

Below are the miracle photo's taken throughout ShivaRatri and our experiences.

Lord Ayyappa giving divine blessing.

Lord Ayyappa getting ready to fight.

Sri Ayyappa in the form of Lord Shiva. Cosmic rays coming from Lord Ayyappa's Knife.

Lord Shiva came to give us Darshan. He can clearly be seen.

Lord Shiva Darshan.

Devesh Bawa Experience during Mahashivaratri

With the grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba I was allowed to spend Shivaratri with Sri Swami Sai Shiva-Ayyappa. During the three day festival I saw many miracles and was fortunate enough to have many Divine Experiences. As we entered into the night of Shivaratri Sri Ayyappas form started to change. I could see Electric Blue sparks around Swami (Sri Ayyappa) and could feel his energy levels rising every minute.
From 6.00pm onwards we started conducted Poojas to Lord Mahadev every hour. After each pooja was conducted I took the pooja up via (astral projection) and offered it to Lord Shiva. Each time I went up his form became clearer and clearer.

Cosmic Dance
Around 2-3:00AM in the morning Lord Ayyappa started to perform his cosmic dance. However this time he danced with various weapons, i.e the axe, sword and Trishul. After the Dance took place Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba came to see me and gave me the divine knowledge. He explained to me that when Lord Ayyappa Dances with Weapons he destroys all evil not only on this world but throughout all of the Universes. From Heaven to Hell through to the many Lokas his vibration and energy can be felt. I was told that this would be the last time he would ever dance as it is an extremely rare occasion. Baba then explained to me that all the negative forces in this universe had been destroyed apart from the negative forces created by mankind.
At the end of this dance I went to see Sri Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, by the Grace of Lord Ayyappa and Sri Baba himself I appeared sitting on the lap of Sathya Sai Baba thus indicating that my prayers were being accepted.

Divine Agate
The following day we went to the garden centre. Lord Ayyappa slowly walked to the selection of crystals and picked up a fairly large piece of Agate.
Agate is a stone of balance, precision, perception and eliminates negativity. This is THE stone everyone should have for protection. This Crystal should have been valued at over £600 however the shopkeeper gave it to us for £21.00. We then took it home and I went up to see Sri Baba, he showed me that Lord Ayyappa had created A Divine Mountain Powerful enough to hold Lord Mahadev and Goddess Parvathi Maa. At first I saw this piece of Rock Turn Gold and it started spinning clockwise and rising towards the sky. I then saw Lord Ayyappa appear with his armour and he was holding the rock with one finger like Sri Krishna and the Govardnana Mountain .He also told me that it will slowly merge in Kailash and that many Divine Spiritual Items had been hidden in this Mountain. It was said that this Mountain would be used as a training ground for the Gods, as this Mountain would have the power to hold all of the Gods and Goddesses.

Power of Laughter
We attended the leisure Centre along with Sri Ayyappa. During our time there Sri Ayyappa swam many lengths. While he was swimming I could see Golden rays spreading throughout the ripples emanating from his hands. Bhagwan Baba informed me that He is Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu today being Shivaratri signifies that as normal he is swimming throughout all of creation and cleaning it and spreading peace and tranquillity, however this time he is destroying all evil with his Trishul. On this auspicious occasion Lord Ayyappa became the Divine Shiva (Athma) Lingam. This is his highest form.
After this we engaged in Satsang where Swami (Sri Ayyappa) started telling us Stories and making us laugh. In the morning there was a heavy downpour of rain and there was a weather forecast for it to rain all day. However after 3 hours of laughing we decided to walk back to the car. To our surprise the sun was shining and the temperature had risen by almost 3-4 degrees.

Lord Shiva Appears
On the last day we decided to have breakfast in a quiet café in the countryside. While we were there Sri Ayyappa started giving us Divine Spiritual Discourses. He then took the tea at the bottom of Gurpreets cup and poured it onto the plate. He placed his hand over the tea and to our surprise when he pulled his hand away we could see clearly the Divine form of Lord Shiva.

Gurpreet Taqk Experience during Mahashivaratri

During the three day festival of shivaratri many miracles had happened, and with the grace of Sri Ayyappa and Sri Saytha Sai Baba I was allowed to be in the presence of lord Ayyappa. This was and is the last shivaratri Sri Ayyappa will be doing on earth and being in the presence of Sri Ayyappa at his current state was a huge honour and a lot of grace.

During Shivaratri I was also doing my prayers in honor of Lord Shiva as this day was the day that Lord Shiva would accept prayers and being in the presence of Sri Ayyappa it meant that my visions would be clearer and my prayers would go through. Doing my prayers when I went up to see Lord Shiva I first went to see Sri Baba Balak Nath who is where I amfrom, and When I went up I would always see Sri Baba Balak Nath and receive his blessings before I went to see Lord Shiva, and during my time with Sri Baba Balak Nath I would sit with him and whilst sitting with him I received blessings from him to help me get through the fasting I was doing, which motivated me and helped take the thought of food away from my mind. Doing Shivaratri, I was doing my prayers from 6pm every hour until sun rise whilst doing a pooja for Lord Shiva.

