Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu

Divine Leelas

Below are some pictures of divine crystals, stones and food Bimal has held after holding these items for a short while divine gods have appeared on and within the artifacts.

There are many divine crystals in Bimal Pandey's home below are just a few of the miracles within the crystals, stones etc. 

Sri Nandi Formed on this Emerald Crystal below and on the left hand side is Lord Shiva looking up.

Sri Ganapathi has appeared playing with Sri Ayyappa

 Below there are three leelas on the same stone. the first picture shows the bear form of Lord Ayyappa. The second shows Lord Ayyappa in the middle of the stone.

The stone was turned around and the third leela is Sri Vishnu, Maa Laxmi and Sri Ayyappa Seated on Sri Shesh naag.

Bimal Pandey held a peice of copper in his hand and when he opened his hand Sri Ganapathi Formed in the copper.

Below are leelas that have appeared in food/snacks once they have been held by Bimal.

Here is a divine form holding an umbrella

Above picture was taken after residue from a lilly flower was left on a mirror.  From the residue  inside of the flower formed Sri Ayyappa on to the mirror.

Bimal is here seated on Shesh Naag with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.

Sri Surya the sun god blesses Bimal pandey.  In the smaller picture ont the right you can see the sun god directly under the sun.

Makara Sankrant with Bimal Pandey

Thursday 14th January 2010

Makara Jyothi 2010 in Sabarimala

Makara Jyothi or Makarajyoti, the celestial light/star at Sabarimala, is an important event which is witnessed by largest number of Sabarimala Temple pilgrims every year. Makara Jyothi is held during Makara Sankaranthi (14th January) which is the first day of the Malayalam month of Makaram (January). Makarajyothi is seen on the eastern side of Ponnambalamedu (Ponnambala Medu). It is believed that Lord Ayyappan asserts himself as Makara Jyothi to bless his devotees.

On the 14th January we perfromed prayers to Sri Lord Ayyappa.  During the day many miaclres/leelas happened.

Above you can see the murti of Lord Ayyappa the left picture beautiful orbs appeared in front of Lord Ayyappa.

Below shows a divine light/energy eminating form Sri Lord Ayyappa as we chanted our prayers.  you will see the light fade in and fade back out.

As Parmjeet Pandey performs arti to Sri Lord Ayyappa Sri Ayyappa appears riding a totoise in the arti smoke.

As Jagjeet prerformed arti to Sri Ayyappa Sri Ayanar formed within the smoke

The three owls of Bimal Pandey have now formed and manifested within him.


6th november 2009 bimal created the form of Lord Sri Ayyappa holding the divine pot of nectar on his head.

On the 27th October 2009 Bimal Pandey cooked 4 large mushrooms as an offering to the gods. Divine gods formed on the mushrooms.

Sri Nandi is sitting facing to the left.

On the 22nd October Bimal Pandey and a party of others went to receive the divine darshan of Mata Amritanandamayi also known as the Hugging Maa.  As we were driving for darshan Baba and many other gods blessed our journey.

                                                             Sri Sathya Sai Baba       Lord  Ayyappa

Here is Lord Ayyappa in the sky holding a spear to kill demons.

Baba is giving dashan in the sky on the left hand side behind the sun

Bimal Pandey had made a peice of toast within the toast many divine beings have formed.

Lord Ayyappa (Side profile) is holding a baby Sri Krishna.          Top corner Baba is looking.

In the bottom left corner is a half profile of a divine god giving blessings.

Here above Bimal's head is an orb taking the shape of a helper.

Above Bimal Pandey's head is one of his generals who is wearing his war head dress ready to fight.

Within this picture is a large side profile of Lord Ayyappa.

On the right side of this picture is a being bringing the divine book of deeds.

Sri Hara hari darshan and at the bottom right hand corner is an elephant offering his pranams along with many other divine beings.