Loka Samastha Ananda Bhavantu

Bimal Pandey took on the bad karma of another person and the scar from that karma changed into Raja Sasta.

A beautiful horse has come to receive divine blessings..

A divine angel has formed sitting on Bimals head.

The divine chariot of Lord Ayyappa is here at the front is a horse driving the chariot and behind you can also see the seat where Lord Ayyappa sits.

Swami (Aum Sri Sathya Sai Baba) Giving divine darshan.  You can see swami's hair and side profile on the top left hand corner of the window.

Two divine gods have formed above the head of Bimal Pandey

In the sky behind Bimal on the left hand side a god has formed in the sky

Here is a side pofile of a god who visited Bimal pandey in his garden.

Bimal is playing with his divine swan who has formed on the left side of the picture.

A goddess has come dressed in a basque.

Here is a young man form with a hat on.

Sri Ganapati and a divine eagle forms are above Bimal's head on the left hand side.

On this picture a tortoise with the face of Lord Vishnu and sitting on the tortoise is Sri Mohini (a female Form of Lord Vishnu) Who is holding a light which is being sent to Bimal.

Here at the bottom of this picture is the form of a bear and a dolphin at the top of the bear.


Smoke from the incense is collecting around the hand of Bimal he can even pinch it.


On these pictures Bimal blows the conch and each time an angel appears.




Above shows soul being saved by one of the forms of Bimal Pandey.  The soul is on the left hand corner very lifeless and limp.  Bimal Pandey is saving it from the lower relms.

There are many forms here.

Mother Shakti form with child.


At war Bimal Pandey has cut the head off a demon he is holding it high up in his hands.

Matsya the fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu has formed along with other forms.

There is a large cobra formed on the mouth of Bimal Pandey and on his chest are the forms of Sri Shirdi Sai and Sri Sathya Sai Baba

An animal being who Bimal Pandey is very fond of is bringing a genie out of a pot.

Here is a picture of the all seeing eye formed on the left side above the head of Bimal.  Also on the top of Bimals head are the eyes of a wise owl.






On the second picture here you can see Bimal Pandey's divine bird with its wings spread and beak infront of Bimal's mouth.