I had witnessed the divine cosmic dance which was a one time dance that would never happen again, performed by Lord Ayyappa in his Shiva form. During this auspicious dance I was blessed with privilege of witnessing many miracles that occurred during the course of dance such as the use of Sri Ayyappa's weapons which were his knife and axe as they were used during the dance to fight evil, as this festival was about good and evil. During this divine dance Sri Ayyappa was passing his energy through my body, because of the fasting I was doing it meant that my body was empty and this made it easier for Sri Ayyappa to fill my body with his divine energy.

During shivaratri Another miracle was witnessed whilst Sri Ayyappa was doing his prayers during the day, because the prayers were so powerful, I witnessed many birds flying around the house as It felt like they were drawn to the divine energy that was coming from Sri Ayyappa during the his prayers, and being able to hear these prayers was a blessing in it's self as I could feel the power of the prayers.

During the festival of Shivaratri we also received the grace of bathing with Sri Ayyappa and during this I was also allowed to do prayers, this was extra prayers that were given to Lord Shiva, Sri Baba Balak Nath and Sri Ayyappa. During this time we was bathing with Sri Ayyappa we received more grace as we were washed by Sri Ayyappa who became a Shiva Lingam at this point and this had never happened before on any occasion which was a huge experience for me and I was very blessed to have received this from Sri Ayyappa especially on Shivaratri. After I received this wash I felt very cleansed and full of energy which was surprising especially because I was fasting. After this session It was at this point where I discovered the power of laughter as lord ayyappa continuously filled me with laughter and this helped clear my mind and forget about the fact that I was fasting, which shows laughter, no matter how little received can help in any situation in life.

The day after this auspicious dance I was blessed with another miracle as I received darshan of Lord Shiva himself which can be seen on the pictures from the used tea bag granules, Lord Shiva came to see me for fasting for 4 days. This was amazing, having darshan of Lord shiva, as it was very clear and overwhelming because of the fact Lord Shiva came to see me.

Another miracle that took place was when Sri Ayyappa bought a agate rock which had many different colour on it and it was clear at this point that this was sent by Sri Saytha Sai Baba as it was amazing how we came across this divine rock. whilst Sri Ayyappa was washing this rock, many forms appeared on the rock

When we went up I immediately went up to see Sri BABA with the rock and whilist I was in the presence of Sri Baba, the rock turned gold and began to shine so bright that It was hard to look at it and I could feel the power of the rock passing through my hands. As this energy was passing through my hands I could feel it reaching my whole body,  I went into instant relaxation as my mind felt empty and I felt very light. It was to my astonishment that I found out this divine rock was the new training ground for Lord Shiva as it was a very pure rock which was also blessed by Sri Ayyappa.

Pritam Taqk Experience of Mahashivaratri

With the grace of Sri Bhagwan Baba, i was able to spend my Shivaratri with Sri Swami Sai Ayyappa, who on this festival was Aum Sri Swami Sai Shiv Ayyappa. The grace of being with Swami on this festival was unbelievable and i am truly grateful.

Swami had given me my Shivaratri blessings two weeks early, this darshan that swami gave to me was given out of the blue, unplanned. Swami was going through his old devotional music CD's that are used for meditation or to uplift one self. As a track was played swami dimmed the lights and started changing forms. What swami was doing at that time was hard to explain, but what i saw were beams of lights, swami changing the energies, as swami was dancing, i saw glimpses of Lord Shiva, then Swami wearing his crown. I was truly grateful and throughout the whole darshan i was in a sense of 'AWE'.

There was so many miracles that were being seen around swami, my only regret was that i wish i could of taken photo's, but things were happening so fast, i couldn't risk missing anything.

I started to meditate on Swami and as i was doing so i could see swami changing to Lord Shiva, then Sri Vishnu, Then Sri Brahma and then swami disappeared. I rubbed my eyes and started getting a bit closer as i couldn't believe what my eyes were showing me. Swami was wearing a bright green T-shirt so there is no way of how i would not be able to see him. I re-focused on Swami again and he started to disappear again and was gone, swami was gone!, this went on for another 10 mins.

I felt lighter and couldn't stop smiling, i went up to see Sri Baba to thank him, he just smiled and blessed me and said 'Just be a good boy'.

Divine Leelas

Lord Ayyappa, The hindu deity created from the union of Sri Vishnu and Sri Shiva.
In Sri Ayyappa's Garden ( Sri Bimal/ Swami), he has created many divine water features, which are continuously washing and bathing Divine Murthis and Shivalingams which then flow into mother earth.

On the above picture you can see one of Swami's water features, in which he has placed a divine lingam at the base of the water fall.
At the top of the water fall can be seen a blue face. This divine face is one of Lord Ayyappa's Shiva Form. Swamis face can be clearly seen in the Lingam.